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Montreal has that French connection which means there’s also a Haitian connection. There’s plenty of French speaking Haitians around town from what I saw. Agrikol is a hip rum bar where Haitian flavors star in the food. a gas has no volume It took us straight to South Beach with it’s presentation and vibes. That said I’ve never quite liked a place in SoBe the way I did Agrikol. Both the food and drink were killer. Specifically the food. gas prices going up I’ve had my fair share of Haitian down in Palm Beach County and Griot is one of the most popular menu items. The fried pork is one of the cuisines signature dishes and Agrikol gives it a wonderful fresh fry resulting in a piece of pork as juicy as the freshest fried chicken. What takes it over the top is both the wonderful citrus flavors and also the pikliz. The latter of which is a diced up pickled cabbage loaded with sneaky heat. Haitians put this on everything so it’s at each table like BBQ sauce is at a smokehouse. Whatever you order make sure you turn it up to 10 with pikliz.

I forget where I saw the Nigiri but it was on one of the shows as these guys are a popular visit from food and travel people. I believe they were on Bourdain’s show a couple times. The foie gras nigiri was as good as advertised. physics c electricity and magnetism formula sheet I could eat that stuff all day. No surprise to find foie gras and rice going so well together as it’s not the first time I’ve tried the two paired together. After what was an almost unbearable wait we received our entree. Honestly every single restaurant had anywhere from good to great service with this spot being the exception. Our waiter was hardly friendly which is fine as long as I don’t have to wait close to an hour for my food. I think it might’ve been sitting at the station for a good 15 minutes while the waiter chatted wines with another table. Oh well I rarely care about service. I would still go back but after all the great hospitality before this it was a letdown here. The Tajine Pork was extra fragrant and quite delicious but also rather one dimensional with cumin being the dominant spice. electricity jeopardy 4th grade I liked it but I didn’t want to eat it all night. Good thing we got a single portion.

For those that may have been wondering there was no trip to Schwartz’s. gas unlimited What gives? Well first is the fact I went there on my trip a decade or so ago. The other is the long lines and locals talk of it being overrated. They’re not the only smoked meat sandwich game in town. The smoked meat sandwich being the most crucial of Montreal’s regional foods. The bagels may be the most celebrated but those in the know understand how special the smoked meat sandwich is. Like the bagels the smoked meat sandwich is a product of the city’s Jewish community. hp gas online It’s made using a Kosher brisket that’s been salted and cured with different spices before being smoked and sliced for sandwich meat. Snowdon Deli is said to serve one of the best in the city and I’ll be damned if it isn’t bc it was f’ing spectacular. The meats tenderness reminded me of the best brisket I’ve ate in Texas. Notice they don’t slice it too thin? That’s bc it’s hand sliced. Pictured is a "medium" in terms of fattiness. IT. WAS. PERFECT.

Many of you already know about Joe Beef. gas monkey monster truck body Perhaps the most famous restaurant in Canada. The Kings of restaurant gluttony have built themselves quite an empire. Aside from their original project they have another spot next door as well as a natural wine bar and an upscale luncheonette. Joe Beef being the spot that gave them the ability to do all the others. So as you can imagine people book reservations here well in advance. There were no spots left by the time we knew we were going to Montreal however there is a way to enhance your chances of getting to go. So long as you’re willing to find out if so on the day of the meal. There’s a Canadian dining app called DINR that you can download for free. Once on your phone you can open it and select your city where you’ll be brought to a page with a bunch of popular restaurants around town that have last minute reservations available. From what I could tell Joe Beef has spots on the app every day. grade 9 electricity unit We got in easily. After taking a seat at the bar (I prefer sitting there) we were greeted by some enthusiastic locals. Five star hospitality.