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I have been visiting China at least 2-3 times a year on business since 2002 and lived in Shanghai in 2008/9. Those trips have allowed me to experience parts of China that are not on the main tourist routes plus I have developed good friendships with several Chinese colleagues who have took me on road-trips to places like Larung Gar in Sichuan and Kashgar in Xinjiang. Two years ago I road a motorcycle around gas 87 Tibet for nearly 3 weeks and saw some really remote places and had some great interactions with the local people. But none of those experiences come close to the ones I have just had courtesy of Guilin Photography Tours! Andy, Mia and their staff are just the best – not only are they fluent in Mandarin, but electricity quiz for grade 5 they have a real affinity for the Chinese people and it shows in how those people react to them in a warm and welcoming way. Relationships are of utmost importance to the Chinese and it was very obvious to me that Andy and Mia have developed some fantastic ones with numerous really interesting local people in and around Guilin. The end result being that incredible photo opportunities open up for you because the people you are visiting understand why you are there and open up there homes to you. I simply have never experienced that anywhere else in China! More Show less

I am a professional Landscape Photographer who does a great deal electricity bill cost per month of travelling for my work. I often hire local guides whenever I can (especially when there is a language barrier). My experience with Mia and Andy tops them all. Mia did an exceptional job helping me plan my trip and Andy was exceptional in guiding us through the beautiful landscapes of Guilin. This is an area where you truly need a guide and Andy, being a professional photographer gas city indiana newspaper himself, know all the hidden jewels and the best times to photograph them. Andy himself, is an incredible person. During our six day tour gas density calculator, we came across a horrific truck accident minutes after it occurred. The truck’s gas tank had ruptured and the road will covered in diesel fuel. This did not stop Andy from running to the scene and doing his best to pry open the drivers door in an effort to help the driver. Andy took out all of the guess work and had everything planned day in and day out. We ended up getting amazing photos and the experience topped any other photo trip I have ever taken. So thank you Andy and thank you Mia and I look forward to doing many more trips with you in the future! Neil Dankoff

If you are looking for an exceptional photography experience, this is it. A well organised, highly personalised travel itinerary with a personal guide that is actually your travel companion. George is truly professional, not only is he knowledgeable about the local culture, places we visited, he is also well versed on photo ag gaston birmingham taking. He gave me many tips on lighting, composition, and photo taking ideas that are invaluable. George looked after my travel needs and safety is top on his mind particularly e85 gas stations in san antonio tx when we do the difficult climb. If you are planning to take this tour, be prepared to wake up very early 2am in the morning, this is to ensure that we capture the first light at the top of the mountain. The journey to the mountain is an experience in itself, boat ride in pitch dark across the river, bumpy ride in a local van to the foot of the climb and then the climb itself which can take up to 1.5 hours. Mia has gas jewelry been very helpful from the start, very clearly explaining the challenges and what to expect in terms of weather at this time of the year. All the itinerary details are carefully planned and coordinated by her which makes the whole experience carefree. Thanks again for the very enjoyable trip, now the hard part, sorting out the 2000+ photos and editing them.

If you are considering gas under 3 dollars GPT for a photo adventure don’t hesitate. They answered our many, many, many questions with professionalism and by the time we met Mia in Guilin it felt like we were old friends. Mia was knowledgeable about the areas we travelled to, had fantastic relationships with many of the villagers and we were able to communicate through her to them – many times overstaying our welcome I’m sure, as the villagers wanted to know all about us as well. We were entertained with opera singing, calligraphy, soy milk making, and shown around their houses like we were family. Circumstances during our trip, weather had not played nicely the week before we arrived and many of the rivers electricity and circuits class 6 cbse were in flood, meant that our itinerary had to be rearranged to accommodate attractions in a different order. This was handled promptly and efficiently – as was every part of the trip. From sunrise through to sunset into night photography, the days were full of stunning vistas, entertaining locals, sightseeing and wonderful photo opportunities around every corner. I would highly recommend GPT should you want to travel to this beautiful area of China. Whether it’s a day, a weekend, a week or longer you won’t regret it! Two of our electricity wikipedia in hindi group were NOT photographers, they didn’t make every sunrise, or sunset, however they both thoroughly enjoyed the whole trip. Mia, when you decide to travel further afield, I’ll book another trip – really want to go to Lijiang – hint, hint