Solving unemployment problem, through the establishment of small electricity distribution network


Unemployment Problem –In adequate appreciation of how unemployment could be solved through the establishment of small scale business I Nigeria and in particular or Nkanu East Local government Area of Enugu State, there also the need for the initial performance of defining unemployment? As well as small scale business and inter worse both for our purpose. However, the Oxford dictionary of recent English defined unemployment as the state being unemployed and the amount of usual labour. Unemployment is also people who are willing and able to work but have no job. On the other side of small-scale business has been defined by a list of authors more precily by a man called peter. Ejiofor (1989) in this book.

As these enterprises that relating small capital investment that produces in small qualities and a result control of a small share of the market, that em ploy more than sixty percent of workers in which the management, marketing and an entrepreneur function are rested in the proprietor.

Also according to Klott Lawrence in 1973, that small-scale industry is any industry which is independently owned and operated and not dominant in it’s area of operation, industries whether a business is small fair sized or by. The says that a small business requires at least one man who is not engaged in any other financial work required. Although it’s true that small scale business create job opportunity and facilitate the economy of the nation still confirmed to the large scale business.

Moreover, small-scale business is known also to have certain indispensable, which differentiate them from large-scale business. Finally the main point for measuring what constitutes a small-scale business attract the following, as to continue;

• Type Of Management: – it’s characterizes by one man management, it is owner domination, that is Purism of ownership and control. They owner management participates activity in all level of decision. Making a day-to-day operation and management of the business.

In these recent days Nigeria, the country has been afflicted with so many unemployment problems. This accounts largely for the social ills that have been devilled, the country today such as, obtaining by false, pretence or advance fees found move popularly known as “419” robbery, bribery and corruption which has become the bane of Nigeria potion and otherwise.

However, it is well common that graduates produced from various institutions of higher learning and other highly skilled professionals hardly secure jobs takes less of suitable employment opportunity in our country Nigeria in particular. Youth coppers for example on passing out move from one street to other in searching of job or an employment but no way.

The general objectives aims of the study is to identify some of major small scale business in Nkanu East local government area with a view to unveil how far, it all these established business have helped in acerbating the unemployment problems Enugu State.

This study based it’s impact of establishment of small scale business on the unemployment state of the Nigeria economy and Nkanu East local Government Area in particular. The major problems and finding places to our rural job seeker could be pacified by the establishment of small scale industries through the endeavor to know whether or not the establishment of the small scale business in the study area could decrease the unemployment problem of the study area.

The most aim of having these term defined is to enable the reader to know the measuring of these words is by any means he/she do not know them before with regard this reader has not come across any of them before, it tends to be immense help Small Scale Business. Oxford paperback (1979) defined it as on industry, which can be carried out in the home.

The Study Area: They are area usually chosen for research ( examination) Nkanu East Local Government Area with regards to this research. and it’s located at the eastern part of the Enugu state of Nigeria. It was covered out along with other during the local government reforms of 1976, and has projected population of 2324, 000 as at then. The study area falls within the tropical rain forest zone at West Africa. The nature engage mostly in farming for subsistence and most of them are petty trader and artisans.