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Before you get on your bike, you’ll need to adjust the seat to suit your height and leg length (it’ll accommodate a height range starting at 4’11" and going all the way up to 6’4"). You’ll also be able to choose whether you want to use the bike in an upright or recumbent position and select one of the eight resistance levels. To increase the resistance, you must turn up the dial that you’ll find in front of the seat, and to decrease the resistance, you’ll need to turn the dial down.

After you’ve customized your seat height, sitting position and resistance level, you’ll be ready to sit down on your bike’s seat and start pedaling. Once you do so, the number of calories you’ve burned, the distance you’ve traveled and the speed you’re going will show up on the large digital display screen attached to each bike.

While you’re pedaling on your bike, you can grab onto the attached resistance bands in order to work out your arms. You’ll have the choice of moving your arms out to the sides as if you’re flying, or in a bicep curl motion as you hold onto one band with each hand. If you decide you just want to pedal again, simply let go of the bands slowly and allow them to retract back into their individual holes.

With this bike, there’s quite a bit of space between the handlebars and the seat. That means, even if you’re a fairly large person, you won’t feel like you’re squeezing yourself into a small space as you mount it. You’ll also feel like you have enough room to comfortably get off.

Besides the handlebars at the front, next to the digital display, each Slim Cycle bike also has an additional set of built-in handles next to the seat. You’ll be able to hold onto these to help balance yourself as you get on and off your bike if you choose. If you aren’t working with your resistance bands and are tired of holding your arms up in front of you, you can hold onto the lower set of handles as you pedal, too.

Each of these bikes comes with a built-in heart monitor so you can monitor your heart rate as you ride, which’ll help you keep it in a challenging yet safe range. However, you may need to hold your bike’s handles in a certain way to activate the heart monitor, so you should consult your instructions to determine the correct position for this.

You’ll also notice that your Slim Cycle bike has wheels attached. Therefore, when you’re done exercising and want to put it away for storage, you won’t have to pick it up and carry it, unless you’ll be storing it in a high place. Otherwise, you’ll be able to roll it along, regardless of the type(s) of flooring you have in your home.

If you don’t like going to the gym, using this bike may make you interested in exercising more often, as you’ll be able to fold it out and use it right at home. You don’t need electricity to operate it, so you can place it in virtually any room, provided you have enough space—or even outside if you’d like. This bike can also be transported by car, so you may choose to bring it along with you on vacation or a business trip in order to keep up with your exercise routine.

Unlike some exercise bikes that have incredibly hard seats, you’ll likely find the seat on this one very comfortable to sit on. Each Slim Cycle seat has 2.5 inches of padding and a memory foam backrest that’ll support your lower back as you pedal. While anyone will benefit from padding and support, this makes the Slim Cycle an ideal choice for people with lower back and/or tailbone issues.

When you obtain one of these bikes, you’ll get 10 complimentary virtual rides that you can download to your smartphone or tablet by using the designated app. During these rides, an instructor will tell you what to do, so if you’re fairly new to using an exercise bike, you may find them especially helpful.

While you could lose the same number of pounds by taking over-the-counter diet pills or going on a fad diet, this bike promotes losing weight in a healthier manner. When you’re able to burn calories by using it for as few as 10 minutes per day, you’ll still be able to enjoy a wide variety of foods and watch the pounds melt off. You’ll also have no need for pills that may make you thinner but not any healthier. With the Slim Cycle, you’ll actually improve your overall fitness level while shrinking your waistline at the same time.

If you’re someone who likes to vary their exercise routine, you could become bored with just pedaling and moving your resistance bands in the same ways each day. You won’t be able to stimulate yourself by looking at interesting scenery, as you would on a bike ride outdoors, either.

You might think it’d be a great challenge to stand up on this bike and pull on your resistance bands at the same time, but it hasn’t been designed for standing. If you do stand up, either you, the bike or both could topple over, possibly resulting in injury to you and damage to the machine.

Since this bike is so comfortable to ride on, you may exert yourself intensely and become quite fatigued without realizing it, so you should always keep water nearby to hydrate yourself as you pedal. The best places to keep it are on the small shelf below the digital display or on the floor, directly below one of the handlebars.

The Slim Cycle user can save money by not having to pay for the cost of a gym membership. This two in one fitness machine at home creates a personalized gym. There is never the need to spend money on gas to go to the gym or fancy gym attire. Also, since this cycle is a two in one machine, there is no need to purchase another piece of fitness equipment to get a full body workout. This fitness machine is able to give a full body work out by using the arms, shoulders, core, and legs. For the cost of the fitness product, the user receives workout videos with instruction on how to achieve the best results. This will save on personal trainer costs as all of the instruction is included free with the product. Save Time

The Slim Cycle saves the consumer time by having a personalized gym with a full body workout right at home. There is no time wasted to need to go to the gym and get a personal trainer or need to wait for machines or weights to become available. By having both a lower body and upper body fitness machine in the same piece of equipment, it also saves the user time from switching from one to another. This one piece of equipment can save the user time by focusing on the full body, instead of isolating one section at a time. How it’s Different from Competitors

Other fitness machines, especially bicycle only target one area – the legs. This does not produce a full body work out. Also, since the fitness machine only has one function, the machine may get boring since there is only one exercise available to the user. The Slim Cycle is different in that it can act as two pieces of exercise equipment in one. There is a multitude of workouts that can be done from what appears to only be a standard bicycle. Another difference is that the Slim Cycle is able to fold up to the size of an ironing board and is able to be stored away. This is unique to fitness bikes as many of them are bulky and cannot be folded. The competitor’s products take up the room when otherwise not being used for the workout, which can clutter a room and make it unsightly. Critical Advice

The user is encouraged to read the instruction and watch the instructional exercise videos prior to beginning the first exercises. This will ensure that the piece of equipment has been set up correctly and the user understands how to put it upright and fold it down. Also, the instructional videos provide the user safe exercises to do for their skill level. This will prevent the user from experiencing any strains or sprains from improperly using the equipment. The instructional videos assist in ensuring that the user is using the equipment that is appropriate for their level, whether beginner or expert. Does It Really Work?