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First off, Slimvance is a core slimming complex that promotes weight loss without any stimulants. This over-the-counter supplement is suitable for both women and men trying to lose weight. It is not supposed to cause jitters or interrupt your nightly sleep habits. It may help you drop up to 10 pounds in 16 weeks, if you believe the product description. Here is a look at the ingredients:

There is also a thermogenic version that does contain stimulants (the original). It says it will help you burn off 12 times more calories than diet and exercise alone, in addition to the benefits of the Slimvance stimulant free formula. Here are the additional ingredients found in the thermogenic version (no longer on the official website):

According to the website, the ingredients in these products come from crops that are free of pesticides and GMOs. As for how much of each ingredient is used in the Slimvance Patented Blend, this is unclear because it just says 450 milligrams. Note that this supplement is free of the following elements:

Some research suggests that it helps reduce inflammation. While the moringa plant does contain both fiber and chlorogenic acid (an antioxidant), you would need to eat the actual plant to get the fiber benefits. As for the antioxidants, they may help reduce inflammation and support weight-loss efforts on some level. [4] [5] [6] [7] Murraya Koenigii Leaf Extract

Also known as curry tree leaves, this ingredient is sometimes used in cooking. This tree is native to Sri Lanka and India and is sometimes used in Ayurvedic medicine to help treat diabetes, dysentery, vomiting and external wounds. It contains beneficial antioxidants, as well as calcium, iron, phosphorus, and magnesium.

Also called turmeric root, this plant contains the chemical curcumin or curcuminoids, which has been shown in some research to combat inflammation. Turmeric is often used in Asian cuisine and other food dishes around the world. Furthermore, it is sometimes used as a traditional medicine for treating diarrhea, heartburn, osteoarthritis, high cholesterol levels, stomach ulcers, certain types of cancer and diabetes.

However, more research is needed to determine the actual health benefits of this root. Turmeric has also been linked to weight loss since it helps reduce inflammation, which in turn may help with weight management and fat loss. [13] [14] [15] [16]

In fact, “A 2009 study performed at Tufts University found that curcumin suppresses fat tissue growth in mice. When you gain weight, fat tissue expands when new blood vessels form. Mice fed curcumin were unable to form these blood vessels and thus had less fat gain than those who did not consume the antioxidant, despite both groups’ high-fat diets. Similar research has not been performed in humans, so it’s not certain curcumin consumed by humans in the form of turmeric will have the same effect.” [17]

Also called Malabar tamarind, this pumpkin-shaped fruit is native to Asia, and has become a favorite weight loss supplement. It contains an active component called hydroxycitric acid or HCA, which may help block the production of fat cells and boost the brain’s serotonin levels. This can potentially elevate mood and reduce appetite.

Often called chili pepper or red pepper, this plant provides a chemical called capsaicin. While it has been used over the years to treat problems such as diarrhea, upset stomach, gas, high cholesterol, and cramps, it has also been linked to weight loss as well. Some research shows that capsicum helps reduce the body’s accumulation of fat and increases fat oxidation.

Put simply; there are no side effects mentioned for Slimvance Stimulant-Free pills. We did not find any mention of side effects when reading customer feedback and user reviews, either. However, some people may notice a few unwanted effects from the turmeric in this supplement, which include:

Since the Slimvance Thermogenic version contains a few additional ingredients, you may experience some other side effects as well. These results are most likely related to the ingredients, as opposed to the supplement itself. These can include the following:

This could be due to the garcinia cambogia and caffeine it contains. However, we did not find any Slimvance reviews that mentioned these side effects. There is no warning on the label that indicates side effects, either. But, it is stated that you should not take this supplement with other products that contain caffeine or stimulants. Slimvance Core Slimming Complex Reviews

There are some customer success stories with before and after photos posted on the official Slimvance website. It does specify the length of time the users took this supplement and how much weight they lost. However, these testimonials are only for the stimulant-free version.

Also, we found a few user remarks and comments posted on dealer websites such as Amazon and GNC. While some of them are supportive and encouraging, others say that Slimvance does nothing whatsoever. Therefore this product does not work for everyone. It’s always wise to read through user comments and reviews before spending your money on a new diet product.

From what we gathered, Slimvance is only available via two different dealers, and these are GNC and Amazon. There is an official website, but it redirects you to GNC when you click the button to purchase this diet supplement. Here is a breakdown of the prices for this weight-loss product:

It also offers garcinia cambogia and Capsimax, which may contribute to fat loss on some level. But, judging from the official website, the Stimulant-Free version has replaced the original (the Thermogenic option is not on the site any longer).

As for Slimvance Core Slimming Complex Stimulant Free, the three-herb blend in this supplement is not backed by much research, aside from the study posted on the bottle label. It would be nice to see some non-biased research regarding this formula and weight loss.

Murraya Koenigii and Moringa Oleifera are not supported by published weight-loss studies. While turmeric may help with weight reduction on some level, it makes more sense to go with an ingredient blend that has demonstrated more effective fat loss and metabolism-boosting results.

Lastly, Slimvance claims target problem areas such as your waist and hips. While this sounds great and may lure in some dieters, it is unlikely. The reality is it’s difficult for a supplement to target or address fatty areas of the body directly. In fact, many people turn to surgical and more invasive procedures for this. Other Products Like Slimvance

The official website compares these diet supplements to Slimvance. However, each has different ingredient blends. All are said to encourage more weight loss than diet and exercise alone, and all are available online without a prescription needed.