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If you have a very sensitive nose u can usually pick up on the smell of your vagina when your sitting down with your clothes on. I happen to have a ridiculously sensitive nose and can usually pick up on the smell of my discharge/vagina. I especially notice is the days I don’t shower (I shower ever other day). If your really concerned ask someone u trust if they smell something when they are sitting near you, if they can it might be time to check in with a doctor. Oh, and don’t be embarrassed to talk to a doctor about any of it, doctors hear and see worse things on a daily basis. Believe me they are not phased by you talking about your vaginal problems, and they won’t judge you or think about your vaginal problems and laugh later, they have WAY more things on their mind.

Also about yeast infections there are drugs on the market that can make you very easily prone to yeast infections. I know I took tetracycline for my acne and got yeast infections when I wouldn’t wear cotton underwear for a day. Check they drugs your taking to see if some of the side effects might be yeast infections. I know it sounds weird that acne medicine would give me yeast infections, but it deals with bacteria and kills off the bacteria in your body both good and bad. It creates an imbalance in the bacteria levels in your vagina and allows the ‘bad bacteria’ (yeast infection) to multiply. Some health food stores claim to carry pro-biotics and other bacteria pills that can help reintroduce the good bacteria into your body. However may doctors would argue there is no proof these work … just try different things to find what works for u!

i’ve had the same problem ever since i can remember after having my first daughter. i get this like witheich discharge which i can smell, the fishi like smell or metalic, sometimes its not that much but sometimes its really bad it feels like if i was in a heavy period and my underwear and sometimes pants get wet. i’ve noticed that my underwear has some like stains or discoloration where the discharge was. when i first noticed this problem the discharge was kind of greenish or yellowish and i asked the doctor and she took a look and told me that it was just because of to much sex or not enough sex, so after that when it happen i just figured it was becuse of that;now that im married i have noticed that when my husband is here,millitary and currently deployed, when we have sex i noticed the discharge does kind of decrease and when hes deployed it kind of increases. i believe it has a strong odor but then again everyone tells me i have a sensitive smell, but sometimes when i open my legs the smell comes out and i close them and then it goes away, back then i used to shower every other day like one day yes and the other no but now i shower every day and can still smell it not as strong but its still there. i really havent had an infection or anything of that extent,or that i know of, im turning 21 and really dont know much about female hygene or infections and dont really have that kind of relation with mom to ask. n one question, when the doctor does that scraping and stuff do they test for infections or do we have to ask them, sounds kind of stupid of my part but i just figured they did n since all my tests would come out good i really never bother to ask. i had my daughter really young, i’ve been dealing with this discharge for the past almost 6 years and have never been told nothing abnormal was going on down there, so now that i’ve read all this posts about being an infction or something like that im kinda worried that i really didnt take the time to really find out what was going on. i was told by another mom that the white discharge was like my hormones and that it was normal that all the moms had it, any info would be greatly appreciated thanks and good luck to all of u

A discharge that smells fishy is normally a sign of bacterial vaginosis (BV). The smell is particularly noticeable around your period and after a man ejaculates inside you. It is not an STD and your partner is not causing it, although your chances greatly increase for BV after the 3rd partner that you allow to ejaculate inside you. It is still a big mystery why the bad bacteria inside your vagina will take over. Remember to wipe from the front to the back on the toilet, do not douche, keep scented soap and products away from your vulva and vagina and make your partner wear condoms to control it and minimize your chances of getting BV. BV should be treated by your doctor using antibiotics.

BV is hugely under-diagnosed and it is one of the most common infections in pregnant women (not because they are pregnant but that is normally when a doctor takes a good look at your genitals). If left untreated for a long ime it can increase your chances to get a real STD from your partner or it can cause problems when you get pregnant.

You also have a cervical mucus discharge as part of your normal monthly hormone cycle. After menstruation your vagina will go dry, then sticky, then creamy and then see through, wet and stretchy (fertile raw egg white like mucus). After ovulation it will go back to creamy, sticky and then dry. Your normal cervical mucus however should never smell bad.