Sj kids_ what advice would you give to the future president of the united states_

I would like to propose that the next president should pay more attention to the youth demographic. Electricity origin We also need to find a way to fight against ISIS, but also not resort to bombing. Electricity in water It may seem impossible to small minds, but together we can do anything.

Dear Future President: If your name is Donald Trump, resign. Electricity word search If your name is Hillary Clinton, I suggest you try to end poverty and help people who are struggling. Electricity experiments for preschoolers Good luck!

Dear President of the United States of America: I have some advice. Electricity and magnetism review Make everything free, no tax and no water bills and no gas and electricity. Electricity bill nye After that, please give away free WiFi and a private jet with personal robot butlers. O goshi Thank you.

Dear Future President: Please lower tax pay. Electricity outage houston I hope that you have a good run. Gas vs electric stove Also, please do not build a wall. Gas news today The earth is a great place to live. C gastritis der antrumschleimhaut How will you treat homeless? Make a better earth for us.

The advice I would give to the next president would be: If it was Trump, quit your job. Static electricity review worksheet Someone else, take off all taxes and have a fun time in the White House.

The advice I would give to the president of the United States of America would be to be kind to one another and treat others with respect and to help others and to have a little fun once in a while!

I think the future president should not allow measures 97 and 98 to affect Oregon. Gas stations in texas I also think that he or she should make sure there is no illegal slavery.

I would tell him/her that since they have a lot of money, they should give it to me so I could go to the mall and buy new clothes and makeup and get a manicure done.

I would tell them that if people had any questions or comments, I would want the president to listen to what we had to say. E85 gas stations colorado So they would listen if something went wrong.

Help kids have a better life. Gas approximation Make some schools and help more kids get more education because they need the education in life so that when they become an adult, they know how to do it and know what to do.

I would tell the president he or she should welcome all who come to the USA, even if they are from Mexico. Mafia 2 gas meter And ask him or her to make the world safer for the people.

President Hillary should learn that Oregon needs extreme safety. 1 unit electricity cost in gujarat We need extreme safety because if New York bad guys move to Oregon, we will be in danger.

I would advise the future president to let more immigrants into the USA because without immigrants, Americans would not be able to work good in some jobs that immigrants do and we would not be able to get all the different types of foods that they cook.

If it was Donald Trump, I would give him advice like please don’t be racist and send the Mexicans back to Mexico because I am Mexican. Electricity reading comprehension If it’s Hillary Clinton, I would say you are the best future president ever. P gaskell I really love you. C gastronomie brignais You are a great influence.

I would say make America a better place, not a bad place. Gas kansas Please don’t make Mexicans go back to Mexico and especially don’t make a bigger border please.

Dear President of the United States: I would like to give you some advice. Gas efficient cars 2015 I think that you should be pretty nice to everybody and I hope you have a nice time as president.

If Donald Trump becomes the president, I’m saying to him, “be nice, lead America in a good way, and don’t be racist please!” But, if Hillary Clinton becomes president, rock on, lead America. 76 gas card login Just be nice (and no offense to people who go for Donald Trump) but try to beat Donald Trump in the election. 2015 electricity increase Oh also, “Don’t be racist please!”

I think you should not be racist and not promise to build a giant wall that would cost billions of dollars and also make a whole other country pay for it.

I would tell him to make all the poor people rich so they could go to Hawaii so they could have a great time. 9gag instagram logo And why I would say that is because the people who are poor that work need to be rich.

If I could talk to the president, I will tell him I want the people on the side of the road to have homes. Ideal gas questions And the people who steal the bags and stuff will get arrested and the people who start a fire on a car.

Dear future president: I love school and I think every kid should have a chance to go to school too. Grade 9 electricity review Every kid should have a chance to be educated like me.

My advice to the future president is to make sure people have food. Physics electricity and magnetism study guide I also don’t like people destroying animals’ habitats. Circle k gas station locations Also littering is bad for animals. K electric jobs 2016 I think people should be free to pray to God.

I would tell the future president of the U.S. Hp gas online to make the basketball court in the White House open to all people and turn it into a trampoline park.

I would give this advice to the future president of the U.S.: Destroy everything except people and make it candy and when all the candy houses and other stuff get eaten, do it again. Gas vs diesel rv This will make us happy!

The advice that I would give the future president is that you stink at president but I will let you slide a little. Grade 9 electricity unit You get to do all the work and I get to do all the fun.

I would tell him to make it a rule that every Friday all video games are free, and if you are sad, all the toys are free. Chapter 7 electricity test And to make drones to spy on bad guys that can shoot lasers.

New president, I advise you to never ever change the rights on the Constitution, like freedom of speech, to bear arms and freedom of religion.