Sketches of cobram slingsbybrowning electricity and magnetism study guide 5th grade


Cobram is a fair resting-place, in right of its nearness to the river, and the little paddle boat that comes and goes upon it: which make up a pleasant and refreshing scene, after the dusty roads. gas in oil lawn mower But, unless you would like to dwell on an enormous plain, with jagged rows of irregular gumtrees on it, that look in the distance like so many combs with broken teeth: and unless you would like to pass your life without the possibility of going up-hill, or going up anything but stairs: you would hardly approve of Cobram as a place of residence. (Borrowed from Charles Dickens’s description of Chalons-sur-Saône in Pictures from Italy).

We are once again away for a few days with our ‘camper group’ of friends, staying at the RACV resort at Cobram, a 30 minute walk from the centre of the town. The resort is splendid enough as you arrive at the reception office. There is an impressive irregular-shaped outdoor swimming pool with various water features to amuse the bathers, surrounded by mature palm trees and other vegetation. table d gaskets Adjacent to the out-door pool is a large indoor pool and spa, a well-equipped gym and a games room. There is a café which makes very drinkable coffee. As you progress a little into the resort, the cabins and individual camping sites nestle amongst mature trees and shrubs, and are very pleasant to behold. d cypha electricity But as you move further in toward the boondocks where the cabin allocated to us is located, the vegetation disappears and the newer cabins and camp sites are plonked on very bare red sandstone gravel, with here and there a sickly sapling and a few isolated tufts of grass. national gas average 2012 It will be many years, if ever, before any of this area bears lush grass lawns and trees large enough to be capable of providing any shade.

In 1914, an electricity generator was built by the local council; its first connection was to provide electric street lighting in the middle of the town. The original power station was damaged by fire in 1924, and the SEC took over the generator and continued to provide the power locally. In 1935 the town was connected to the national grid, and in 1994 the old buildings were demolished, and the site turned into a very useful car park, not unsurprisingly named the Power House Car Park !

Cobram is a major centre of agricultural business. electricity worksheets for grade 1 Murray Goulburn Cooperative was started here, and today milk processing, orange juice production, fruit growing and an abattoir are the main employers—though we saw very little of the industrial activities apart from a huge peach orchard adjacent to the RACV resort. gas in dogs All in all, our trip was a pleasant stay in a very clean and tidy town; Cobram has been the winner of the “Tidy Town” competition on more than one occasion. The shops seem prosperous; some recently retired new residents we spoke with, who had relocated from Geelong, were very happy with their decision to move there; and the fact that there are at least three jewellery shops in such a small town would indicate a reasonable amount of disposable wealth! There are quite large areas of new housing, and the gardens of both the new and the old were resplendent with all colours of roses, which seem to do particularly well in this part of the State.

We stayed at Cobram for just 4 nights, which was just sufficient to take in most of what is on offer. One could visit wineries, olive farms and cactus gardens to name just a few “touristy things”, or one could play golf on a course which is far better than my golf is. We chose to do none of those things, but just enjoyed ourselves doing nothing much at all!