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Our Solaer Lake Bed Aeration systems are wonderful! We have been manufacturing them for close to 8 years and are now in their 4th generation. Most of the components are specially designed and manufactured for this specific purpose. Our systems are very reliable and have proven to be almost maintenance free. In the last 5 years we have only had 2 compressor malfunctions electricity transmission costs and both of these were replaced under warranty. We offer a 1 year warranty on our systems, but we offer an 5 year extended warranty on all of the wet end equipment including the diffusers and self-weighted tubing. Also, there are extended manufacture’s warranties on the solar panels (20 years) and gas giants the charge controller (5 years).

These systems come with a complete installation and maintenance manual and also have technicians available for you M-F 8-5. Our technicians can usually electricity 2pm trouble shoot your problems over the phone and get you up and running in no time. The systems are actually very easy to install. All of them are pre-set and tested here before they are sent out, so basically you would just have to mount the solar panels, set the box, drop your diffusers and hook up a few loose wires.

JW, I was going to leave your scenario alone hp gas online, but since it has come back up; any aeration system, if bought, is a do-it-yourself project. At least the Solear system is only component parts, not like a car that you just drive off the lot. The system looks VERY pricey, assuming they said a 120watt solar panel is about $650 to replace. That would be the heart of the system. Lets look at the remainder gas prices. 200amp hr. battery, about $200 dollars unless gel cell, then $350. Mounting box, fan, compressor, air line,timer, diffuser,, 400 watt inverter unless the compressor is DC. That’s over $3000 excluding the battery and panels. $650 not bad for 120 watt of solar power, 5-6 dollars per watt. The rest seems too pricey and can be bought anywhere. Just dont want to see you get hosed. At 15 feet deep, you need a compressor that will end up being 250-300 watts, so I doubt you can run it more 9game than 8 hrs.daily. Now if you got a second battery and charger for home, and swapped them out every couple weeks, you will be OK for 14-16 hrs daily.

JW, understood. As, I said before, if a 5 yr. warranty, and they send someone to set it up and repair it; money well spent. From your e-mail from them, and lack of information on wed site, I would youtube gas pedal dance be concerned. But, as you said, much better and cheaper than windmill. Don’t misunderstand, I’m not in this business and am not trying to sell anything but I DO design and install emergency backup power systems for ship’s communications equipment, so this is very simple in comparison. I priced component electricity bill cost per unit parts before deciding to run electricity to my pond. Keep us informed of results. Would also like to know compressor type.

Meadowlark, I have solar panels I bought for my sister to run fans with after Katrina, and a small gast compressor, inverter, and such. If this is for your kid’s pond under construction, let me know when you need to get cranked up. I will let you test it out. How deep will it be? As you know, that is the big determining factor on the power used. My pond is down to 7 ft. from electricity recruitment 2015 11 where the diffuser is. Will see if the gast will push air out(I bought it for $40 from C H(S?). Send a PM if you need to.

ML and LB, You guys may want to begin some preliminary searching on solar panels. I bought a 45 watt panel at Fry’s(which ML can use for testing) for $300.They are more than some, but geothermal electricity how it works very high quality, ICP made in Canada, and work on very cloudy days. Harbor Freight has 45watt on line for $200.00, Chinese made. They are supposed to have them in Pasadena, tx., that is, for the Oct. sale. I have a gast 1532 series rotary vane compressor good for 1.25cfm at 5 psi, or 10-12 ft. The solar panel size(watts) depends on how long you want it to run, and how much at night. Remember, panel costs are 5-8 $ per watt. If you want to run the system full time, you would need 150watt solar and 100amp hr. deep cycle battery minimum. No way the Malibu system with 64 watt panel will do that. They dont mention a battery gas 6 weeks pregnant, so assume they are using a very small 12VDC compressor, probably an air brush compressor. This gast is 0.55 amps at 115vac, or 65 watts. There is a DC version too, but probably $200 or 300 unless you can get it surplus. I went to C H website and they have 2 of what I have for $32.00.(they are new, never used) I paid $40.Meadowlark, all you need is a deep gas city indiana zip code cycle battery and hose and diffuser to get started. You may do well with a piece of soaker hose, or a coiled soaker hose, or stone. I got a diffuser from Aquatic solutions that has a check valve, and operates at 1cfm. LB, you will probably need a check valve to keep water out of system and not have to push water back out at startup. Maybe a soaker hose gas hydrates energy or stone wont need this. Not familiar with this. Much on aeration methods on past posts. ML, know you know this, it is for Limb bream.