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Its been about a week now. I first found out that I have small bites all over my body. I thought they were mosquitos in my room. It then happened on the 2nd and 3rd time when I had bites more and more. Some bites are visible and some are really really small. Since i realized the itch on my bed, i concluded it must be bedbugs. I remembered i had seen some bugs before but didn’t know what bugs are they. I found them in a bag of my dried flower tea bag. So I thought they were just some fruit bugs. Anyway, back to my story. Last weekend, I bought some bedbugs and other fleas repellent and sprayed in around the room and some on the bed. I found only a few bugs on the floor but not really alot. Well so on Sat & Sun, I slept in the living room on the sofa…somehow i had bites too. Again i concluded that the sofa or my pillows are infected too.

But today Mon, when i was at work, i started to feel itch and discovered new bites around my body. Even now as i type i find my bites areas and I haven’t sleep yet. So can it still be bedbugs? The bite area is patches of reddness and can see the bite hole on the skin. After awhile when it stopped itching, is just the bite hole without the reddness.

I really feel more bites on my body, my back, breast, stomach, thighs, legs, foot, arms.. can i ask if this is bedbugs bite or is it something else?? Is there any other kind of insects stay on skin and i can’t see them? i do feel the tingle and itch on body.

I live in Winston-Salem, North Carolina and have been a host of these bugs since july of 2011. I have tried to catch them for evidence even though I cannot see them with the naked eye. I feel them crawling up my legs and up into my hear and ear. when they crawl down the side of my face I use a alcohol prep and catch them. I got a small miscroscope from Radio shack and looked at the little specimen of a bug which appears as a little speck on the alcohol prep and when put under the miscroscope appears gell-like, yellowish with red streeks down it’s body as it matures, it’s body gets moore and more streeks which appears like hair strands or tenackles all over it’s body. to the naked eye it appears like a small black bug. found some on the bed, some more on the bathroom curtain, in drawers which had papers and lots on the kitchen counter. It seems like it’s the egg, nimph and larvae stage which are the pests and does all the crawling and most of the biting, because those are much smaller and almost totally transparent, except from the little lines of blood going through it’s body. Hoping to get some pictures soon to place on line.

I’ve been having the same problem and I ripped my house apart cleaning for this last week to no avail. I was looking around online and someone on another site mentioned pyemotes mites, also called itching mites. Humans are not the preferred host, so not many people know about them. Apparently you get them from being outdoors or near wooded areas. They are so tiny they simply ride the wind when the worm they are usually a parasite of in the US (oak midge larvae) isn’t readily available. I don’t know for certain if this is what it is, but I have yet to find any other bug in my house…not a single one anywhere. All I know for certain is that this is making me crazy, it’s like I can feel them crawling on my skin, in my ears…it’s soooo gross! I can’t even find anything about how to treat them other than washing where you get bitten so that it doesn’t get infected when you scratch. If anyone knows anything about those or anything else that is pretty much invisible but leaves bites, please share.