(Solved) how to remove zapmetasearch.com homepage (removal help) gas what i smoke

Zapmetasearch.com, it is a browser hijacker – an annoying kind of adware that can infect common web browsers ranging from Chrome to Firefox and IE, and change settings to try to force you into seeing paid sites and ads and change your homepage. It’s not a virus, so it won’t delete your data or corrupt programs, but it can cause redirects that may lead you to much more dangerous sites. Because of this, it’s strongly recommended to uninstall zapmetasearch.com.

Causes: Like the majority of browser hijackers, zapmetasearch.com is usually distributed along with other programs, in a technique known as “bundling.” The developers know that most users rush through installation of new software, so they simply set the adware to install by default. There will not be adequate warning of this, so you’ll end up with the unwanted zapmetasearch.com software on your computer before you even realize it.

Symptoms: This hijacker is quite aggressive in its behavior, and you are likely to see a big increase in unsolicited ads. These may appear when you start your browser, open a new tab, or even use a shortcut for your usual default search. You may even find your taskbar has ads added to it, as a result of zapmetasearch.com editing your Windows Registry. The site itself has a bold “zapmeta” logo with a multicolored Z shape on the right.

Prevention: It is indeed possible to stop this threat, or at least to greatly reduce the risk of it happening to you. To do this, you will need to keep a sharp eye out when you’re using the web. If you see anything suspicious, move on and delete any bookmarks to that site. This is especially important for free file download hosts. Also, when you install any new software, set the options that allow you to check exactly what’s being added. How to remove zapmetasearch.com?

To completely get rid of zapmetasearch.com, you have a couple of options. You can delete the components permanently in a manual way, by removing each file separately. You can also take an automatic approach, which involves the use of a special removal tool. We’ve prepared friendly, step by step instructions for each method, so you can remove the hijacker in the way you prefer. You can then look forward to browsing normally again!

Download Adware Remover Tool to remove zapmetasearch.com Automatically, It’s a Freeware utility specially designed for Adware Removal. This tool can remove most of the Adwares from Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. It can remove all the traces of zapmetasearch.com from registry as well.

• Open Internet Explorer then go to Tools menu (Press “F10” key once to active the menu bar) and then click on Internet Option a configuration page will be opened, then click on General tab. Now look into under HOME PAGE Edit Box you will get www.zapmetasearch.com, replace it to www.google.com, then click on apply and close .

• Open Mozilla Firefox, Click on Tools menu (If tools menu doesn’t appear then press “F10” key once to active the menu bar) then go to Options, after that a configuration page will be opened , then click on General tab and then look on the very first section named as Startup. Under start-up you will see a HOME PAGE Edit Box, under this edit box you will see www.zapmetasearch.com, please replace it to www.google.com, then click on apply and close.

• Open Firefox and then go the Tools menu (Press “F10” key once to active Menu bar) click on Add-ons, you’ll get a page click on extensions from the left side pane. now look on right side pane you’ll get all the installed add-ons listed on there. Disable or Remove zapmetasearch.com add-on, also disable all the unknown / unwanted add-ons from there. (As per below screen shot)

• Under configuration page find a option named as “ Open a specific page or set of pages” click on its Set Pages. Another window will come up. Here you will appear the bunch of URL’s under “Set pages”. Delete all them and then enter only one which you want to use as your home page.

• You will get a configuration page which have listed all the installed extensions, remove zapmetasearch.com extension. Also remove all the unknown / unwanted extensions from there. To remove them, click on remove (recycle bin) icon (as shown on screenshot)

• Scroll down and click on “ Show advanced settings…”option, after click on that you’ll appear some more options in bottom of the page. Now scroll down more and click on “ Reset Browser setting” option. (See the below screenshot for better understand)

• In the manage window click on Tasks Scheduler from right side pane, then click on “ Task Scheduler Library“, Now look on left side pane and Remove all the Tasks which have contains zapmetasearch.com string and also remove all the unknown / unwanted tasks from there (As per the screenshot below).

• In the msconfig window click on Startup tab, here you’ll get all the startup entries, so look on the list and then do Un-check the entries which is contains zapmetasearch.com. Also Un-check all the others entries which you found unwanted. then click on OK to apply all the changes.

• In the msconfig window click on Services tab, here you’ll get all the start-up services list, click on “ Hide Windows Services” all the windows related services will be hidden. now it’s only display the 3rd party installed services, now look on the list and then do Un-check the service which have contains zapmetasearch.com. Also Un-check all the unknown / unwanted services. then click on OK to apply all the changes.