Skoop review- get your super on! – the fit foodie mama gas or electricity for heating


I crave green everything. Seriously, I love the taste of greens, especially green juice. It makes me feel happy and healthy and quenches my thirst in a way that nothing else other than water does and the punch of nutrients it delivers is unlike anything else. This is a problem for me for a few reasons:

I add kale and spinach to my smoothies at times- which always taste awesome but I often run out before the end of the week plus the smoothies that I drink aren’t the same kind of thirst quenching satisfaction I get from straight up green juice.

I had pretty much settled on just having my liquified greens as a treat if I came across somewhere until I read a fellow bloggers post about this plant-based superfood goodness called Skoop and was given the opportunity to try it for review so I jumped on it.

Skoop was created in an effort to “bring super nutrition to every American” and is a plant-based, Non-GMO, gluten free powdered superfood mix that you can simply scoop, shake and go! Skoop comes in three different formulas that are each designed to provide nutrition in a different way.

• A-Game which is a combination of 41 fruits, veggies and herbs that together make a nutrient dense superfood scoop that is a “full packet of pytonutrient goodness”. It is rich in antioxidants, probiotics, and adaptogens all for only 50 calories and comes in two flavors; Chocofresh & Sweetgreens.

Skoop suggests mixing the A-Game with either water, almond milk (or any milk), oatmeal or any creative way you can imagine. Since I wanted to get an idea of the true flavor, I chose to just shake it up with some cold water and was pleasantly surprised at how much actually enjoyed it! The reason I enjoyed it is because it tastes like a glass of green juice with a hint of sweetness. While this may be an acquired taste for some, I think it “tastes pretty good” as Skoop would put it.

I first tried mixing the Chocofresh with just water to see how it compared to the Sweetgreens and couldn’t taste too much of a difference so I decided to add it to almond milk the next time I tried it and could definitely taste the chocolate flavor. I think the Chocofresh would taste wonderful in oatmeal, blended in smoothies or even give a yummy superfood boost to some baked goods.

I tried B-Strong right after a workout shaken with almond milk like I would if it were any other protein powder I use. While I am more of a chocolate lover when it comes to protein powders, I did enjoy the Viva-Nilla flavor. However, there was no doubt that this was a plant based protein powder.

Since I have always used plant based protein powders, the slightly grainy texture did not bother me and wasn’t chalky in comparison to other plant protein powders I’ve tried. What I love about B-Strong is that it is full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals along with a complete profile of amino acids, and is low in sodium compared to other plant protein powders. I think it would taste great blended into a smoothie with some almond milk and almond butter!

I tried the B-Lovely last simply because I wasn’t sure what to expect since it is so unique. B-Lovely contains Japanese Fleece Flower, a source of resveratrol, which helps to combat oxidative stress and ALA (Alpha Linolenic Acid) which aids in the restoration of collagen. Their philosophy behind these ingredients is that what goes in your body is more important than what goes in it when helping to keep skin hydrated and healthy.

Skoop suggests enjoying B-Lovely in ice cold water with a squeeze of lemon. Since I didn’t have any fresh lemon to squeeze in, I gave the powder a little shakey-shake with some cold water and poured into a tall glass to sip. I honestly have to say I was more than pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed it. I literally felt like I was drinking a beauty elixir and there was subtle note of sweetness even though B-Lovely only contains 1 gram of sugar.

• Out of all the formulas and each of the flavors I enjoyed the A-Game Sweetgreens and the B-Lovely the most. That is not to say that I didn’t like the B-Strong, just that I really enjoyed the other two simply because they are something different and unique.

• I like that the A -Game & B-Lovely don’t contain protein and deliver a punch of superfood deliciousness in one little “skoop”. They are something I would feel good about giving to my children to boost their nutrition, especially for my picky eater.

I like them so much that I chose to become part of Team Skoop! The A-Game is exactly what I have been looking for and is a product that I believe in and want to represent. If you’re interested in buying Skoop to try at a discounted rate you can do so through my link here or just browse the site for more info!