Should you use statin drugs to lower cholesterol – reverse heart disease e85 gas stations in san antonio tx


Your doctor drops the statin drugs bomb. He says: “Your cholesterol is high and so is your risk for heart disease. Then goes on, “I want you to start on cholesterol drugs immediately. youtube gas station karaoke Statin drugs have proven to be safe and effective, but, should you notice any of these symptoms (hands you a pamphlet) or you expire, please notify Cindy, my nurse.”

Where prescription drugs, such as statins, are concerned an informed patient is a safer, healthier, living patient. Always remember they call a doctor’s practice a “practice” for a reason. gas near me app Don’t settle for being a cholesterol drug guinea pig or an average doctor’s “on the job training” tool. Learn the truth about cholesterol and statin drugs. Dangers of Statin Drugs

There is a side to cholesterol lowering statin drugs that is much darker than simply a few muscle aches and pains – a lot darker. b games basketball Make sure you discover the real problems statin drugs can cause by watching the video and doing your own research on this blog and other sites as well. Get the truth because it could save your life. Now about the videos …

Please note that Niacin supplements, as promoted by Robert Kowalski, are different from the newer pharmaceutical drugs containing Niacin. electricity lessons 4th grade Niacin in HIGH doses can also cause potentially lethal health problems and when the drug companies deliver the product to the masses it is usually much more harmful than what is available via natural supplements. Cholesterol Lowering Statin Drugs

Statin drugs are passed out like candy even though they carry considerable risk for unpleasant and even lethal side effects. In fact one statin drug was finally taken off the market in 2001 but only after killing 100 people and injuring 1600. The side effects of statins are downplayed and the benefits embellished. 9gag wiki How Statin Drugs Work to Lower Cholesterol

The side effects of statin drugs range from annoying and not fun to – death. electricity trading Cholesterol has NOT been proven to kill anyone on its own. In fact without cholesterol you would die – period. To much low density lipoprotein, what orthadox medicine calls LDL cholesterol, may be a possible risk factor for atherosclerotic heart disease but in my humble opinion it isn’t the major culprit and scientists with brains far more intelligent than mine share my same thoughts. If Statin Drugs ARE Unsafe WHY Are They Still Prescribed?

Big Pharma greases the FDA with cash to get approvals. And Big Pharma doesn’t give a damn about your health. They care only about profits. Most FDA approved drugs are simply toxins in disguise. gas 37 weeks pregnant If a new drug happens to kill or maim people no problem. Big Pharma companies simply crunch the numbers and if they still profit after projected personal injury claims and normal expenses that drug gets sent, along with the fee, for approval. When you do enough research it is the only conclusion that makes sense.

It is my personal opinion that the farther one can stay from pharmaceutical drugs, including statin drugs, the better. Drug companies have the uncanny ability to take health remedies that nature provides in a safe or at least less toxic form and create lethal cocktails like statin drugs with the FDA’s blessing. And here’s a site that the drug companies would rather you didn’t visit: Prescription Drug Side Effects