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STATE Security Service (SSS) operatives in Delta State are now on the trail of a Warri-based female socialite said to be a sponsor of militants operating in the Niger-Delta region just as about 300 militants have either fled the region or gone into hiding since the SSS and the Joint Military Task Force (JMTF) in the Niger-Delta commenced separate but synchronized manhunt for them about a fortnight ago.

A security source, who disclosed this to Sunday electricity generation in usa Vanguard, asserted that “because the SSS has a list containing the names and addresses of the militants, the boys felt the game was up and took to their heels when they saw the dexterous manner the leader and some members of one of the feared kidnap gangs, including a government official that facilitated payment of ransom to militants, were picked up after they were lured to Asaba”.

Sunday Vanguard learnt that one of the kingpins who made good money from the business fled to London when the heat from the security agents on his trail became too hot. He was shocked by the dossier on him and in, collaboration with his partners-in-crime, a decision was taken for him to escape because so many things would happen if he was caught and forced to spill the beans.

Sunday Vanguard gathered that case files had been opened on the gasco abu dhabi email address alleged role of some elected and appointed government officials in the kidnap business in the region. Security agents decided to investigate them following what a source described as revelations by some of the kidnappers already in custody on how they abetted and aided the business. It is a poignant blow to most of them who were feeding fat on the pay-offs from some of the state governments but they were also understood to be doing everything possible to cover their tracks, including lobbying and pressing button to stop their being invited for questioning in connection with kidnap.

Our source, a top security officer in the region, said: “If these politicians and government officials make the mistake of getting involved in any kidnap case again, we will pick them up and tell them that we have dossier on all they have been physical science electricity review worksheet doing since. It is because they get involved in the past by collecting money from governors for these boys that the criminal act became a lucrative business for them”.

“For those who don’t know, even if they are wont to deny it, this kidnap thing is masterminded mainly gas buddy by some Ijaw youths and the network of their communities along the coast of the states in the Niger-Delta is wonderful but Delta State is no doubt the tactical headquarters, while Rivers State is the cash cow followed by Bayelsa State. Edo, Akwa-Ibom, Cross River and Ondo states are not so much in the reckoning of the militants business wise. It took us time but when we found out that the kidnappers in most of the cases took off from Delta State, we decided to pick them up, and as we did that, we were able to send panic into the various syndicates. And because the leaders who do the conceptualization and planning from Delta State are on the run, the boys who execute the drawn-out programme in Rivers and Bayelsa states for instance have been left without shepherds”, an informed source hinted. However, the spokesman of the Ijaw Youth Council, Mr. Peter Ajube, in an interview denied that hostage taking and vandalization of oil facilities in the region were the handiwork of Ijaw youths. He said that criminal elements had grade 6 electricity infiltrated the struggle and cashed-in on the crisis to make money.

Clearly, there is a difference between those kidnapping for the struggle and those kidnapping for money but, in all, kidnapping for whatever reason is wrong and it’s a criminal offence. However, if one were to gauge the mood of the Ijaw nation on the crackdown by security agents on kidnappers, the truth, according to the national president of the Federated Niger-Delta Ijaw Communities (FNDIC), an influential Ijaw body, Chief (Dr) Bello Oboko, was that the Ijaw nationality is happy with the move by security agents to get rid of commercial kidnappers.

Oboko told Sunday Vanguard in Warri, last Wednesday, that it was gas station near me open because the Ijaw nation was not happy with the activities of commercial kidnappers that the FNDIC was mandated by Ijaw leaders at a meeting in Bayelsa State on Thursday, August 17 to proceed to Letugbene in Bayelsa State to rescue the Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC) worker u gas hampton, Comrade Nelson Ujeya, now deceased, that was kidnapped by Letugbene youths on August 8.

The FNDIC leader said that before the Letugbene case, the group had had cause to disown the moneymaking hostage takers in Rivers and Bayelsa states, saying: “In reality, the struggle is not to take foreigners hostage and make money from it, our struggle is to draw government attention, whether federal, state or local to the underdevelopment in the region, particularly Ijaw land, and enjoin them to develop the areas since oil exploration and exploitation activities have degraded our environment and deprived our people of their means of survival”.

Oboko said that it was the same way FNDIC intervened when the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND) kidnapped nine expatriate oil workers in Delta State purportedly as human shields and bombed oil installations following the bombardment of some Ijaw villages by the JMTF, some months ago z gas tecate telefono, that it intervened in the Letugbene case only for its peace emissaries to be killed.

The government neglected the people of Niger Delta and now they are reeping what they sowed, the current Niger Delta violence is a result of their uncalled for actions, but they are not simply sleeping, I won’t be surprised if a statistics came out saying that the amount of money invested in the Delta had increased by 20%. The Niger delta dilemma is one that is of two significant seperate problems one is the neglection of the Nigeria delta people the Itsekiris and the Ijaws but number two is the refusal of the federal government to respond to the demands of the Militants, the government have now seena need to de-elevate poverty in the area and a lot of money is now gas prices in michigan been invested but the more difficult crisis of negotiating with the militants is far more displeasing, the government cannot simply give the militants what they want, how can they return a man like Asari Dokubo to his organisation, some say that he is an activist but the man is clearly a terrorist that is a disfunctional leader of a terrorist organistion, the MEND and the less inferior militant organistaions are terrorist organistions like Hamas, The Tamil Tigers or Hizbollah, but the militants can not be treated in the same approach simply because of what they represent or what they say they represent, a big problem was created the second that the militants decided to step up and speak for the people of the niger delta, but the goverment because of their past sins are not in a position to announce them as such people, that’s why the niger delta issue is much more than electricity bill nye just neglection ————peace———— Re: Solution To The Niger Delta Crisis? by Odeku( m): 11:21pm On Oct 03, 2006

That’s another problem, money was invented and jobs created so that wealth could be shared according to labour. So therefore the people of the Niger Delta simplycan’t expect gas 89 to get their oils worth of money because they are a part of a nation and resources should not be distributed based on geography but rather on population, there needs to be an order for this to be effective and this can’t be enforced until the militants are rmoved that leads e to discussing the plan, seperating then by the use of force, this is not a problem that can be solved by brains and negotiating the government have already tried that but that doesn’t seem to exist in the vocabulary of the militants and the Ijaw people. The government wil have to use force at one stage or another but preferably i would suggest that they save the arms for the later stages and not for the lather, if they seperate the interests of the people of the delta from that of the militants then they can apply force thus creating peace but when peace as been created the state of peace in the area will remain fragile beacuse of the problem of distribution, I’m quarter delta electricity in water pipes so i think i’ve got a bit of say in this. ———-peace———– Re: Solution To The Niger Delta Crisis? by obong( m): 11:47pm On Oct 03, 2006

Good point, and my question is still unanswered, MR obong are you justifying this kidnapping and killing of soldier as a means of getting attention in this region? you can’t compare apple to orange. the issue in South Africa is totally different than the one in Niger Delta, corruption is not the same thing as suppression, what are the senators from this region doing? what is the governor doing, this people were elected to speak for the people, and yet they haven’t done a good job. so if you want to kill someone or kidnap someone, go after IBB, your governor, and the senators

ok, i agree some of the leaders of the ND are to blame. but frankly until recently they havent been given much of the oil money. with an increasing share we can see some positive changes in that region. the 6 gases distractions like alams is simply a ploy by obj to make that region appear corrupt. from all appearances obj has stolen more than alams Re: Solution To The Niger Delta Crisis? by obong( m): 11:54pm On Oct 03, 2006