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I think I said, perhaps longer than a year ago, that Trump was finished and we didn’t have a president anymore. I still stand by that, now more than ever — but I do feel I was premature in a number of ways as he still did serve for a long time as a figurehead and a shield behind which people like Ryan, McConnell, and Putin could do whatever they wanted (or rather, Ryan and McConnell did and Putin thought he could). Now, however, it is the simple truth: he’s finished.

Even though I don’t believe for a minute that Putin and Trump are having an open-to-the-public schoolyard catfight (I do believe that all those cutsie pictures, and Russian media’s subsequent childish swipes at Trump and the U.S. , were and are mostly for the purpose of propaganda), I also don’t believe that Trump will find sanctuary in Russia. In fact he may find death there, and he knows it. After all, he failed to lift the sanctions against Russia, which was the entire point of this whole dizzy affair from the beginning.

As I’ve said before, Putin has little concept of what he’s dealing with in the U.S. He probably continues to believe that Trump is as all-powerful as he himself is and that Trump is merely failing at his task because he’s…well, list the insults narcissists use here. gas lighting Yes, he is finished with Trump — but all this scowling at Trump and glad-handling Mister Bone Saw (while Trump looked on forlornly) were just for public show, fodder for the gullible and lazy media. The real show is going on behind the scenes and is for now secret.

Russia’s only interest now is trying to appear innocent, at which they will be as lucky as Mister Bone Saw has been in distancing himself from the murder of Khashoggi. gas bubble in throat In the end, they will fail. Will they face consequences? I believe they will, if only in increased sanctions and international isolation…until they rid themselves of Putin. Putin will ultimately end up being the price Russia pays for putting up with Putin for so long.

Okay, so will Trump defect to Saudi Arabia? That’s still a possibility, but I don’t think so. I have no doubt that behind the scenes, an offer has been made. But Saudi Arabia is in almost as fragile an international position as Russia. They just don’t hold the bullying power they did when they caused an oil crisis in the 1970’s. The world is moving on from oil, fast. And once we achieve that goal, Saudi Arabia and Russia are finished — and they both know it. gas prices going up to 5 dollars Hence “Trump’s policies” against solar and wind energy, the environment, etc. In fact, the day after I first published this, Trump announced a plan to end subsidies for electric cars and alternative energy.

Anyway, another thing I keep seeing on Twitter that amuses me is people continuing to whine “Pence is worse!” I believe I’ve already addressed that in this blog, so I won’t further. I’d just like one clear answer from these people, though: WHAT THE HELL DO YOU WANT TO DO, KEEP TRUMP? (I really continue to believe that most of these whiners are bots, btw.)

And then in the next sentence they start listing all the terrible things Trump wants to do to the U.S. bp gas prices People…it’s over. It’s over. He can’t. The only person left with any power — and most of that, he’s usurped — is Mitch McConnell, and there are increasing rumblings about the Senate turning on him, along with a growing concentration on McConnell’s own considerable shadiness. He is not invincible, and once he’s gone, the game is up. And he will be gone.

We are not helpless and we are not in any more danger than we already have been. gas tax in washington state No one’s going to start a shooting WWIII (we already are, however, in another cold war). No one’s even going to start a civil war. That is to say, don’t let the Chicken-Little squad scare you, because that’s what they want to do. Keep looking forward to a future without Trump and the Republicans and the Russians, kiddos, because it’s there. Chin up.