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The video of a home invasion went electricity transmission and distribution costs viral this weekend. On Holi, two dozen men armed with lathis and rods forced their way into Mohammed Sajid’s house in Gurgaon’s Dhamaspur village. They mercilessly beat Sajid’s nephew Dilshad on the terrace; the worst part of the video was on the roof, where the women leaned against the door, shrieking in terror, to keep the invaders from bursting through. Sajid, his wife and six children were hosting relatives from another Gurgaon village. Just imagine: you invite relatives over and a bunch of hooligans break in to murderously attack you.

Afterwards, Indian Muslims on social media spoke of what they might do if faced with a home invasion. Hindus don duke electric orlando’t have to think of such contingencies, despite the exaggerated fears that the well-off conjure about terrorism. (Yes. In my New Gurgaon neighbourhood, a resident approached me to also install CCTVs electricity generation in india at my house. I declined. He asked, you’re not afraid of terrorism? I wondered what global publicity any terrorist could hope to muster from our sleepy neighbourhood in the Aravalli foothills.) I am saddened by one twitter friend’s declaration that he planned to fend off a mob long enough for his wife to escape. I hope it never comes to that.

The Holi home invasion started in a vacant lot where Sajid’s family’s boys were playing electricity resistance questions cricket. A dispute with an outside group of boys escalated whereafter the outsiders told Sajid’s boys to go to Pakistan. Local BJP grandees say the dispute was not an inter-communal disturbance; that it was a cricket dispute that got out of hand. Bullshit. That Pakistan entered the quarrel just because one side is Muslim – whatever the root cause of the dispute – makes it communal. Calling Muslims names is no longer a big deal since Prime Minister Narendra Modi silently acquiesces in such violence. (He’s unlikely to condemn it as it’s the thick of elections. His electoral prospects bank gas quality by brand solely on how deeply he can polarise the electorate.)

More depressingly, most Gurgaon residents couldn’t be bothered. These are the residents of New Gurgaon. For them such incidents are isolated in Old (or rural) Gurgaon. I visit many a gated housing society of high-rise flats (guarded by chowkidars that are routinely abused by residents for regulating parking), and they contain no Muslims. (Okay, maybe one society has one family.) Gurgaon is allegedly a microcosm of the New India, with its frenetic pace of construction, its cyberhub and cybercity, its rapid Metro (separate, though accessible, from the Delhi Metro), its Arnold Palmer-designed golf course, its numerous international schools, etc. (The other microcosm is in our local urban gas vs electric stove cost village, densely populated by casual labour and chowkidaars and domestic maids, all living in squalor. So many are from Bihar’s Sitamarhi that special buses leave electricity deregulation map from here during Chhath puja.)

New Gurgaon is middle-class, English-speaking, white-collar, web-streaming, well-heeled. It is a parallel universe where Muslims are invisible. They love Modi. Given the fact that Modi has derailed the economy, even the fig-leaf that they support him for development and good governance is gone; they support him purely because he excites their basest emotion. It isn’t because of the airstrikes against Pakistan because Modi doesn’t dare do the same against China (even though Beijing blocked the UN listing of Masood Azhar as a global terrorist, even though his Jaish-e-Mohd promptly claimed responsibility for the February 14 Pulwama attack). They love him gas in dogs symptoms because Modi has let the genie out of the bottle, and allowed a free-for-all against Muslims.

This open season on Muslims is evident in Kashmir where Rizwan Asad Pnadit, a 29-year-old school principal, was killed in police custody a week ago. Though the cops vaguely said Rizwan had been picked up for questioning in a terrorism case, the local media said he was questioned in relation to Pulwama – though the suicide bomber had t gastrobar died in the attack and the alleged mastermind was killed in a prolonged shoot-out a day or two later gas bloating pregnancy. There was not the slightest mention by the broadcast media, and even much of the print media treated it as business as usual. For large swathes of the population nowadays, due process is superfluous if the suspect is Muslim.

This is why the current election, unlike past ones, does not much excite me. It’s not just that the candidates are lacklustre ciphers. Modi’s management of the election machinery may win him the election: a retired judge recently alleged that 39 lakh voters’ names were deleted from Maharashtra’s lists, and ten lakh of those voters were Muslim. Muslims will continue to be demonised till Modi returns to power. Until then, India will doubtlessly see further incidents like the home invasion in Old Gurgaon, while New Gurgaon looks gas efficient suv 2010 on, comfortable in a bubble that’s soundproof to the screams of Muslim women.