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The SnagMag firs the Sig P220 8-round (45 ACP) magazine perfectly. This is a great way to carry a spare in a pocket for easy deployment and reloads. Actually, I think I could use this with a 10-round magazine if I have a proper cover garment. SnagMag is a great option for people who do not want to hang another holster on the belt. 5

The 1911 is perfect so you much better than putting in back pocket. The p320 15 rd fits well. It is a larger magazine so it is just a little bit bulky but wear it a couple of times and it is fine. The same goes for the xd 45 13 rd. Once you use it it’s very comfortable. 5

I purchased a snagmag for both my S&W Shield and Sig Sauer P938 and am very happy with the product. The snagmag does look like it’s just a pocket knife while in the pocket and the black clip makes it even more unassuming. I have worked through multiple dry fire reload drills with shorts, jeans, and slacks and both snagmags perfomed flawlessly. The magazine draws smoothly with a rearward pull while drawing up. The rearward pressure is necessary to engage the claw which allows the magazine to release from the snagmag. The motion is intuitive and feels natural. Snagmag provides a much more accessible and comfortable option for carrying an extra magazine compared to an IWB mag carrier. I will be buying more for other carry pistols. 5

It finally took someone, who is in law enforcement, to better understand the need for a concealed magazine carrier. When I’m in civilian clothes, off-duty, I use this snag-mag all of the time. In fact I forget that I have it in my left hand pants pocket, that it’s so compact and light, as I use it for my Glock 43. At this point I can’t say enough, but if you’re looking for concealment and easy accessibility, then this is it! Thanks for this product! 5

I am only rating the product 4 stars because I haven’t had a chance to wear it more than a couple of times. But the customer service is 5+ stars. I couldn’t find my particular mag (Ruger P345) on the list and when I contacted Snagmag, Christine suggested I send in my mag and they would do a custom fit. They found one (8 round 1911) that with a little modification worked out perfectly, thanks Christine. 4

I’m an old person, old concealed carrier and over the years have tried most, if not all, methods of spare magazine carry. Then they came out with SnagMag. WOW! I’ve now purchased several to match up with the calibers of my carry auto pistols and my attire.. With lots of everyday experience behind me, I’ve found SnagMags to be the most efficient and comfortable means of ensuring a fast reload.Carry a backup auto pistol also? As a right handed shooter my primary spare magazine SnagMage is placed in my left front pocket. and, since my backup auto pistol is a smaller caliber the appropriate righthand SnagMag is put in the right pocket where I can still easily get to it when needed. Take a look and think through the several potential right and left side (rear?) carry potentials. The device works with coats and clothing without regular pockets, belt pants, when positioned and used to get the "hook" to "snag". 5