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i feel like someone has shoved a cigarette up my nose. Ghhh it is consuming my every move and thought. Mine is consistent and does not go away…Only when I sleep because I am sleeping….But I have to take a sleeping pill to help me sleep so I dont wake up with the smell. It is so horrible. I am so glad I found this forum and that I am not nuts. I went to the doctor today and I have an appt with the brain doctor (nuerologist) on the 19th of october…But I dont think I can wait that long. Nothing is dulling the sense of smoke. Vicks works for awhile if I actually rub it inside of my nose,,, I have had a alot of sinus infections in the last two years because my daughter who is in daycare is always sick,,,,so as a result I have had an increase in colds and such,,,,,i am thinking that I have a blockage or something. I have also been under a huge amount of stress and grief. Maybe that is triggering it as well. Any perfumy smell really enhances it so tonight I removed some of my perfume and plugins from my house to see if that helps. My doctor said I was not crazy and that my nerves from my brain and my nose are not functioning but he does not no why…..So I have to wait…..He did not prescribe anything for sinus infection….So I have a call into him right now to see if he can prescribe anything to me just in case….I will update soon.

Now yall might thing me strange, but I am a christian, and I do beleave in prayer!! Someone prayed over my smelling smoke, and he rebuked it as a spirit from the devil, and commanded it to leave me alone in Jesus’s name. And guess what I had real peace for 3 months. And for a while I would take aurthurity over that thing, I commanded it to leave in Jesus’s name, and it did. So only

But now I wonder should go to the doc’s for this, or keep runnning it off my self. So far as I have read all these letters. my soultion has been the best one for us all so far!! As a beliver in God the good one , and satan the bad one, it stands to reason ,that satan may have sent this spirit of smoke to bring about torment to us . And if that is the case, then a doctor cant help us. Hey, call me what you want to.. But I told you what worked for me, but I just have to keep on my toes, for that ole buger,LOL when it comes around.

If you belive in the Lord,and maybe youi dont feel that you have the goods with the Lord, go to a church that belive in prayer, and how to bind spirits, and gets some relife people. You deserve the rest from all that smoke smell. Call me crazy bible thumper, whaterver, but I anit gonna keep suffering..

I have been having the smoke smell for about 8 Months – I thought it was partly because I used to be a smoker (I quit from a light smoking habit 2 years ago ) and I had just become over senstive to it – I was starting to think the smell was coming through the walls from my neighbours house but I smell it all the time – Its quite bad today to the point that my eyes sting (so glad I saw someone else said that) Medically I am OK – very overweight but overall generally healthy and I am not on any medication – my blood pressure is on the top side of normal but OK and I have no allergies. I have however suffered from Sinus infections since early childhood (I am now 42). I have an appointment to see the Doc on Monday after reading these posts – I’ll let you know what they say!. I got to the point that the only explanation I could give was that prehaps I was being accompanied by some one from the spirit world who was a heavy smoker! I know daft isn’t it but I got to the point where I needed an explanation no matter how bizarre. Maz