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I don’t have a ton of time anymore to get into extra static electricity in the body curricular activities and climate change offers millions of pages of research, opinions, alarmists claims, denials, etc… So much material that it seems almost inconclusive. To me this seems either too complex due to possible lack of consistent data or it’s blanketed electricity inside human body with so much noise that makes it insurmountable for anyone who is interested in scientific methods to come to a conclusion.

History tends to repeat and we all know how evil big corporations are so there’s no doubt heavy polluting industries are involved with spreading of false information (Look at 3M and DuPont with their Teflon chemicals that are probably electricity deregulation in your blood stream right now C8 I think is one of them). There’s a technical business term for making tax payers pay for costs. It’s called cost externalizing. I’m 100% certain there are discussions in board rooms along the lines of how do we continue to pollute and make society pay the price while we profit… They want coal and oil to be the main sources of energy – even if every HOUR the planet gas ks is bombarded with enough energy to power the WORLD for a YEAR! 430 quintillion (18 zeros) joules of energy from the sun hits us! They 9gag’re also the same type of people who profit from things like a lack of cure for the common cold.

I also believe there’s a global force (Tin foil hat moment) that wants to destroy capitalism and the modern western world we live in. The UN has been akin to the homeless guy screaming the end eseva electricity bill payment is near on street corners. I believe since the 70’s the UN has claimed that global climate is going to end human life as we know it… According to them, we should have been extinct about 4 times by now. The latest being 2030 now. With people like Guy Mcpherson claiming the world is going to end in exactly 10 years. He compared the gas nozzle stuck in car situation to be as dire as if the planet stepped out of it’s known orbit. You know taking us out of the goldilock zone, kind of like Mars or Mercury… 10 years is a short amount of time, you’d think if there was cold hard proof about this we’d be living with world-wide riots, looting and marshal law electricity problem in up.

I find it odd that governments, claiming to be progressive and pro-environment, create things like carbon taxes but exempt the biggest polluters in the tropico 5 power plant country, they only target the most dangerous class to their plans right now (middle class). Meanwhile there are so many small things that can be done to dramatically reduce pollution and no one is doing it… When we know a single cruise ship is polluting as much as a million cars and a lawn-mower pollutes as much as 40 cars. There’s over 300 cruise ships worldwide, do the math. They pollute as much electricity voltage used in usa as 30% of the total sum of cars on the planet!

I’m positive the actual truth is somewhere in the middle of both extremes. The planet is not about electricity song billy elliot to die or kill us all but we will suffer from all the chemicals corporations are producing due to our consumption of goods/energy and the climate is changing (as it has since well before humans even existed) but it won’t be a global extinction level event and it is being q gastrobar dias ferreira used to further the propaganda. It’s easy to prove that no organization is really looking out for the climate and humanity, all sides have something to gain from polluting or destroying nations economies from within.