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Even though I have a closet full of fabric, I can use any excuse to buy more! This time I had to go because I need to make a baptism romper for my great nephew who will be baptized next month. I do have fabric that I may make it out of but I always need to investigate if there is something better. Let’s just say I didn’t come home without fabric (I snuck it in the house so Mr. Wonderful would not see it) and then I also purchased a sign for above my fireplace which says, “Simply Blessed.” Kind of describes my life. Did I tell you I spent two hours in the store and really could have used a few more hours but off to babysitting I went?

Violet and Miles had just woken up from naps when I arrived and their Mom and Papi (what they call our son) were getting ready. I did worry about babysitting Violet as I don’t get to spend a lot of time with these two so I was afraid that she would be strange around me and I would have a hard time but that was not the case.

First on the agenda when Mom and Papi left was to play. We played with dolls, blocks, read books and more. It was then that I pushed a truck aside and get this truck farted! I’m not kidding! I said, “What?” and our grandson said, “Grammy he toots!” This is Matchbox’s Wrecky the Wrecking Buddy that Miles inherited from a neighbor!

The truck said so many things such as, feel a toot coming on” and then added, “That’s going to leave a mark!” This is a toy people! It’s loud, fast and crude with a variety of fart jokes. This toy also holds up so some relatively rough play on his part, with a lot of jerking and shoving and a lot of crashing into walls. It says so many things that I couldn’t keep up. "Oops sorry. Check yourself before you wreck yourself. Stay clear of my rear. This box is cramping my style! And I must have gotten some bad gas!” are just a few. It is a crude toy but oh my, it did cause some laughter. When you pull it’s handles it giggles and says, “That tickles!”

We then ventured outside where we played until Miles wanted to play tackle football with me. I explained that Grammy is too old for that. Violet was playing golf so I played with her only to turn around and see one little boy with his pants down peeing on a tree! I forgot about those things.

Perhaps the best thing was that my daughter-in-law sent me the following text when I left the next morning: “It was precious. Miles ran out once more to say bye as you were driving off and he almost busted out in tears because “she didn’t see me!””

You know, we have nine grandchildren and each one has such a different personality and makes us laugh for one reason or another. They are all loved and we are blessed to be able to spend time with them and that their parents…our children and their spouses, all want us to be very involved in their lives. Just like my new sign that I purchased from the sewer’s mecca says…” Simply blessed.” We don’t need riches or fame…we are “Simply blessed.”

Hey everyone. Did you happen to notice our new section in today’s paper entitled, “Meet Your Neighbors”? The purpose of this section is to introduce you to people around our area. No, not the mayors or commissioners, just regular people. Did you ever see someone in a store or around town that you say, “I wonder who that is.”? Well, I’m going to introduce you to a new person, hopefully every week, by printing their picture and a short note about them. Hope you enjoy it!