Solotica natural colors colored contact lenses – vision marketplace gas 2015


I never wore any kind of lenses before, so I took some time trying to get them in and out. But that’s just my inexperience. As for the product itself, it’s very comfortable, I didn’t get irritated. Even more, I barely felt them in my eyes. The color I ordered was Topazio from the natural collection. It is very beautiful, I think the green has the upper hand in my eyes, which are naturally light brown. You can see the color pigment dots like it’s kind of pixel in a picture. But that’s only if you’re very close. Like, really close. I think they indeed look natural and I recommend them to anyone!

The colors Quartzo and Topazio are beautiful on hazel and darker brown eyes. The topazio is a slightly lighter but the colors look very similar on my eyes. I have received many compliments and no one can believe they aren’t my natural color. Absolutely beautiful! These contacts are incredibly comfortable and the shipping was fast and delivered before expected!

I couldn’t give it five stars because the limbal ring wasn’t thick enough, which gave my eyes a bit of an unnatural look. I have light brown eyes so opted for the Avela color because it was closest to my natural color and I wanted an affordable year-long prescription lens that I could wear every day; I was hoping for something that would look natural and maybe give my eyes just a hint of "pop." Unfortunately, the limbal ring wasn’t thick enough, so the color of the lens bled out to where my natural limbal ring already lies, so it gave me a really "wide-eyed" look, which wasn’t what I was looking for. So far as comfort, the lens is thicker than a daily lens like Hubble, but after the third time I wore them for a straight day I got used to them; you WILL have to rewet them during the day, however. So far as the prescription, it was right on, so no issues there.

I LOVE THESE lenses!!! I’ve been wearing colored contacts for 15 years and these are the 2nd most realistic color contacts I’ve ever worn. I used to wear "Cover Girl’ until they discontinued them (very upsetting). Then I was wearing "Color Blend’, they’re ok and are a little realistic, BUT when I compare them with these "Solotica" lenses….There’s REALLY NO COMPARISON. I LOVE the "NATURAL COLOR" "Avela"(Hazelnut), they are the first of the "Solotica" brand I’ve tried and I AM IN LOVE!!! I LOVE the limbal ring on them seeing that EVERYONE is born with limbal rings around their eyes anyway. That’s why I chose the NATURAL COLORS. Anything without a limbal ring TO ME is too fake. I will CONTINUE to purchase these. They are VERY COMFORTABLE. I WILL RECOMMEND THESE to ANYONE who wants a REALISTIC LOOK. As far as the price….ANYTHING worth having and is a quality product, it’s worth spending money for. Pretty much, quality products cost MONEY. No matter what it is. PERIOD.. I also LOVE that they’re yearly. BIG PLUS!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THESE!!! Oh yea almost forgot, they BLEND VERY WELL with my dark brown eyes….seeing that "Solotica " made these SPECIFICALLY for dark brown eyes. DOUBLE PLUS!! Also LOVE the way they look in the sunlight…..they blend with ANY LIGHTING…THAT’S what makes them appear sooooo REALISTIC. TRIPLE PLUS… P.S BUY THESE YOU’LL LOVE THEM…GUARANTEED

J’avais déjà commandé une paire de lentille en hydrocor. Puis, j’ai voulu voir ce que ça donne en natural color, résultat… j’ai pas dutout aimé le contour noir, donc, très déçu sur le coup. Je les ai finalement remise quelques jours plus tard, et là, je dois dire que je trouve ça plutôt joli finalement !

I have dark brown eyes and let me tell you these are BEAUTIFUL!!! They look like natural blue/grey/green eyes! I get compliments all the time! People who don’t know me tell me they wish they had my eye color not knowing I’m wearing contacts! Exactly what I wanted I highly recommend them in quartzo!

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