Slim 4 life review (update 2019) 19 things you need to know types of electricity generation methods


I started slim4life Dec. 31, 2008 – at that time I was 172 lbs and 5’8 1/2″ – before starting the program I was healthy (liver function test normal) – in this program which I stayed on for a full year I spent probably over $2000 with the initial amt of 550.00 and then the thermoboost powder that goes in the 80 oz of water I was drinking a day along with the thermosnacks that are required in this program. I did loose down to 133 lbs and really maintained at about 139 to 142 as the year finished out (2009) – however I began to show symptoms of something. Went to doctor and turns out that my liver has been affected and that something has brought gas approximation this on – I do wonder if it was all of the thermoboost powder which I drank on a daily basis for the year along with the thermo snacks required during weight loss. If you have had a similar issue please respond back to me ASAP – I am unable to find out much since slim4life is now slimgenics and they no longer allow past participates to purchase product. I am interested in anything that might be similar to my situation.

My mom started this diet a few years ago power kinetic energy and lost 45 lbs in about 4 months. The first place you lose it is your stomach which is great but you must follow the program which is fairly simple. My husband and I have been doing the diet for about 5 weeks. I have lost 16 lbs and my husband has lost 20 lbs. My mom gave me the diet plan. Basically the first 3 days are “prep days” in which you only eat protein and veggies. I ate 2 boiled eggs and 1 orange for breakfast. Lunch was tuna, soy burger, or chicken with a salad w/ light or fat free dressing, celery for a snack. Dinner was chicken or fish w/ more veggies. I felt satisfied and lost 5 lbs the first 3 days. After that I added in one starch per day and a protein bar (I prefer the Zone bars-which a counselor told my mom is the same thing as their bars). So for breakfast electricity sources usa I still have my 2 eggs and an orange but lunch is usually a sandwich on light bread and some veggies, zone bar for a snack and chicken or fish w/ veggies for dinner. You are not suppose to eat cheese but my husband and I will sometimes eat string cheese as an afternoon snack gas in oil briggs and stratton engine. Veggies that are off limits are corn, peas, and carrots b/c they are considered a starch. I probably could of lost more over these 5 weeks but I drink beer on the weekends. I also don’t take their supplements, I take a complex b-50 and fish oil. It is a simple plan to follow and it does work. My stomach is flatter now than before I had my daughter in February.

i have a few questions for everyone i started slim genics back in february of 2010 everything was going fine i was taking everything i was supposed to eating everything i was supposed to and i lost 35 pounds on i started feeling not so well and mentioned it to the counsler and she just acted like it was no big deal so in june i started getting really sick super bad pain in upper abdomain, acid burning, heartburn ,throwing up it happened after i would eat i thought maybe it was their juice or pills so i stopped both of then but was still getting sick it finally came to the point i was doubled over in i went to emergency room dr said thought it was gallbladder so after numerous test ultrasounds, ct scans, hida scans, endoscopy tests, they couldnt find that anything was wrong with gallbladder but with all the k gas oroville pain and symptoms they said it sounds like gallbladder so they took it out 2 weeks ago november electricity lessons 4th grade 2010 and now 2 weeks after having it out it did nothing and my pain is all back full blown again im just wondering if anyone has had any problems while being on this diet or after it i talked to dr recently about could slimgenics have done something and she said she dies lots of research on this place and it is not good she said something about where the stuff is made its out of the country and the stuff we take and fat is laying out in poop idk i just wanna know if anyone else has been sick thank you

I joined the Slim4Life program in the spring of 2007. I lost 70 pounds quickly and was so happy buying new clothes, etc, wanted to lose 30-50 pounds more. Then I started having regular diarrhea (at times uncontrollable) and excessive gas and could not find relief. Told the counselor and was told that it isn’t the diet or supplements like I had suggested. She suggested I see my doctor. Finally had to stop program because of stomach problems. (I was so weak from the diarrhea that I fainted in the bathroom during the night) Symptoms worsened – In May 2010, GP sent me to a gastroenterologist, then gas station in spanish I tested positive for SIBO (Small Intestine Bacteria Overgrowth.) Was prescribed 2 antibiotics and problems ceased…..for 3 months…more antibiotics. Problems recurred every 3-4 months. Antibiotics are not helping the same way they had the first time. Tested for gallstones…still seeing the gastroenterologist.. Gas returned in January after only 1 month after antibiotics – so severe that it affects my daily life and routines. Discovered the Acid-Alkaline balance diet and am trying to eat i feel electricity in my body high alkaline foods – helps somewhat. Dr. prescribed another antibiotic which made gas worse. Dr. suggested taking Imodium regularly. Tried Imodium for 2 days this week and gas has been reduced to normal. Today is the most normal day since January 2011. I empathize with those that have had these side effects; and would love to hear from those with similar experiences.