Silca launches compact hex key sets for tool boxes and race day packs electricity reading comprehension


The key to Silca’s new hex key sets is that they use the same 9-step heat-treated S2 steel production process as the HX-One, for the highest precision to fit better to bolts and reduce rounding. The tools also get the same grippy polymer coating, now set in molded plastic carriers to save space in your toolbox.

Few of us working on bikes at home could justify the $125 cost of the original boxed set ( $185 for the anniversary edition). And to be honest, as nice as it looks we have no real need for the CNC-crafted wooden storage case. So boiling it back to the essentials looks like a great move by Silca to actually compete with the bigger toolmakers. HX-TWO complete hex & Torx wrench tool set

The red & gray HX-Two includes a complete set of hex and Torx keys for all your bike wrenching needs. Hex sizes include 10, 8, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2.5, 2 & 1.5mm with ball ends, while Torx sizes include T30, T27, T25, T20, T15, T10, T9, T8 & T7. Most of your bolt turning needs should be met since key sizes were influenced by team mechanics, bike fitters, and frame builders. The HX-Two is available now online and through bike shops for $75.

Our S2 Steel actually comes from Switzerland and is same as used by PBSwiss, it’s 20-30% harder and stronger than that used by Wiha and Wera or Bondhus in their top level stuff and as much as 50% harder than the CrV material used in the <$20 stuff from these guys and others. The Chrome and polymer coating techniques are rather more advanced and available in Taiwan than we can find in the US or EU, so we can produce higher quality tools with more technical finishes there than anywhere else at this point in time, and while we may be more expensive than some of the Wera or Wiha, we are definitely less expensive than PBSwiss to which we are more comparable and in some ways superior.

Torx continues to be a far superior tool to fastener interface and consumer pushback due to lack of tools is the really the only thing keeping designers/engineers from moving everything to Torx. Torx reduces failures and warranties by a huge % and also allows the engineers to spec lighter weight and/or lighter fasteners in certain applications, so it won’t be 100% Torx next year or even the year after, but Torx is going to continue to replace hex in our sport and others. Since we produce tools with lifetime quality we figured it best to go ahead and give the full compliment of Torx in this set since you’ll need it eventually.

The box set has actually been available for 2 years now, has won a handful of both industrial and product design awards and was our first product in the tool space where we are really only the second company after PBSwiss to offer tools at this level. If you travel with pro mechanics in Europe you will find that every single one of them uses PBSwiss or SILCA hex keys. The cost of wearing out a hex key is just too great as the damage it can cause poses not only a safety issue for the riders, but can add hours of time per day to the mechanic’s routine. The HX-One was developed alongside a handful of pro mechanics as a way of combing the culinary concept of mise in place (everything in place) with the highest quality tools. Being able to access the box one handed saves a lot of time, and the layout of the box makes you more likely to replace them during use which saves time making them easier to locate when you need them again. If you visit the ProTour pits today you will find dozens of mechanics rocking these kits as the mechanics find that the kit saves time, headache and heartache when wrenching at that level. Also the box kit comes with a magnetic driver adapter to drive 1/4 Hex bits, and comes with the most expensive S2 bits available including custom cross-head bits that we make to the defunct JIS specification so that they perfectly fit Shimano limit screws… details.

Of course not everybody is a pro mechanic or obsessed with tools, so we now make simpler and more affordable versions so that more people can access the technology. At out core we are a technology and design company, striving to bring tech from other industries into this one in ways that are both beautiful and pleasing to use.

The world is full of companies in every single category who are already making products that are both decent in function and inexpensive in price so we certainly don’t need another one of those. However, there are very few companies willing to sweat every detail to try and elevate things to a new level.

Rapha is a great example. Many people like to call them elitist, but the reality is that by focusing on product first and cost last they completely changed the game. No matter what brand of clothing you wear today, you are benefiting from the attention to detail and focus on quality and materials that Rapha brought to cycling clothing. Even the most anti-Rapha brands now pay attention to details and tout features that Rapha essentially invented, and better yet, they’ve inspired dozens of new brands who are trying to elevate the level even further. In the end, the consumer wins through more choice and more detailed and higher quality products at the lower price points. I can only hope that we can do the same for cycling accessories and tools.