Singing in the reign 11-25-18 c gastronomie


John 18:33-37 So Pilate reentered the Praetorium and summoned Jesus. “Are you the King of the Jews?” asked Pilate. electricity review worksheet answers Jesus answered, “Do you say this of your own accord, or have others told you about me?”35 Pilate replied, “Am I Jewish? It is your own people and the chief priests who hand you over to me. What have you done?”36 Jesus answered, “My realm is not of this world; if it belonged to this world, my people would have fought to keep me out of the hands of the Temple authorities. No, my realm is not of this world.” 37 Pilate said, “So you’re a King?”

Many kids get to this point of frustration with their families and pack up to go. Maybe you remember doing it. John got a little farther than some. In my family at that time, we were allowed to play around the neighborhood and with four boys we could kind of come and go as we pleased. electricity bill cost per unit Still, I think John was a little surprised that nobody stopped him from walking out with his suitcase, a little food to keep him going on his journey and his ten cent allowance to fund the trip.

He walked up the street to the corner, about three doors up Urwiler Ave. There was a house up there with a hill in the front yard. He sat on the hill to figure out what to do next. electricity storage costs He kind of thought somebody was going to care more than this, to tell the truth. gas monkey As he sat there, he says, my folks drove by in their car. That confirmed it for him. They really didn’t care. They were just going off as if nothing important was happening! He decided he was going to back to the house. “That’ll show them.” he thought. “they’re just going to have to deal with me.”

The question of belonging is at the heart of our assigned reading today, where Pilate is asking Jesus if he is king of the Jewish people. Jesus, though he is mortal danger, spars with Pilate who has Jesus’ fate in hands. electricity khan academy Jesus tries to get him to understand that his realm and reign is bigger than Pilate conceives, that he belongs to the truth, which is bigger than any earthly realm. Jesus’ comes from and belongs to God’s kingdom, which is not bound by physical or earthly dimensions or anything Pilate can control.

Let me address briefly a question of language in relation to this passage. gas 6 weeks pregnant Some people get frustrated when we use words like “kin-dom” or “realm” instead of “Kingdom,” let alone YHWH for LORD, or Abba for Father. As you know, we make these changes to acknowledge and encourage the understanding that we all belong to God, and that we’re all part of what God is doing, not just men. Some people will say that’s obvious and that English words for men and mankind include women, but contemporary understandings require us to be more explicit about including the feminine in our language as well as our leadership.

The alternative words also have the benefit of undercutting hierarchical thinking about our community and our relationship with the God of Life. gas jeans usa We don’t have kings in our modern society. And Jesus, even in this passage, challenges Pilate for calling him a king. Jesus consistently challenges all of us to think bigger, to understand the realm of God as larger than any individual, even Jesus himself. 9game Yet that realm, that kin-dom is something to which all of us belong.

For a long time, my brother John wondered about my folks driving by him when he was sitting on a hill having run away from home. It was only years later that he realized that they might not have known that he ran away at all. Or that they had noticed he was gone and they were out looking for him! He certainly did get the message after the frustration of the moment, he figured out the truth that he belonged, that his mom and his dad loved him – if not his brothers. that even when we’re upset or frustrated with each other, we belong to one another, and we stay together.

Today we come together around this harvest altar to receive communion. We celebrate the truth that we all belong to the realm of the Living God. This meal is a sign and a promise of God’s presence and God’s kin-dom. We receive sustenance and energy for the journey as we all work to bring the understanding of that kin-dom to all God’s people.