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Though Simplisafe home security is widely popular for their DIY systems, the company does offer professional monitoring as well. SimpliSafe caters to customers of all budgets by providing some of the most affordable monitoring plans in the industry. Packages range from $14.99/month for the Standard monitoring plan to $24.99 for the Interactive plan. Both offer 24/7 alarm monitoring from a professional monitoring center and a cellular connection to emergency services, covering all motion sensors and detection devices. The more expensive Interactive plan, however, allows users to receive SMS/email alerts, secret alerts, and the ability to arm or disarm from anywhere.

Simplisafe equipment comes has been redesigned to be more sleek and attractive. Each Simplisafe package includes a base station with a variety of products that can be customizable to fit budget and need. Equipment available includes: motion sensors, window sensors, door sensors, freeze sensors, water sensors, panic buttons, Simplisafe security cameras, smoke detectors, and wireless keypad control. Simplisafe offers a mobile app for smartphones which acts as a control panel on the go, giving customers continuous access to Simplisafe monitoring. There, customers can arm and disarm the alarm system, view Simplisafe camera footage, and receive Simplisafe alarm notifications. 3-Year Equipment Warranty

Although many SimpliSafe customers will still save money in the long run due to the company’s low monthly monitoring prices, there is an upfront equipment fee that ranges from $200 to $500+. There are five Simplisafe package options to fit a variety of budgets and needs, however, none include a carbon monoxide detector. Also important to note: you own this equipment forever after purchasing. Regardless, this price amounts to years of monitoring service from other top-rated alarm companies. If you need a system immediately and do not have cash on hand, there are other DIY security companies that do not charge any upfront equipment fees. No Professional Installation Option

According to the user reviews we’ve received, chief complaints from SimpliSafe customers center around technical problems with the equipment, long customer service and monitoring center wait times, and issues with receiving the wrong hardware. Those complaints about the equipment include motion detectors, window sensors, and the mobile app not functioning correctly.

I Have been with Simplisafe for years and was one of their original customers. Recently I ran into problems with the base station going off line and no report being sent that there was a problem. Since I have had the service as soon as there was some type of problem with the base station there would be an immediate notification. This comes in handy if the power gets cut to the base station or anything else that could put it off line. Once the base station goes off line your system is basically not alarming. I made many calls to customer service and they swore that Simplisafe never had such a feature … Really .. Are you kidding me. Anyway the company has gotten so big the @ss doesn’t know what the elbow is doing. Long story short I had to cancel my service and I found a comparable company that has many of the same features. They seem popping up all over. It is a shame that when company gets so big the customer service just goes right into the toilet. They used to have amazing customer service and technical support. At this point I no longer recommend Simplisafe. If your not notified when there are equipment troubles with the system it is pretty much a useless system.

From problems with the shoddy equipment to the customer NO service department, I cancelled my service today after a year and a half – and I only have the base package! Not much to go wrong – or so I thought. From having to replace the chip in the base station, to the key fob working part time at best, to the key pad just dying while I was trying to disarm it, the problems were endless. The dying key pad was the final straw. The alarm went off one morning because I was unable to enter the code into the dying pad and the key fob wasn’t working either. When they called to see if I needed assistance I could hardly even understand them over the loud, blaring alarm. I had no way to disarm it. When I was told I was being put on hold until someone could assist me with turning it off, I pitched a fit and they got someone on the line within a couple of minutes. Apparently you have to raise hell to get anything done with these people. I was certainly not going to wait on hold for the hour+ time I’ve waited in the past. By the way, pressing 5 and leaving a message is fruitless. Don’t waste your time. I received a replacement pad, but when I attempted to set it up, I couldn’t access the menu because of an error message displayed on the pad. Over the course of 12 days I called five times and left messages stating what the problem was and that I do not get home until at least 6 and to please call me back then. EVERY time I got a call back, it wasn’t the same evening, it was the next day before noon while I was at work and unable to access my equipment. When I finally got someone on the phone to cancel my service I was informed that I still had to pay for the entire month of monitoring because they can only refund the amount of $14.99… Good riddance!

Have had this for almost 4 months. Setup wasn’t too bad. Everything seemed to work, as promised. I did call customer support initially, as the base wouldn’t connect to a cell network. Was told T-Mobile was having an issue and it was taking a bit longer than normal to initialize/sync with SimpliSafe. It was fine by the next morning.

I did get a few false alarms on one motion sensor. Luckily, I was just arriving home both times and everything looked fine. They stayed on the phone with me, while I checked. I changed the sensitivity to low and so far, so good (perhaps the cat was setting it off, somehow).

As far as the concerns with it being hacked….true, it can be. However, it requires that a thief knows that you have an alarm and what brand you have, build a device and either sit outside, near your house or stash it somewhere nearby and get it later (not likely with vast majority of criminals). It also only intercepts the signal between keypad and base station. So, to minimize this risk: