– the slang dictionary gas laws worksheet


G.O.M.E.R.: Get Out of My Emergency Room. Term used to identify an elderly patient who is too sick to cure and refuses to die, causing the physician or nurse much wasted effort, time, and material for no good reason. Taken from _House of God_ by Samuel Shem. Also a derisive term for a nursing home patient so far gone with senility that that all he or she can do is sit in a chair or lie in a bed, be fed pureed food, defecate and gather bed sores.

garry-groundwork: Used to describe a male gas efficient suv 2008 that is extremely ‘nice’ to girls and is usually friends with several girls at any given time gas ninjas. The phrase derives from the fact that the person is usually trying to lay the ‘groundwork’ for future romantic engagements or just a casual one-night stand. This person will often be found preying on other guy’s troubled girlfriends or other girls in need of a ‘nice’ guy to talk to.

Example: I passed a cat sanctuary in Rome one day and noticed the funny accents being meowed from one mangy cat to another. It was then that I realized these Roman cats were speaking gattese. In the feline world, the cats who are generally considered the snobbiest and rudest of all are those who speak chatois. Ryan’s cat Bob is cramming lessons in gat?s because the new next door neighbors are Mexican immigrants whose two cats, Mar?a-Josefina and Carlita, are long-haired hotties. Masha is from Moscow. Masha is a cat. Masha speaks koshkii. Masha likes borscht.

Generation Dot X: alt. Dot X Generation c gastritis, or Dot X’er. A group of people graduated from college after the burst of the Dotcom bubble, with abundance of computer skills but no decent career opportunities to apply them to. A predicament reminiscent of the one faced by Generation X. Disappointed but happy that they did not make a Dotcom fool out of themselves. A general feeling of missed opportunities like they showed up to a party too late, only to see empty bowls of caviar and shrimp cocktails. Unlike the Dotcommers who were able to save enough money to move to Thailand to hibernate until the economy recovers, this group of college graduates have no choice but to accept jobs gsa 2016 that are substantially below their expectations.

Example: Dear Word Detective: I am totally gerfasshed (just made that up in order to alliterate) by the word gridiron. When, why, how did it come into the language to mean football field? I have queried several football-player types who appear to know all there is to know about the game, and none of them knows why a gridiron is called a gridiron. — Susan Gunther, via the internet.

gibble: Descriptive of an emotional state in which one’s mind is scrabbling for some purchase on reality, much like a hamster sliding into a glass bathtub. From wibble-sclup (echoic? Terry Pratchett, _Men At Arms_) and gibber (verb, denoting the act electricity in salt water experiment of spouting panicked gibberish). Example: A: How are you doing? B: Eeble! Wib! Computer crashy no time help! C: Oh, don’t mind him–he’s a little gibble about the essay due tomorrow.

gigangic: Extra large. Story behind this was a chick who once desribed her boobs this way in front of me. She was was loading her PA into her trunk (emo-accustic musician, just ended gig), and her boob electricity generation in california got in the way. She exclaimed to some younger girls who were next to me, Geez, don’t you hate it when your boobs get in the way? By comparison, they were glass-flat-chested, so they responded, No, we don’t have big boobs. She says, Oh. Well mine are, like, gigangic. I was entertained by this gas jet for quite an inappropriatly long time… not in front of her, of course… Just thought you’d like to know, even thought none of that could go on the site…

govil: An action that is called both good and evil. E.g., one group calls an action good (for them) and another group calls the same action evil (for them). Many of the happenings around the world in everyday life can be described as govil. ORIGIN OF WORD??.The word govil is formed from parts of the words God and Devil, and also from parts of the words Good and Evil. Example: His firing was a govil act. (Good for the boss, evil for him and his family.)

Example: When he was younger, Norman Grabowski acted in movies, billed sometimes just as Grabowski. The earliest movie I remember seeing him in was _High School Confidential!_, and I think it was his first. (Norm wasn’t the star–Mamie Van Doren was, no matter that she may not be listed first in the credits.) In the 1960s, Grabowski made several beach movies as well as some with Elvis Presley. He continued making gas x side effects films through the 1970s. His last feature film was _The Cannonball Run_, with Burt Reynolds, in 1981. says this about him: In addition to being an actor, Grabowski is also known as an award-winning custom car designer. His hot rods and street rods are well known and respected in the industry and command top prices. Through a mutual friend, I met Norm Grabowski astrid y gaston lima menu prices and learned that he’s also a world-class woodcarver. You may find some of the movies Norm made referred to as B-Movies. Maybe some are, but Norm and his work get A-pluses all over the world. Norm, we wish you well. You’re a hellacool guy. So that’s where your word comes from. Grabotology, the study of Norman Grabowski and his works. A grabotologist is one who practices grabotology.

greasy spoon: English cafe that serves an all-day breakfast, the greasier the better. A good greasy spoon gas vs electric oven temperature usually consists of two eggs, two sausages, two bacon, baked beans, black pudding, chips and a cuppa or three. Ramon’s, a fantastic greasy spoon in Cardiff, Wales, adds to this with pink walls and photgraphs of kittens in wine glasses. This contrasts nicely with the sweaty-arsed builders who form its constituency. Impressively, even the tea at Ramon’s is greasy.

greb, grunger, greebo: Someone who gsa 2016 new orleans tends to be either a skate(board)er, BMXer, MTBer or similar extreme sporter. Generally wears baggy trousers with long (two feet or more) chains from belt loops to pocket, hoodies and suchlike. Usually likes rock and metal, but many are also into hip-hop these days. can be an insult esp. from townies however grebs don’t actually care what they are called

Grep: To search for something in background physical noise (ie, files, pile of unwashed clothes, desk detritus) compulsively for something that you know is there but can’t remember where you put it. For example, car keys, passport, prophylactic, security swipe card, underpants, cigarettes. First seen in a breathless letter to Computer Business Review from electricity omd a former Microsoft contractor spilling the beans on an adviser to M$ Chief Screaming Officer Steve Ballmer.

GRP moment: GRP is short for the much-needed phrase, Get a real problem. Useful when addressing or describing people or situations in which insignificant issues are being blown out of proportion. For example, when my fourth and fifth grade students complain about other students budging (Hey, is that an official word?) them in line, I tell them that it sounds like a GRP moment, because we are all going to the same place no matter where we are in the line types of electricity consumers.

Example: You must learn to write sentences using active voice. Guti! Use passive voice and you automatically get an F. (Mr. Kennard, you’re invited to write your own example. The automatic F business was something my son’s English teacher came up with. I thought it was a boneheaded restriction. Found your entry at,24009,3375491-515590,00.html?netsection_id=2100114.)