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King County says fuck you to Big Oil: Exxon Mobile, Chevron, BP, and some more major oil companies that are basically two-dimensional movie villains are being sued. King County filed a lawsuit against these companies for destroying the environment and downplaying the effects. The lawsuit basically states that these oil companies knew the effects of global warming yet still produced the fossil fuels en masse that contributed to it. Even more, the lawsuit alleges that the companies deliberately downplayed and discredited the scientific warnings about climate change. Nine other cities and counties have sued fossil fuel companies this week, InsideClimate News reports. If it’s successful, the lawsuit could impose new costs on the fossil fuel industry.

New Costa Rican president bans fossil fuels: President Carlos Alvarado has a plan for a decarbonized society. Alvarado, a former journalist and political scientist, is Costa Rica’s youngest ever president at just 38. He’s ready to lead the way in environmental reform and meet the demands set by the Paris Climate Agreement.

Amazon paid taxes: The company disclosed confidential tax information yesterday. It comes from an unnamed source and it’s pretty slim on specifics so take it with a grain of salt. According to the unnamed Amazonian “familiar with the data,” Amazon paid $250 million in Washington state and local taxes. No income tax paid. No capital gains tax. Why disclose that information now? Also, is that amount — aka pocket change for Amazon — enough to get the critics of Amazon’s back?

Victim of brutal “malicious harassment” heads home: DaShawn Horne spent three months in the hospital after a traumatic brain injury. Malicious harassment is Washington’s way of saying hate crime. Horne was allegedly attacked in January with a baseball bat because he was black and had spent the night with the alleged attacker’s white sister. Horne is heading home now with a long road to recovery ahead of him. But, there’s a family dispute between his mother and his uncle over who controls the money donated to Horne’s GoFundMe account. Horne’s mother says her brother is holding the money hostage. Horne’s uncle says his sister is irresponsible with money and trying to profit off of Horne’s pain. It’s messy.

Body found while clearing garbage: A crew was clearing garbage near Highway 522 in Snohomish County. Horrifyingly, they found some human remains. Not something you want to find clearing garbage, an already not fun task. Arguably, not something you want to find ever. The body was found near a suitcase and a blanket. As we say in the biz, something happened there.

More on that fatal shooting in West Seattle: We touched on this yesterday, but to catch you up a man was shot multiple times during a track meet at West Seattle Stadium. He was shot in the parking lot while kids were running the 1500 meter race. Police believe the man was possibly targeted by the gunman. The victim was apparently the father of one of the competing athletes on the Rainier Track Club.

Drug deaths continue to rise in King County: There were 31 more drug or alcohol related deaths last year than in 2016. In the first few months of 2018 there have been 17 deaths involving fentanyl, an opioid on par with heroin for most overdose deaths in the county.

Here’s a comparison of the predicted high temperatures for today (5/10/18) vs. Sunday (Mother’s Day). After today, look for a warming and drying trend. Put the sunscreen, 👓, shorts, and tees in standby mode. ☁️-> ☀️ #wawx

No peace in the Middle East: The multinational nuclear deal with Tehran was largely responsible for keeping Israel and Iran from all-out conflict, analysts say. After the announcement that Donald Trump was pulling out of the deal, Israel ramped up its military efforts against Iran. During the night, Israel struck Iranian bases in Syria, a strike that took out most of Iran’s military capacity in the area. Iran also fired rockets at Israeli-held Golan Heights.

Oh, good: Saudi Arabia says it’s going to build a nuclear bomb if Iran does. Saudi Arabia, if Iran jumped off a cliff would you? No, but really, Saudi Arabia and Iran have a complicated and contentious history. It was punctuated by Saudi Arabia formally cutting ties with Iran after Iranian protesters attacked an embassy in Tehran. Suffice to say the threat of Iran reigniting its nuclear program is one that Saudi Arabia is not taking lightly.

SIFF is back: Yep! The Seattle International Film Festival is rolling into theaters across the city with over 400 films in 24 days. Does that sound daunting? Good. It is. We’ve got you covered with our SIFF notes. Either pick up a copy on the street or read about the must-see films here.

Toys ‘R’ Us workers demand severance pay: The big box store closed its doors earlier this year. It left 33,000 people without jobs and without severance pay. Meanwhile, the company’s private-equity owners are pocketing millions — about $475 million, actually. Displaced and displeased former Toys R Us workers are calling on lawmakers in D.C. to “curtail private-equity firms from leveraged buyouts that prefaced Toys ‘R’ Us’s downward spiral.” They’re also demanding laid-off workers get some goddamn severance pay.

Someone stole the original Iron Man costume: The film that launched the Marvel Cinematic Universe 10 years earlier featured Robert Downey Jr. as the lovable genius-playboy Tony Stark. It also featured the first of many Iron Man suits. That suit, worth $325,000 was stolen from Movie Prop Storage in Pacoima, LA. What do you even do with a blackmarket Iron Man suit?

Texas elementary school stops doing birthday spankings after complaints: Yeah, that’s a real sentence you just read. The principal at Alvord Elementary School in North Texas had a tradition of doling out “celebratory spankings” on children’s’ birthdays. This has been going on for eight years. The principal says she’s going to stop the spankings but will still give out birthday high-fives or even birthday hugs.

A man collapsed in front of my roommate and me the other day. He was having a conversation with a woman and then beelined directly in front of our path. He was wearing dirty, ill-fitting clothes and had a ratty blanket slung over his shoulder. He stared right at us and then tipped over and fell. Out of nowhere, he fell backwards, like he was being pushed by a ghost.

He stared at us from the ground. We asked if he needed help, a hand or something. The girl rushed over. Go, go, it’s fine, she had said. This happens a lot, we guessed. Also, who was she? His daughter? A friend? Or an understanding stranger?

When we got back to the alley it was bathed in red and blue flashing emergency lights. Firefighters and EMTs were walking back toward their respective vehicles. What had we missed? We looked at each other. They were walking back from where the man had collapsed. Was it something more serious than a little fall? Something more real than a ghost push? I feared the worst for the man and for his daughter (at t this point we had decided on a backstory).

But. I have seen that man who I had never seen before, I kid you not, four times in the past week. When I turn a corner he’s there. On Saturday he was sitting on a bench outside a sushi restaurant. After I texted my roommate that he was okay and that I saw him sitting on the bench, ten minutes and ten blocks later, he’s inside the Starbucks I’m in. She hasn’t seen him (and also never responded to my text) so my only conclusion is that he is a ghost. Maybe he was always a ghost.

Tonight’s best Seattle entertainment options include: The Great Women of Country Tribute Series: The Music of Dolly Parton & Skeeter Davis, Sheila Heti’s reading of her new book, Motherhood, and NARAL Pro-Choice Washington’s Art // Action: A Fundraiser for Reproductive Rights.