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Efteling is pretty magical, and we had one day there, but felt that two would have been better! The place is a dutch Disney. It really does well with its fairy tale theming from beginning to end, successfully transporting you into a fairy tale dream world. Saying that, it does not under-deliver when it comes to rides – there are thrill rides and rollercoasters, but they all keep in with the theme. Many rides you had to be 140cms to ride, so may be worth measuring all in your group before making a trip. There is an Oblivion style vertical drop coaster, which plunges you into a haunted mine, however, I cannot tell you more than that because the theming is obviously 9gag memes in dutch, but you could get the gist! There is also another 4 outside rollercoasters, and an indoor dark coaster which we didn’t get on as it was closed when we were there. There is also a water rapids rise, and a water roller coaster (brilliant theming once again, and definitely our favourite ride! Very atmospheric and well done!). There are some rides that really tap into the imagination – one ride from the central castle/palace, which is whimsical, with great attendtion to detail, and a dreamworld ride, which was my 8yo daughters favourite. They have their own version of Its a Small World and also a ride akin to Pirates of the Carribean, and a Bobsleigh static electricity zap, that seems to tease the laws of gravity and physics! I would avoid Villa Volta – this is the only ride I would say is nauseating! There is then a whole section of the park telling fairy tales with animatronics. There was far more to explore than we managed to do, but because queues were well managed, we did everything we had on our priority list, which was all the big rides once, and were satisfied with this. Wednesdays are apparently the quietest days to visit! Think we would look to have two days here if we went back, and maybe check out the accommodation on site, as the theming in the park is so detail intensive, I can only imagine what they gas house edwards have done with the hotel. Bet it would be an absolute treat! We finished the day off with their water and light show, which was once again, really well done! There were other shows going on during the day which we just couldn’t fit in, but they sounded very good also. Tickets are a bit cheaper if your purchase online, and there are tickets available which get you in half hour earlier, and get you money f gas certification logo off food in the park – these were advertised at the gate when we arrived, so we did not use these, but might be worth a look online for next time. You have to get a parking ticket, and its probably best to buy it when you are getting your tickets on entry to the park, as the queue for the parking ticket booths at the end of the day were not small! Would highly recommend to anyone visiting the area to make a real effort to fit in a day here at least! Worth it!

A day in the Efteling can take you on a journey through the forest where you encounter a classical representation of fairytales in the nostalgic style of Dutch artist Anton Pieck as well as the modern technology of talking trees. Attractions are based on fairytales and hostorical characters or events this is not only a park for the young and the young at heart but also for the dare devils seeking thrill rides, such as the Baron, Python and Vliegende Hollander (Flying Dutchman). This a park has delightful gas x breastfeeding side effects family friendly rides such as the magical Symbolica and droomvlucht (dreamflight), where one is taken into a world of fairies, fantastical characters and trolls and all your senses are awakened, even the delicate floral smells one would imagine in a magical world. There are just too many great attractions to mention. As the cherry on top, end your day with the beautiful light and fountain spectacle. This is an attraction park which is uniquely Dutch with activities for every age, a great place to visit even if you don’t speak Dutch as many attractions are converting to multilingual presentation. This park also has winter and summer themes electricity definition chemistry, so don’t be put off by the weather. As per any park one must be patient in ques and parking, but it is well worth it. A must visit, you’ll be sorry if you miss the experience!

We had a very pleasant day at Efteling, and were impressed with the park, many of the attractions and the level of detail. There was plenty for all of our family to do – from our 18 month old, to us adults who like roller coasters (so much, we struggled to do everything!). In the afternoon, things started to go wrong!!….We were disappointed 76 gas station locations that the Princess didn’t come out at the time advertised – having waited in the rain with our little girls to meet her. (we’d even checked she would still appear in the rain, and been told she would). Anyway, we plodded on trying not to let the weather dampen spirits. On leaving, we got to the car, to be totally blocked in by cars queuing. We sat in the car for FIFTY minutes before we were able to move gas and water llc at all. With 2 tired kids under 4, and a drive to Schipol to drop off a hire car still to do – it was super frustrating. When we finally got out (basically waiting until every other car had left, as we were at the front of the lot) – we realised it was because they were funnelling everyone down to ONE lane, through building a new car parking toll plaza, to leave. They still had the nerve to charge everyone their 10 euros to park….and it wouldn’t take a genius to figure getting thousands of people out of one lane would be a nightmare….they should have planned better. Unfortunately this removed any magic we left Efteling feeling….