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This is interesting that, it wasn’t the TEA Party the shut down the government to defund Obamacare. As Congress asked the President to give the rest of the public the same exemptions Congress, Union Amerca and Corporate America received. Now the President is not willing to negotiate the IRS backing off for a year in enforcing the collection trays of fines expected. While IRS forces those with acute issues such as financially acquiring insurance to pay up immediately when they sign. The silver lining here is, that the estimated 14% of the Government that shut down, very little effect, if any all, has been realized. Perhaps now id the time that Congress reviews a redundant work force from a non-essential government workers. This is definitely a golden opportunity for Government to review like the General Services Administration or GSA that spent $820k on Las Vegas parties. That has It has over 12,000 employees and a budget of more than $26 billion. I’d say if the Government shut down of 14% can remain in effect, for 12 months. The USA has just cut $26 billion out of its budget. While the Congress is at it, why not cut the 100,000 new IRS agents hired for Obamacare? That’s 8 times more in employees, therefore 8 x 26 billion equals $206 billion plus the $26 billion would save this nation $250 billion. That is 1/4 of the money Obama’s budgets requests as borrowed money, while the public is shouting "stop- spending money". Then Obamacare needs an additional $1.5 trillion of borrowed money to start it, or people have to pay without being insured till the money is there. What a deal, all cause Obama refuses to give americans the same deal he gave Congress and the Senate, IRS, Unions and Corporate America.

I really believe (and sincerely hope) that is just a TYPO above-saying that harry reid is a Republican from Nevada!? What a horrible thing to "wake up" to this morning-Yellowstone Park Shut Down, and Harry Reid is a Rep!!?? I would like to know what the FEDERAL Highway through Yellowstone Park has to do with this shutdown? WHY can they close this highway and no others (like I-80)? Is 80 not a Federal Highway just like 14/16/20? The Concessioners in YP aren’t Federal (they’ll be open, but with no customers to make it to their doors), the Highways are clear-the Highway gates should be left Wide Open! What’s the difference-just that there will be no one there to "take the money"- so they are shutting the gates!? There are no Mud Slides, Floods, Road Construction, Fires etc, justs an ingnorant bunch of libs who decided that they are going to make the American People BLEED if they don’t get their (obama’s) phony healthcare (that a majority of Americans don’t want anyway)! I for one can NOT understand how people can be stupid enough to "stand behind" this TYRANT in the Whitre House!!? The White House Tours have been closed down all year to save a coupla bucks-yet the obama’s spent a Hundred Million TOURING his home country of Africa!?What the He!! is wrong with this picture?

If you read "D-Nev" as something else, maybe you have a tendency to read something as what you want to read, rather than what the words say: like a park can operate with out rangers to supervise the roads and trails, geysers and hot water pools, without maintenance people to keep the lights on and the plumbing functioning. I heard a Republican congressman from Texas say that this was "unpaid vacation" for federal employees. I do not think he checked with the concessioners without customers, or the merchants that depend upon spending by federal employees, contractors, or thetourists. If you are all heaped up about a "Hundred Million" spent by the president–we will let the rest of the misinformation slide as a compromise between bitterness and conversation–you sure as heck ought to be impressed by the billions that will be wasted by this shutdown. Just as you have difficulty understanding people stupid enough to stand behind "this TYRANT," I have a problem understanding people who are stupid enough to stand behind people who are stupid enough to destroy the tactics that they are using in vain. These methods should produce famous results when they attempt to repudiate the debts of the U.S. for whatever insane purpose they deem patriotic.