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Solstice is a modern vacation rental on Long Island in the southern Bahamas. Our 10-acre property on the Tropic of Cancer includes two houses nestled in a tropical forest with stunning views overlooking their own private cove with a sandy beach. The two houses are always rented together for one price to ensure your privacy. Surrounded by hundreds of acres of undeveloped wilderness and two miles of wild coastline, Solstice is the ultimate place to get away from it all…

At Solstice, we strive to provide the most socially and environmentally conscious vacation destination available. All of the rent is donated to charities supporting basic human needs and the environment. Solar power and other eco-friendly initiatives make a stay at Solstice healthy both for you and for the planet. You can find more pictures and information about Solstice and Long Island on our personal Solstice Bahamas web site.

Some rental houses claim that they have a ‘private beach’ but this usually means that the gas stoichiometry calculator property owns a portion of a larger beach which is accessible to the public and shared with other houses. However, the beach at Solstice is completely surrounded by our property and the only land access is from the houses. The cove’s seclusion and calm waters made it a favorite hiding place for pirates and smugglers in years past, but today the only footprints you will see in the fine white sand will be your own.

Relaxing at Solstice: Flowers and tree-lined paths surround both houses. Take a stroll through the gardens and help yourself to fruit fresh from the tree. Relax in a hammock or snorkel in the tranquil cove. Large decks on both houses are great places for morning yoga, spotting passing dolphins or watching for the elusive ‘green flash’ at sunset. At night, the view from the garden is perhaps just as amazing with the sky awash with the Milky Way and countless stars.

NOTE: Please do not gas meter car click Request to Book without contacting us first (instead use the Ask Owner a Question link just below that). HomeAway starts a 24-hour clock ticking when you make a booking request and it is rarely possible to work through all your questions and travel logistics in that time. Long Island isn’t a just-one-click kind of destination 🙂 But it is well worth the effort and we are happy to work with you in detail to make your trip a great one! View more

I directed an archaeological research project on Long Island in November/December 2018 and could not have found a better place for my team of 8 volunteers and students. The houses have every amenity imaginable. Almost everyone had gas works park events their own bedroom and bathroom, the kitchens were perfect for preparing and eating group meals, and the indoor and outdoor living spaces were spacious and comfortable. The houses are conveniently located to each other and joined by a short path. The landscaping is spectacular. It almost like staying in a treehouse in the jungle (and for any who know The Bahamas, there are precious few places one would call a jungle). After a hard day of work the chance to sit on the veranda and enjoy the view overlooking the sea was a welcome respite, and the stars at night are beyond belief. The houses have a private cove where my team relaxed by swimming, snorkeling, and kayaking. The library and entertainment center were a welcome addition, although most of us were too tired to take advantage. It is hard to describe a setting that allows both community and gas bubble privacy. We never felt cramped or in each others way, even when the entire group met at Solstice for meals and lab work. The entire space was designed for comfort, including the original artwork and understated decor. We really felt at home, and not like we were intruders in someone else’s house. I would love to bring my family here for a real vacation. The houses are centrally located on the island, which makes day trips to the north (Stella Maris and Columbus landing) and south (Dean’s Blue Hole and Long Island Museum) more convenient. And if you want your own private mile-long sand beach it is only a 15 minute drive north to Deals Beach. The caretaker, Mark, was wonderful. He was easily reached, and responded immediately to our needs — even something as odd as a teapot. There is real peace of mind knowing that that someone is on-the-ready to help no matter what situation arises. Fortunately, we did not have to call on him often. Having worked in The Bahamas for almost 40 years I can honestly say that there is nothing that compares to Solstice and Kaleidoscope. My research would not have been successful if we had stayed anywhere else (and we did stay at other houses when we were working near Clarence Town at the south end of the island). We look forward to returning next year. The only way to describe our experience is — Perfection!

The homes are airy and comfortable – albeit a little quirky. We went in February so it was 70 at night and 80 during the day. Just perfect. The homes have no air conditioning so would likely be really hot in the summer if you go then. The view is spectacular. You are close to nature – so you pass by some critters. The beach is nice – shallow and soft and sandy for aways out in the water. There are little rocks right at the shoreline but you can walk around barefoot on most parts. There is some coral to the right and left with some coral fish and things to look at.

The island is a little off the grid and is not gas what i smoke a tourist destination. It has everything but nothing is wondrous from a tourism standpoint – hence not many tourists. The snorkeling was fun but not amazing. The restaurants are small and mostly local. We had a great meal though at Chez Pierre. We did have Urshula come and make two meals and they were wonderful. The bone fishing is ok and we all caught at least one. There is only one main road which goes about 75 miles north – south and all the side roads are rocky and slow going. We had a great time exploring the island but the island is probably not much different than it was 40 years ago origin electricity login.

The best part of Solstice is Solstice. It is just a fun place to relax and unwind with friends and family. No casinos. No pool bars. No room service. No massage therapists. No room keys. No TV. Good WiFi though. If you are looking for those things, I guess you might want to try Atlantis (but we haven’t been there). At Solstice, you have all you need but you feel like you are off the grid in a safe, beautiful place. All 8 of us had a fantastic time and feel refreshed with more fabulous memories.