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Calories in vs calories out makes part of the story. how your body deals with calories from different sources does make a difference. Keep in mind that your digestive tract is technically outside your body (developmentally speaking) so all nutrients need to be transported inside the body to be available. How things are transported and broken down vary by individual.

Research is leaning toward some level of genetic contribution to weight current research on the FTO, DRD2 and MC4R genes indicate that genetics does play a role though simply carrying the genes doesn’t mean that they are expressed which complicates the data analysis.

This reply and your last reply are completely agreeable. I see this bull crap spewed like any other fad diet (I have done my research and I am from a medical background), which I tend to not be able to stand. I do think that for some, it is the way to go. For me, I need more carbs than most and I use them. No biggie. The first post just was stated as a one size fits all cut out all carbs and the OP is just way too skinny to really need to cut anything out. Even 6’2” and 165 pounds is a low end weight. I do believe the way fat is situated on your body is a lot larger determining factor for poor health (aka around organs is not so good) or even fat to weight ratio.

As for the guy who thinks you are the same amount of calories and magically lost more weight without expending more calories is nonsensical. It doesn’t happen like that. Maybe you passed more of the calories, because your flora wasn’t really set up to digest the fats as efficiently. But it will change and adapt.

I just think too many people look for a magic pill and fall off the wagon more often than not. If some fad diet gets you where you want in a healthy manner and you can hold on to it, great. But a life change is the only way anyone gets healthier, whether you actually realize it or not.

Biggest influence is still Arnold’s Bodybuilding Encylopedia…I bought it a long time ago and still base my routine and diet off him plus a few toys from modern technology along with fitted running shoes (no more running pain). He knows his stuff.

Daily average is 1500 calories but outside of PT, I’m inside most days with current work. I actually eat more on weekends as I’m doing housework/yardwork and moving a lot. I use the weekends as my "cheat days" which forces me to go outside and work to burn off calories.

Outside of coffee, I don’t add sugar to diet at all, don’t eat bread, little starch, little dairy outside of milk, and few soft drinks (less than 3 a week). Alcohol is usually wine/liquor unless I know I’ll be outside burning up the carbs from beer, pasta, etc. I actually prefer rice as it burns cleaner. Our "pasta" we buy is usually made from rice which is easier on system. I do like all that other food but once I realized the negative impacts to diet I didn’t want it anymore as it sabotaged all my hard work as really didn’t offer any benefits.

My kids eat similar (mainly protein, veggies) but they also get however much they want in dairy, bread, etc. along with their occasional snacks and cereal. Even they prefer yogurt and salad to traditional fatty food and they like my smoothies……it all just tastes better. You can do lasting damage to kids by making them eat like adults but they are in 90% of age bracket for heigh/weight with plenty of energy. The worse thing you can do for kids is feed them a vegan/vegetarian diet. That isn’t even that good for adults without a lot of planning.

A side benefit of all this is very little gas, almost no body odor even when working out 2hrs a day (I’m in gym by 445), and at 39 yrs old, my strength and endurance is better than my numbers at 22 with basically the same program I’ve been using since. For the gym, biggest benefit is adding a pre workout which gives me great endurance along with BCAAs after that basically eliminate soarness.

This all sounds like a PITA and at first it was but now it is just habit and I sleep great. The supps (especially vitamins and protein) are also a lot cheaper than equivalent food. What motivates me is I have energy during the entire day with about 2 cups of coffee. It also gives me something to do that is basically free instead of buying/breaking other hobbies that just add clutter to my house.