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I went to a othro about an old shoulder injury about four years ago, he sent me to have an mri done at the time. nothing was revealed in that mri. So he sent me to therapy for six weeks. It help but only for a little while. the pain really comes back when ever I lift my arm above my head or carry anything heavier than ten pounds. I again went back to the doc. and again he sent me for more therapy but this time he gave me a cortzone shot in the shoulder. The pain again return shorlty after the therapry was over but this time it is extremely painful. I went to another ortho and he sent me to have another mri done but this time they injected me with some dye. Now my shoulder is in so much pain, so I called the doc. to see what the results were. he said that he didn’t get a chance to look at them his self but the radiologist said that I had a cyst in my shoulder. The doc. then said that it should go away in a couple of days. I ask him what about the pain in my shoulder, how can you explain the pain in my shoulder? he couldn’t answer that question. Can someone help me by expalining what the heck is going on with my shoulder?

I have had sever shoulder pain for the past six years, it began with an accident at a lumber mill, ware I had dislocated my shoulder which had caused a displaced tented and a tare in my rotater cuff. I had surgery to repair all of this in August of 2005, with in a year I was in the same amount of pain I was in before the surgery and my hand kept going numb and turning purple. I went back to the doctor and the did an MRI with ink injected into it, they told me it was just scar tissue and sent me back to thereopy which yet again did not work,and in the following two years I had three cortisone shots which did nothing but dull the pain for a bit, and then it would get worse. Finlay they did another MRI and found what they said was scare tissue had grown and they had to remove it. when they got in there and removed it they found a cyst that had a stitch in the center of it, but now a year after this last surgery I am yet again back in the same pain I was before the surgery. Can anyone give me an Idea of what I should do next, I was only 25 years old when this happened to me and I am just wanting to get back to my life with out pain.

Wow, while I am glad I am not alone, I feel for all those who have posted with stories of their pain. I have had pain in both shoulders for many years. I have worked for the postal service for more than thirty years and have been told the pain in my shoulders and neck were due to permanent injuries of shoulder strain, cervical neck strain, degenerative disk disease and chronic myofascial pain. Last November, I returned to the office after delivering my route. I reached to grab three cardboard trays at hip height and got excruciating pain in my right arm. By the time I got home, I couldn’t lift my arm to put my empty lunch box on the counter.

I returned to Occupational Medicine at the facility that has been treating my injuries for years. The doctor thought it was an aggravation of the shoulder strain and prescribed a series of physical therapy. Although the pain diminished (especially while receiving the treatment with the tens unit), it persisted and the doctor ordered an MRI. Fortunately, there was no torn rotator cuff. However, the MRI did reveal bone cysts (I don’t know if it was a single cyst or multiple, the doctor did says cysts). I was referred to an orthpaedic surgeon.

I was given a cortisone shot in May, and was told to make a follow-up appointment in July (by early June, all the appointments were already filled). The shot did seem to alleviate some of the pain for a very short time. Lifting my arm in front of me, I can extend it fully with very little pain. Lifting it out from the side, however, is another story. I start getting pain about one third of the way up and by halfway, I can’t seem to lift it any further.

It is known that, in some patients, an intramuscular injection of diclofenac may cause scarring in the muscle fibers. In some cases, this scar tissue formation can cause tethering within the muscle, which can cause a change in the contour of the skin.

But, it is does not cause synovial cysts. A synovial cyst (also called a ganglion cyst) is an outpouching of the synovial lining of a joint or tendon sheath. These cysts can arise from any joint or tendon in the body. There are most common in the wrist region, but again, can occur anywhere.

Due to a ball valve like opening, the joint fluid can flow into the cyst, but it cannot return. So, in some patients, a synovial cyst will become larger with activity (pumping fluid into the cyst). With rest, the body will resorb the water out of the cyst, causing it to decrease in size.

Around the shoulder region, synovial cysts can cause problems. If a cyst presses on one of the nerves in the area, muscle weakness can occur. They can cause discomfort from moving tissues out of their way and forcing themselves in between planes of tissue. But, they can also can no problems. Every cyst and patient is different.

If the cyst is causing problems, it can be surgically removed. Unfortunately, around the shoulder it is usually not possible to just aspirate a synovial cyst. But, surgery is not without risk. It will produce some scarring, how much depends upon the patient (again, every patient is different). Also, since may surgeries are done because the cyst is pressing on a nerve, the nerve is at risk during the surgery.