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Slimgenics is a four-phase program engineered and operated by certified health professionals. Rather than being a social group with weight loss supplements or a points system, Slimgenics offers educational, comprehensive, and guided services to get people to a healthy and manageable weight. It is offered in a clinic setting and services can be obtained online for those who don’t live near a weight control center.

Unlike other weight loss services that offer the same information and products to all who enroll, Slimgenics is customized and personalized for each user. This means that the professionals at Slimgenics weight control centers take into account any medical conditions, lifestyle preferences, or allergies that a user has when creating their Slimgenics diet plan.

Also, Slimgenics works with people of all ages, including children from ages 10-17. Specialized programs are implemented for children who fall into this age group, while all other male and female adults will select between their in-clinic and distance program. The company also offers a workplace program for employers who want to provide an additional service for their employees at a group price.

These food groups make up a balanced diet, and establishing healthy and balanced eating habits in users is one of the company’s main goals. These foods are also modified for allergies, illnesses, or lifestyle choices. For example, a vegetarian would not be advised to eat meat, and someone with seafood allergies would not be advised to eat seafood. This is the benefit of not using a one size fits all program, and the personalized plan leaves no gaps. What Does Slimgenics Do?

Slimgenics walks users through each of the four phases and provides different resources and services to help people get slim and healthy. These phases are comprehensive and cover everything including nutrition, support, education and healthy living advice.

Upon enrollment, users receive a detailed and personalized diet plan that is tailored to their needs and fits in with their lifestyle. While enrolled, users may visit the clinic or check in with their advisor up to six times per week for advice and feedback on their progress. This counseling is designed to reinforce healthy habits and encourage users to eat well and abstain from harmful foods. Also, body stats are checked when users walk into Slimgenics facilities for counseling.

Education also plays a major role in every Slimgenics program. Users learn about nutrition and health and come to understand the causes of weight gain as well as why it’s so important to eat well. This education can stay with users for a lifetime and keep them from falling back into old habits once they reach their target weight and leave the program.

As previously mentioned, Slimgenics targets thermogenesis as a contributing factor to weight loss while helping people grow into healthier lifestyles. Thermogenesis is also known as the generation of heat in the body, which is known to burn more fat and boost energy.

Slimgenics claims that this effect can also quicken the metabolism and result in healthy weight loss without any hunger pangs or sluggishness. We’ll delve into the science of thermogenesis to get a better sense of what kind of Slimgenics results people can expect. Slimgenics and Thermogenesis

Thermogenesis can be activated by various food and supplement products, many of which Slimgenics offers directly. Thermogenesis is largely controlled by the sympathetic nervous system, and this heat production enhances activity in the sympathetic nervous system and brown adipose tissue, altering metabolism and increasing resistance to weight gain and obesity.

Brown adipose tissue plays a key role in thermogenesis, but active brown adipose tissue is only found in a portion of the population. For those who have inactive brown adipose tissue, activation is key to fighting obesity and enhancing energy burn in the body. [1] [2]

While some think that everyone’s body functions the same, this is far from the truth. Some people’s bodies store more energy, and others burn more, partially explaining the vast differences in weight and body composition throughout the world.

However, it’s important to note some people are more likely to activate thermogenesis through diet than others. In one study, obese and average weight women ate thermogenic activating foods and were studied for energy expenditure and heart rate changes.

The people at Slimgenics care about health and wellbeing, but the program is entirely centered on weight loss. It is not simply a health program for people of average weight to enroll in to become healthier. It is expressly designed for people who are looking to boost thermogenesis and lose a specific, often large, number of pounds. What Users Are Saying

“Been drinking Thermo-Boost for years now since becoming acquainted with the Slimgenics plan. It is a great energy booster and gets the metabolism going to aid in calorie burning. I put it into bottled water and shake it up to mix it. Orange is my favorite flavor.” Jay C

So, what did our look into Slimgenics price and products say? We like that the company has been around for more than a decade and you can contact the customer service department at your local office, but we’re concerned about the lack of research connecting it to weight-loss. Also, the total cost and the expectation of signing a contact leaves us skeptical about this one.

Among the best products we’ve seen this year is one called Burn HD. The clinically proven, four-part proprietary blend has been shown to boost metabolism and spark fat loss. Dieter’s haven’t suffered any side effects, based on reviews, and users report seeing great results.