Skyline to the sea 50k training recap – week 4 ~ fit nana gas constant in kj


Totally forgot to take water with me on this run. I’m apparently queen of mistakes lately. I was so thirsty, all I could think about the entire run was water. I made several plans to ask someone for water but I never saw a single person outside. Not. A. Single. One. I did stop at one point to wait for traffic so I could cross the road and the grass was damp from dew and I rubbed my hands on it and then rubbed them across my face. #sorrynotsorry #desperatemeasures It was glorious! haha

So, I’ve started a new class at CrossFit! Instead of going for the normal WOD, I’m going to a basic strength class that focuses more on … strength (lol) and movements such as hinging, pushing, pulling, etc. It’s just getting started so there were only 2 of us in class. I know it’s going to grow, though! And, the bonus is, I’m getting more of what I need and if I want to, I can stay after and work on accessory work (pull-ups, handstands, core, heavier lifting, etc).

After the warm-up, we got right down to business. The exercises were done in superset format meaning I did 3 rounds of 10 goblet squats (26# kettlebell) and 10 glute bridges, with a minute rest in between each round. Then, after 3-4 minutes of rest, we moved into the 3 rounds of 10 bulgarian split squats, each leg (with 2 10# dumbbells) and 10 plank with leg raise. Then, we finished it up with a 10 minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) of 10 single arm kettlebell swing (one side), bear crawl 10 meters to kettlebell, 10 single arm kettlebell swings (other side). I used a 26# kettlebell. And, I was sweating so much that I lost count of rounds. Ha! oops.

I remembered water this time!! And boy, did I need it! It was 95% humidity when I headed out. So gross. I’ll be glad when I acclimate to this weather (why is it taking so long?!?!) because I’m tired of my legs feeling like lead weights. Finished with 6.05 miles.

I also had an optional 4 mile shakeout run on the calendar but that didn’t happen. I had some stuff in the morning that prevented me from doing that AND making it to strength class on time but I showed up later and did the workout on my own. I don’t mind doing them on my own but it’s so much more fun to have other people there to work out with. Oh well. Life happens.

Except, I’ve started some prep work for the Memorial Day Murph workout. I checked with my coach and she said it was okay for me to participate (especially since I’m so early in my training)! If you’re unfamiliar with the workout, it starts with a 1 mile run, then you do 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups, and 300 squats, and then you finish with a 1 mile run.

Murph is a “hero WOD” and is completed every year on Memorial Day in the CrossFit world to honor LT Michael Murphy who was killed in combat in Afghanistan on June 28, 2005. This workout was one of his favorites and he used to complete it wearing his body armor. Stronger athletes can complete the workout wearing a weighted vest to simulate the body armor. I am not one of those athletes.

Coach put 14 on my schedule again and this week, I planned on getting it! I did not want a repeat of last week. I loaded up with both plain water and electrolytes this time and I slowed my pace down and just focused on moving forward. Mother Nature decided 96% humidity was a good idea for this run.

And I nailed it! Knocked out 14.01 miles in 2:24:46 with one emergency potty stop (thank goodness for port-a-potties!) and a stop to manhandle my fuel pouch open. LOL I was a big, drippy, sweaty mess when I was done. Like I just got out of the pool. So gross.