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Last night was the second night that I slept very little after skipping workouts. gas efficient cars under 10000 Clearly exercise plays a large role in whether or not I sleep well. Too large of a role. I’m kind of inching towards exercising every other day instead of every other day because the former is too fatiguing, unenjoyable, and, I hope, unnecessary (given that I’m eating at a fairly large deficit).

Last night I dreamt that I was a youth, maybe even a teenager. I felt a sense of joy that I never felt when I was actually a teenager, a sense that the world was full of promise and new things for me to discover. when was gas 99 cents in california I went somewhere with another young person and let him hold my backpack. I was surprised when he used the backpack to conceal and steal a clothing item. I was scared, but we didn’t get caught. que gases componen el aire A large part of the dream was spent walking to and from this mall on a pleasant, sunlit day.

Long story short, there was a bunch of shit that made no sense. In the end, only one of them was alive (the second-to-last was shot to death after she murdered her husband, and she wasn’t the first to display randomly violent tendencies) and he eventually ended up on Titan, butt naked and flying around with his tiny bat wings that in no way could have possibly supported the weight of a human being, especially on a satellite that supposedly has stronger gravity than Earth does.

I never did get a call back from my housing tech’s supervisor about the burdensome share-of-cost issue. I’d emailed her and left her a voicemail. I was at first a bit irritated about this, but, this morning, as I was lying in my sleeping bag, it occurred to me that the supervisor may be one of those people who prefers to simply solve problems on her own rather than talking to people about them. gas in babies that breastfeed That’s a trait I understand completely.

A couple of days ago, I finally emailed my vocational rehab counselor about the possibility of having legal fees paid so that I can finalize an editorial contract (which I need to work with clients I find myself). I never got an answer to this question when I asked it of my previous counselor, and I haven’t gotten a response from my current counselor.

Visualizing myself working in this new scenario (finding clients outside of freelancer platforms), I realized that legal contracts don’t really come into play much unless one comes into contact with the law, and I don’t expect that to happen in my case because most people won’t bother taking legal action over the small sums of money exchanged for copyediting. So I’m not as concerned as I was about having a contract that hasn’t been approved by someone with pertinent legal knowledge.

I haven’t been getting any new (or returning) clients these past couple of weeks. gas monkey monster truck Good jobs are really drying up, and other freelancers have noticed as well. But the unrealistic projects keep coming (although there aren’t tons of them either). 66 gas station People who want 100k word books edited in a few days, people who want to pay two and a half thousandths of a cent per word, people with books that apparently aren’t even finished who are looking for writing, developmental editing, copyediting, and proofreading, apparently all from the same freelaner.

The article said we should avoid being outdoors. Speaking of which, I haven’t been going for walks. It’s gotten unusually cold in the evenings, and the walks are boring because I’ve more or less run out of good music. grade 9 electricity unit test answers Gigs and gigs of albums I’ve downloaded, and most of them are crap. I’ve been much happier knowing that I don’t have to go out into the cold every evening.

Just got back from a short evening walk about half an hour ago. Twenty-five minutes into it, I got an itch in my throat and had to cough it out. gastritis It took a minute. I was thinking I’d shorten the walks, but maybe I’ll put them on hold until the air clears up. Then again, staying inside won’t matter much if my neighbor keeps leaving the door open all damned day.