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In case you are wondering, the game must always try to get the data from Save Game first before the Mod Files. (Otherwise all your game progress such as NPC stats increase, new locations, states, equipements etc will always be fixed by the Mod Files and cannot be altered by the player everytime the game loads.)

Using Mod Files is a safe way to alter NPC information. It will not break your savegame (mostly) and Skyrim Data will not be changed in ways you might regret. Remember – by default there is no Skyrim Data backup and who wants to backup a > 2 GB file anyways?

If you save the game (autosaves included) when Mod Files are active, the new Save Game will still hold some information that is altered by the Mod Files even when they are removed. You might need to refresh the NPC again using the aforementioned console commands. Some information such as factions might need to be manually removed. See ‘removefaction’, ‘removeallfactions’ and ‘addfaction’. PLEASE be careful when you change NPC factions. As mentioned, not all data altered can be removed.

If you encounter a ‘File In Use’ alert, please close any programs that is using Skyrim’s data files at the time. This can include other modding tools such as nifskope and FOMM or even the Skyrim game itself. After the data files are released by other applications and data is retrieved, you can re-launch those application again.

It is recommended to have ‘Save to BSA’ checked so that the mesh and texture need by the NPC is saved onto a BSA file. If ‘Save to BSA’ is not checked, the texture and mesh will be created and place correctly structured into meshes and textures folders.

Please put ALL FILES AND FOLDERS CREATED to you skyim game’s Data folder. If there is a BSA file, both .esp and .bsa must be moved to the data folder. If ‘Save as BSA’ is not checked, please move the .esp, meshes folder and textures folder to the data folder instead.

Usually you get these files from older versions of this editor or other NPC or Companion mods. **If you are a modder I seriously advice you not to use overrides anymore, it stays (and keeps overriding) even when the plugin is disabled – unlike BSA file which is disabled when plugin is disabled.**

NOTE: At this time, the editor will only generate Mesh and Texture for the current NPC only. If you have more NPCs in the created plugins, you need to merge those mesh and textures into the BSA file as well. You can use Archive.exe that came with the CK to do this. Weapons meshes and textures are usually overrides, but if you intend to distribute your NPCs with custom weapons and armors, then you might need to add those meshes and textures as well.

The .esp file can also be conflicted by another .esp file or mods you have already placed in game which cause the data mismatch with the .nif file. For best results separate your NPC’s .esp to one for each NPC, preventing and showing conflicts at once. It is also much easier to remove mods for one particular NPC when desired. Note that you can name the .esp file to whatever you like, but the .nif file must not be moved or renamed.

TO REMOVE MODS, REMEMBER to remove the .nif file in the meshes folder with the .esp file. The .nif file is named according to the NPC’s FormID. i.e. type ‘help aela 0’ at the console. It will show you that Aela the Huntress have the ID of 0001a696. Therefore the .nif file is 0001a696.nif. Be careful not to remove the whole meshes folders when you havemore than one NPC modded. This applies to the texture .dds file too. If you are using BSA, just remove both BSA and ESP file.

If you place files in textures, meshes or scripts, those are overrides. At the same time, those file can be archived / ‘zipped’ in Bethesda’s BSA. The game will look for overrides FIRST, if not found – look in .bsa – IF – .esp is enable. You can see why .BSA files are recommended over overrides.

So if you use BSA files, you need to remove the older meshes and textures overrides or they wont match. Remember that the game will look for overrides first. If you are going to transport your plugin to another machine, make sure they remove those overrides too.

Many reasons. Your savegame overrides some stats data. There might be another script that control the stats in game. Previous commands, such as setav or forceav might force the stats to a different value. Another mod (i.e. body mod) might have overriden the values.

Relationships, leveling mechanics and stats are ignored once the NPC is saved to your savegame. Going back to an earlier save or starting a new game will cause the game to load the NPC stats from the plugin as it cannot find it in your savegame.

This makes sense because NPC will not remain as described by the plugin or master file, but will be altered by events in the game. If the game loads the data from the plugin instead of savegame, your NPC will never grow in Stats or Relationship with the player.

You have selected a Voice Type that does not have the required voice files for that particular conversation. Becareful which NPC you change voicetypes as some quest might become broken because the quest NPC could not start his/her conversation.

The NPC weight might be altered in your savegame, by another mod or by yourself using console command. Whatever the altered value is, it needs to match the one you set in the editor. If you have this problem i.e. you set the weight of the NPC to be 75, and a neck seam appears in game – you must then use the console command setnpcweight to set the NPC weight to 75 to match it. This will make the seam go away.

If you notice a slight texture mismatch between the head and neck, it is probably the texture of a body mod not match the head’s textures. Remove the body mod and it should go away. I believe you can also look for head textures mod that provides matching texture to the body mod.

Know that usually it is better to a more generic weapon to an NPC with enemies fighting style. Thats because the programmed A.I. do not expect the NPC to have that ‘unique special bow’ and is not programmed to equiped it. Stick to using Hirelings/Housecarl ‘s AI /Combat Style because they are programmed to expect the player to give them better weapons. For magic they need Magicka to cast spells, not forget stamina too for special moves. Won’t work if they run out too. Finally please ask around and experiment.

NPC other than Hirelings and Housecarls usually wear what is selected at Default Outfit at the Info tab. If the default outfit does not have what you want, you can always create new outfit sets in the CK and load the plugin with this editor for it to be available.

.Net framework is used to make time to deploy this program much faster than any other winforms platform API out there. Know that large part of this program are window forms objects. 4.0 is used because I need it to run XNA 4.0 which powers the model preview. Again the reason is speed and productivity.