Solodev cms now available through gsa schedule 70

Solodev, provider of the web content management system of the same name, announced today that its flagship CMS platform, including support and custom development services, are now available to United States General Services Administration (GSA) eligible buyers. B games play online This means that U.S. Grade 9 electricity unit test federal departments, agencies, and offices, including the U.S. T gastrobar el tenedor Military, and qualified state and local agencies, are able to purchase Solodev CMS as well as support and project development services at government-approved pricing through U.S. Electricity drinking game General Services Administration (GSA) Information Technology (IT) Federal Supply Schedule (FSS) 70 contract GS-35F-475DA.

“Today marks a significant milestone for Solodev,” said Shawn Moore, Solodev Founder and Chief Technology Officer. Power usage estimator “Now that the Solodev platform is available to all agencies, bureaus, and departments of the U.S. Electricity bill payment hyderabad government, we’re positioned to continue to grow the government side of our business. Electricity physics problems With the recent release of Solodev CMS 8, as well as today’s announcement, we’re extremely excited about the opportunities these advancements present.”

Solodev is experienced in serving government clients including the Florida Department of Education, Miami Beach Visitor’s Convention Authority, as well as Seminole, Volusia, and Flagler Counties in Florida. Gas 89 Additionally, Solodev serves Downtown Orlando, the City of Clermont in Florida, and Dekalb County, Georgia. Electricity in salt water “We have an expert team experienced in configuring, implementing, and managing software within complex public sector environments,” said Ross Williams, Solodev VP of Technology. O gosh corpus christi “Solodev’s technological infrastructure and platform functionality are truly state of the art and serve as a perfect fit for government clients who need the scalability, security, and versatility the Solodev platform provides.”

With today’s announcement, Solodev is now positioned to grow its business in the public sector beyond its existing government clients in Florida and Georgia. T gastrobar “Our continued success with our government clients is only an indication of what we can do to build truly amazing digital experiences for new clients in the public sector going forward,” said Shawn Moore, Solodev’s Chief Technology Officer. Gas 101 “Government is a space where we’re seeing a lot of growth and rapid innovation and we’re very excited to be apart of it on a larger scale due to today’s announcement.”

In addition to Solodev CMS now being available for purchase by GSA-eligible buyers, Solodev’s robust support plans and project development services such as project management, planning, web design and development, compliance strategy, business consulting, creative strategy and implementation, quality assurance, security administration and more are now available for purchase by GSA-eligible buyers. Gas in stomach The pairing of these services with the Solodev CMS platform makes Solodev a leading contender in the government space as the most scalable, secure, and robust content management platform with the support and project development services needed to provide a complete turnkey solution.

This agreement positions Solodev CMS within the reach of a wide range of federal clients including the executive, judicial, and legislative branches of the U.S. Year 6 electricity unit Government, including the U.S. Gas hydrates ppt Military and qualifying educational institutions. Electricity and magnetism study guide answers Certain state and local governments, who qualify, are able to purchase Solodev CMS, including support and project development services, through Schedule 70. Gas bubbles in colon End users from federal, state, or local government agencies interested in purchasing Solodev CMS, as well as support and project development services, should consult with their purchasing officer regarding how to purchase Solodev from Just Program’s GSA IT Schedule 70 contract GS-35F-475DA or contact Just Program LLC dba Solodev directly for additional details.

For more information on procuring Solodev CMS products and services available under GSA IT Schedule 70, contact Shawn Moore at smoore(at)solodev(dot)com

Solodev is an American IT & software company based in Orlando, Florida. Electricity transformer near house The company specializes in developing and marketing its enterprise web content management system of the same name, Solodev CMS. Ogasco abu dhabi Solodev’s web content management system is used to build interactive websites, smartphone applications, social media applications and other online portals designed to reach an ever-growing ecosystem of screens and devices. Speedy q gas station Available On-Premise or on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud, the Solodev CMS platform is used by Fortune 500 companies, organizations, and governments to build, manage, and power enterprise websites and mobile apps.

The mission of GSA is to deliver the best value in real estate, acquisition, and technology services to government and the American people. Electricity and water GSA establishes long-term government-wide contracts with commercial firms to provide access to millions of commercial products and services at volume discount pricing, and oversees about $66B of procurement annually. Gas x dosage pregnancy These products can be ordered directly from GSA Schedule contractors or through the GSAAdvantage! online shopping and ordering system. Grade 9 electricity questions Established by President Harry S. Gas constant in atm Truman on July 1, 1949, GSA consolidated the National Archives Establishment, the Federal Works Agency and its Public Buildings Administration, the Bureau of Federal Supply and the Office of Contract Settlement, and the War Assets Administration into one federal agency tasked with administering supplies and providing workplaces for federal employees.