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• [narrating] We were on our way to the Kra-Karov volcano in Russia. While looking over what little information I had on the final member of the Fiendish Five, I began to notice something. In the 4 parts of the Thievius Raccoonus recovered so far, several of the pictures depict a shadowy owl-like figure, which looks very similar to the police images of the mysterious Clockwerk. Is this a strange coincidence, or is there something I’m missing?

• Wake up, you lazy bags of swamp gas! The voodoo vibe is thick tonight! Let’s take advantage of this powerful mojo and step up production! Keep piling those shiny bones into the soup! We’ll have an army of ghosts by morning, and take over Mexico by the end of the week! Hear that, Voodoo children!? Our family is about to grow, GROW, GROW!

Dialogue [ edit ] Sly Cooper: Now see? A girl whose best friend’s a gun has issues. You need a break. Some dinner, a little dancing. I could help with that. Inspector Carmelita Fox: Sounds romantic, as long as you don’t mind dining… in jail. Sly: Nah. I hear the service is lousy. Inspector Fox: Once I catch you, you’ll know for yourself.

Bentley: Sly, see that machine wheel? If my knowledge of mechanical engineering serves me right, applying significant rotational torque to achieve maximum velocity will yield a positive result! Sly: Y’mean something good might happen if I can get the wheel to spin fast enough? Bentley: Isn’t that what I just said?

Bentley: Sorry, Sly, but this is one mission you’re gonna have to accomplish without me. Sly: You don’t believe in ghosts, do you? Bentley: Sure I do. My sensors picked up verifiable paranormal activity, but that’s not the problem… this swamp is oozing with disgusting mold and bacteria. Sly: Suck it up, Bentley. We’ve got work to do. Bentley: Well, alright then. Don’t forget to use the new move you’ve learned from Muggshot’s section of the Thievious Raccoonus. Sly: You mean the raccoon rail walk (and slide)? Bentley: The roots and vines around here are perfect for that. All you have to do is… Sly: …Jump and hit the circle button. Bentley: Especially where you see the bark has been worn away, and where it’s super slick from icky slime and moss, you’ll rail slide like a skater-grinding pipe. Sly: I’m liking it.

Raleigh: How delightful. We have a guest. The only thing is… I HATE UNEXPECTED GUESTS! Sly: Listen, Raleigh. Wipe out my family and steal what’s mine, you’d better expect company. Raleigh: Oh, I’m ever so sorry. How sloppy of me not to finish the job. Obviously, we should have snuffed you out as well. So, let me make amends by, what… BLOATING TO GARGANTUAN SIZE AND SQUASHING YOU LIKE THE INSIGNIFICANT BUG THAT YOU ARE! Sly: Bring it on!

Mz. Ruby: You surely got some rhythm, raccoon, but it won’t help you none if you’re fixing to go after the Panda King. He’s tough… with a capital T. You go poking around his stronghold in China, you’re likely to get poked back. Sly: Yeah? Well, if he’s anything like the rest of you, I think I’ll manage.

The Panda King: I see you carry (the) cane of (the) notorious Cooper thief clan. Have you come here for revenge… to steal back the Thievius Raccoonus? Sly: That was my plan at first, but now I’m more interested in putting an end to your avalanche extortion racket. Panda King: Why should you care if bury a few worthless village(s) in snow? You are a thief, just like me. Sly: No, that’s only half right. I am a thief… from a long line of master thieves while you… you’re just a frustrated firework artist turned homicidal pyro-maniac. Panda King: Insolent child, you shall pay dearly for your disrespect. Still, to honor your Cooper ancestry, I will send you to your doom with the beauty of my new firework technique… Flame Fu!

[after the Panda King‘s battle] Panda King: Your skill with that cane is unparalleled. [coughs and passes out] Bentley: Sly, I did an analysis on the metal used in that high-tech blasting vehicle, and it turns out it can only be found in one place — the Krakarov Volcano in Russia. That’s got to be where we’ll find the 5th member of the Fiendish Five, so get what you came for and let’s get out of here.

Clockwerk: Sly Cooper, you have escaped my gas chamber and destroyed my Deathray… remarkable. You Coopers always find a way to defeat me. Sly: "Always"? So that was you in the background of all those pictures in the Thievius Raccoonus. How old are you? Clockwerk: Perfection has no age. Sly: What, you’re immortal? Clockwerk: Revenge is the prime ingredient in the Fountain of Youth. I have kept myself alive for hundreds of years on a steady diet of jealousy and hate.

Sly: I don’t get it. You’re so familiar with my family. You must have known my father had a son. If you hated the Coopers so much, why did you let me live when you stole the Thievius Raccoonus? Clockwerk: Because I wanted to show the world that without your precious book, the Cooper line is nothing! Sly: Ah. Well, there’s where you’re wrong. The Thievius Raccoonus doesn’t create great thieves, it takes great thieves to create the Thievius Raccoonus. Clockwerk: Enough, Sly Cooper! It ends here! I’ll finish you like I finished your father. Then the Cooper line will be erased and the only Master thief will be Clockwerk! External links [ edit ]