Sioux blockade succeeds in halting construction of $3.8b dakota access pipeline

NEW YORK — Lakota Sioux protesters blockading the planned route of a $3.8 billion, four-state oil pipeline won a short-term victory on Wednesday, when the project’s developer, Energy Transfer Partners of Dallas, agreed to halt construction near the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation in North Dakota for at least a week.

“The decision was made at this time to have the pipeline company workers pull out, for the safety of everybody,” Morton County Sheriff Kyle Kirschmeier told journalists . Kushal gas agencies belgaum “They’ll stop until we can get this resolved.”

The hiatus, which follows obstruction of the project by three Lakota Sioux tribes and their supporters, will last at least until a federal court in Washington, D.C., hears a challenge by the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, which seeks an injunction against federal agencies that approved the pipeline, on Aug. Gas hydrates energy 24.

“We said that we wanted it in writing, and we wanted it in writing sent to Standing Rock Chairman Dave Archambault and the copy sent to us on the front line,” Joye Braun of the Indigenous Environmental Network told Democracy Now! on Thursday.

Dakota Access LLC, an Energy Transfer Partners subsidiary, sought a restraining order against protesters on Monday. Gaslighting examples By Wednesday, Prairie Public Broadcasting reported the number of protesters had swelled to over 1,500, noting: “Native Americans from Wyoming, Colorado and as far as Oklahoma are pulling up by the busload.”

The mobilization culminates months of work by Sioux activists to build national opposition to the pipeline, from pitching teepees on the lawn of the North Dakota Capitol to running 2,000 miles across North America .

He spoke in New York’s Union Square as 200 supporters waited to greet 30 Sioux youth completing the final leg of a cross-country run protesting the pipeline.

“The youth are running from North Dakota all the way to D.C. Static electricity online games to deliver more than 140,000 petitions that were signed to say no to the Dakota Access Pipeline,” Montoya said.

As the Lower Brule, Rosebud and Standing Rock Lakota tribes hold their positions in the project’s route, tribal protesters have asked supporters to keep signing the petition , whose signers have risen to nearly 190,000 as of Thursday afternoon.

To garner attention, tribal activists have solicited support not only from thousands along the route of their run, but also from celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio and Rosario Dawson.

Along with Dawson and “Gasland” documentarian Josh Fox, the Golden Globe-nominated actress joined the runners at their final stop in Union Square.

“The tribe is suing our government because the Army Corps of Engineers failed to walk through the proper steps, according to tribal treaties,” Woodley said.

Some have found the timing of the Dakota Access’ approval troubling, as it came just days before the Obama administration ordered an overhaul of the permit process.

“Before they approve a project like this, they have to do what they call a ‘climate test.’ They have to do an analysis of what this particular project will mean in terms of climate change.”

“After the Army Corps issued the permits, it came out that two companies, Marathon of Texas and Enbridge of Canada, the largest pipeline company in Canada, have bought a 49 percent share in the Dakota Access Pipeline,” he said.

“They put down $2 billion. Electricity song billy elliot According to the reports in the financial news about this transaction, it’s going to move more tar sands out Canada. Gaz 67b for sale To me, this is the Keystone XL pipeline all over again.”

And while President Barack Obama considered a “climate test” similar to the one he just imposed across the board before rejecting Keystone, Dakota Access faced no such hurdle.

Aside from the environmental risks of the pipeline, many also hope to stem the social turmoil that has already accompanied development of North Dakota’s Bakken oil patch.

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