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“When Yar’Adua came in, he made statements while receiving Oby Ezekwesili in her new capacity at the World Bank to the effect that he believed that the amounts spent by Obasanjo were wasted. He came up with a figure of $10 billion. When his own Senior Special Assistant (Engr. Foluseke Shomolu) wrote him a memo to the effect that the figure quoted was inaccurate, the president fired him. Very conveniently, the House of Representatives began a probe of the NIPP under Obasanjo and sensationalised it.

The National Economic Council also had a committee under Governor Suswan of Benue reviewing this NIPP. After a year, both committees were not able to establish any wrongdoing against Obasanjo and in fact confirmed that the actual amount spent was not $10 billion, but actually a fraction of that amount (less than $6 billion committed and $3 billion actually disbursed – the exact amounts quoted by Engr. Shomolu).”

If the report of the various committees that investigated these allegations are to long for a President who prefers to read cartoons as his own spokesman admitted, then perhaps he can spare the 25 minutes it would take him to read his protégé’s interview.

But the question that discerning Nigerians should be asking is why is Buhari bringing this up? After all he and Tinubu once begged former President Obasanjo to be their ‘navigator’. Did they not know he was a crook when they started their bromance with him?

Last year on Obasanjo’s birthday, President Buhari called him a statesman ‘with commitment to good governance’. Today, he is hinting at probing Obasanjo’s alleged $16 billion power project contracts just because Obasanjo is against his reelection. This is just vindicating my stand that we have war on C?o?r?r?u?p?t?i?o?n? opposition!

Thank God it was an All Progressive Congress Senator that got up on live television and revealed that this administration has borrowed more money in three years than the Peoples Democratic Party borrowed in 16 years, yet what has been the impact?

A serving Comptroller General of Customs heading the Buhari Support Group without resigning, a serving Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission publicly wearing a Buhari re-election lapel pin on live television is how low the Buhari administration has taken Nigeria.

What type of anti-corruption crusader chooses Abacha, a proven thief, who was also a blood thirsty buffoon, as his mentor? When I schooled in England, my university had a module on Abacha’s thievery. This is the man Buhari aspires to be? The man who exiled Tinubu and NADECO!

Abacha’s killer squad killed many Nigerians during his reign of terror including Kudirat Abiola, Chief Alfred Rewane, Major General Shehu Musa Yar’adua (rtd) Bagauda Kaltho, Sola Omatsola amongst others, yet this is the very same man a democratically elected President like Buhari praises as his mentor. A murderous thief! Are we then surprised that there are killer squads of herdsmen going round Nigeria killing people? Like mentor like mentee!

What was the point of Chief MKO and Kudirat Abiola’s sacrifice if Abacha is today the hero of our President? Why stop at Abacha? President Buhari should also declare Anini and Shina Rambo as national heroes. How unfortunate for a nation when a thief is the President’s role model.

In the year 2000 Osinbajo, then the Attorney General of Lagos, prosecuted members of Abacha’s killer squad including Hamza Al-Mustapha, who was sentenced to death for Kudirat Abiola’s murder. In the year 2018, Osinbajo’s boss, President Buhari, eulogizes Abacha as his hero and mentor. Can someone help me ask Osinbajo, what he is still doing in this wicked government?

On the same week that the Buhari administration charged Shekarau to court for ALLEGEDLY looting ?950 million, the head of the government, was busy praising Abacha a man that has been CONVICTED for looting over $5 billion. Buhari charges small thieves and worships big thieves!

And this is the man who wants Nigerians to re-elect him next year? A man who thinks Nigerian youths are lazy, who thinks Nigerians are criminals (as he told the Telegraph of London), who goes about telling international investors that his country is corrupt?

Lai Mohammed said President Buhari’s re-election in 2019 will be easy because the APC has kept their campaign promises. Can someone remind Lai that he is meant to be fasting during Ramadan and that fasting is not just abstaining from food, it includes abstaining from lies! Lai, fear God!!!

Why should Lai Mohammed still Lie even in Ramadan when he is meant to be fasting? The name Lai is not enough for this remarkable liar! We should just add Linus, Liability, Lion, Liebaran and Lieraba to his name. Someone that lies during Ramadan that Buhari has fulfilled his campaign promise can never be trusted to ever tell truth!

Garba shehu used to craft very strong anti-Buhari press releases for the PDP during his 12 year sojourn as a PDP member, which included years spent as SA media under Obasanjo. Now he crafts press releases for the same man he once attacked against the same people he once praised! Garba is the epitome of AGIP-Any Government in Power. I am the epitome of loyalty. There is no basis to compare myself with him. I follow my conscience. Garba follows his stomach.

Let me stop here for now and continue to observe the unraveling of Buhari. I warned Nigerians but they never listened. Sadly, the man had to ruin the nation before my fellow countrymen and women saw him for who and what he truly is-a pretender who used subterfuge to get to power.

What can separate Abacha from the love of Buhari? Certainly not the over $5 billion Abacha stole. Certainly not the people Abacha killed. Certainly not the June 12 Mandate that Abacha frustrated by throwing Abiola in jail where he died. Nothing can separate Abacha from the love of Buhari.