Some hit, some miss – review of cat city grill, fort worth, tx – tripadvisor power outage houston report

Dinner with our monthly dinner group. There were 10 of us. First of all, they put us in a separate room at a round table. Awesome! So often we can’t all have a single conversation because we’re at a long table in a noisy venue. This was the best "social" dinner we’ve had in years! Secondly, our waitress was SUPERB. She knew the menu, knew the wine list, was pleasant, efficient and just all-around amazing. Again, best we’ve had in a long time. Thirdly, the bar. Great selection of wine and liquor and a bartender that knew how to make mixed drinks. One of our group loves martinis and she likes some obscure vodka. They had it. And her dirty martini she said was perfect. And she doesn’t say that often. The food was the hit or miss part. Three of us had the meat loaf. We all liked it. Great mix of meats and a reasonable portion. They say they use the trimmings from some of the other meat entrees to make it and whatever they use, it works! It had a brown gravy on it that I could have done without but that’s just my personal taste. It came with roasted potatoes and mixed vegetables. The roasted potatoes were great. They were small, roasted just right to be a bit crispy on the outside but not overcooked on the inside and they were seasoned perfectly. The mixed vegetable were bland; could have totally done without them.Three in our group had the red snapper special and all three thought it was very sub par. It wasn’t a good piece of fish, had a bit of a "fishy" flavor to it, etc…It came with risotto and asparagus and all had good things to say about both of these sides. My wife had the chicken and lobster so I got to try that. It was a lightly breaded piece of chicken with lobster meat on it covered with mozzarella cheese and a truffle sauce. The lobster meat was good and a reasonable amount of it. I think it would have been better without the cheese because the truffle sauce was very good and the mozzarella clashed with that flavor. The problem with the whole thing was that the chicken was tough and dry. What a disappointment! The remaining folks had a steak, a salad and a chicken-fried steak. All like their choices. One of them though had brussel sprouts with his and they were not cooked nearly long enough. Actually, it appeared that they were barely cooked at all and they were not good. I’m torn between an overall rating of three and four. I’m going to go with a four primarily because of the service. It really was wonderful. Some of the food was a four but some were definitely only a three. So if you go, expect great service and a great bar. But choose your entrees and and sides carefully. Hopefully our experience will help you.

Cat City Grill has not been at the top of my preferred restaurant list for several years due to my first visit. Even though I had a great experience there a bit over a year ago, when someone suggested Cat City I said no way. However, I finally agreed to give it another shot, even though I did not remember my last visit. In fact, I did not remember my last visit until I started to post this review. I guess it is part of our primal survival instincts to remember bad things more clearly than good things. Whatever! We ended up at Cat City for dinner. Just to be clear, the Grill was facing a bit of a challenge that evening. I clearly remembered my first experience there, and this was Saturday evening of a long week that left me in anything but a great mood. Not only had it been a long week, we had to put in an appearance at a mid-afternoon crawfish boil at a friend’s place. While we tired not to eat too much, the noshes and hot out of the boiler crayfish could not be completely ignored. My thinking was, I would have a light dinner or order something I could nibble on and take home. For the record, I did approach the menu with that thought, but I forgot it shortly after my meal was delivered. Okay! Enough back story. Here is the nitty-gritty. The food was great, the service was excellent, you could actually hold a conversation without shouting, and we already decided not to wait so long before dropping in again. We did not order any “Shareables.” As good as some of them sounded, a pound or so of spicy mud bugs, not to mention a couple of pieces of sausage, some mushrooms that really soaked up the spices, and a hefty sampling of chips and dips earlier that afternoon made anything other than an entree look like overkill. Entrees were, Crab-Stuffed Trout, Bacon-Wrapped Lamb Lollipops, Cat City Meat Loaf, and the Petite Filet. The only thing even close to a complaint was the lamb, but the friend ordering that dish was experimenting. In this case she found out she is not a lamb fan. Everything else was great, and the meatloaf was in some ways unbelievable. With that said, it is not your momma’s meat loaf, unless she made it from filet and ribeye trimmings, and served it with a mushroom Demi-glace. We passed on desserts for the reasons mentioned earlier, but I now remember them as being great in the past. So, if you have never been there, or haven’t made your way back in a while, check it out. And, ask for Madison. She is great, but everyone with whom we had contact with was professional and attentive.