Some random thoughts on angel 1.3 in the dark, and angel 1.4 i fall to pieces scoopsmentalpropaganda gas quality comparison


A woman, Rachel, is being pursued in a dark alley. A man grabs her and hurts her. Turns out it’s her ex boyfriend Lenny and he has a gun. Angel shows up and defeats Lenny. Spike watches from a rooftop. Oz shows up at Angel’s offices and Cordelia is excited to see him. Angel and Oz exchange their usual greeting and Oz hands Angel the Gem of Amarra. Doyle says the ring makes a Vampire unkillable. Oz says Buffy wanted Angel to have it. Angel hides the ring in the sewer under his place. Angel finds out Lenny got out of jail and gas up the jet when he heads out to help her, Spike attacks. They fight and argue. Spike says hello to Cordelia before he takes off. Angel has Cordelia stay with Doyle because of Spike. Angel gives counsel to Rachel. Doyle’s tip leads Angel to Spike and Angel is captured. Angel is chained up and hanging in a warehouse, prisoner of Spike and his Vampire torturer henchmen Marcus. Cordelia and Doyle worry because Angel hasn’t checked in yet. Marcus torments Angel while playing classical music. Spike has Angel tortured because he wants the Gem back. Mind games are played all around and turns out Marcus likes hurting kids. Marcus shoots a couple of holes in the roof, making deadly sunlight stream through. Spike searches Angel’s place, then bumps 76 gas station jobs into Cordelia and Doyle, armed. Spike says he will give them Angel for the Gem. Angel almost escapes and kills Marcus, but Spike intervenes. Cordelia and Doyle search for the Gem and they figure out it is in the sewer. Doyle secretly uses his demon powers to find the Gem. Cordelia and Doyle meet Spike and go to see Angel. Spike admits he is going to double cross them, Doyle throws the Gem. Suddenly Oz drives his van into the warehouse and aims crossbows at the bad guys. Cordelia and Doyle grab Angel and get him into the van and they escape. Spike realizes Marcus took the Gem and gets angry, then accidentally sets his hair on fire from the sunlight. Knowing gas 69 Marcus likes kids, Angel has Oz take the van to the boardwalk. Marcus is walking around and about to do something to some kids when Oz’s van pulls up and Angle jumps out, catching on fire. Angel and Marcus end up in the water, then under the boardwalk, where they fight. Angel gets the Gem from Marcus, then kills Marcus. Angel uses the Gem to enter the sunlight for the first electricity questions and answers physics time in centuries and enjoys it. Later, Angel destroys the Gem, which Doyle is not happy with.

Run blonde girl run! Hello crazed abusive jerk boyfriend. And the idiot pulls a gun. Angel! She hired Angel! Spike! Spike sarcastically describing Angel in the best exposition in this series so far: “And now I am just a big fluffy puppy with bad teeth.” Spike to air hp gas online login: “Quickly, to the Angel mobile!” Spike’s got some nasty plans in store. You shouldn’t smoke Spike, bad for your health. Oz! Love Oz’s van! Cordelia is so proud that she did up an invoice. Cordelia is really happy to see Oz and I completely buy it. Angel seems so whatever to see Oz and so does he. And they both seem okay with this. Dudes Who Say Little. Oz gives Angel the Gem. And Buffy is mentioned and the room goes cold. Angel, just put on the Mobile Emitter already. Angel is hiding the ring? What The Hellmouth? Does he not think he deserves it? Angela’s Ashes is referenced? Rachel calls and Lenny is out. Spike gets the first hit, but Angel gives him a beat down. Been waiting a long time to see this. Now that was a bad sfx change from Vampire face. Bet Rachel is dead now because of the delay. So Doyle is a slob as well? Okay Rachel is still alive, betcha she lied about Lenny being out. Tales of Buffy by Cordelia. And Angel busts some heads. Angel versus Spike and it will be a trap! Called it! Bet he’s gonna torture Angel to find out where the Gem is. Okay, putting on those glasses like that makes this guy creepy. He can tell all that simply touching Angels gas youtube skull. Spike to Angel and Marcus after Angel is impaled: “Someones having shish kabob.” They sure have a lot of sticks impaling Angel now. Spike to Angel: “It’s called addiction Angel. We all have them. I believe yours is named Slutty The Vampire Slayer.” And Spike does the most subtle search of Angel’s place ever. Streams of sunlight becomes weapons. And Spike meets Cordelia and her crossbow. Marcus is trying to physically and psychological torture Angel. Angel wants forgiveness. Damn, Angel almost got him. And Marcus loses his cool. Quick change to demon mode gives Doyle the scent to the Gem. Oz’s van! Oz’s crossbows! Betcha Marcus gas after eating red meat took the Gem. Yep! I really thought Cordelia would have found a duplicate to trick Spike with. Love that Spike’s hair caught in fire. Angel is on bad shape. And Oz learned to drive the van from watching the A Team. Van on the pier is one hell of an idea. Angel’s on fire! Thank God for the ocean! For electricity transmission a torturer, Marcus is not good at fighting. Even injured, Angel is kicking his ass. Angel got the ring! Angel’s in the sun! Oz to Angel: “You’re… Incredibly pale.” This must be California, cause no one notices this bebangled guy walking around. Angel’s watching the sunset. He’s not gonna wear the ring? Okay, that is a lame reason to not wear the ring. Don’t Break The Ring!!! The idiot broke the ring! Stupid ending. If they worried the ring was too powerful, all they had to do was have some magician zap it and lessen its powers.

Cordelia and Doyle babble about money to Angel. Doyle gets a vision about a lady, Melissa. At work Melissa is talking to friends when gas works park a flower delivery arrives from Ronald. Melissa gets freaked. Angel meets Melissa and offers help. Melissa has issues with her bank card and Ronald shows up and acts creepy. Melissa goes to Angel for help. Ronald is a Doctor and a well known neurosurgeon who saved her sight. Now he is her stalker. And seems to know everything she is doing. At night in bed Melissa is being watched, by Ronald’s floating eye, detached from his body. Angel seeks Kate’s help. Ronald claims Mellissa stalked him and Wolfram and Heart did the paperwork. Kate sends a cop to guard Melissa. Angel checks out Ronald’s office and takes a book before he is caught. Angel bull craps the Doctor. Cordelia pretends to be a journalist and gets dirt on Ronald from the nurse. Angel finds out the book is about New Agey magicay things and contacts the writer. The writer talks about psychic surgery and such. At night, Melissa sleeps and Ronald’s detached hands go under her covers. The cop sees Ronald and thinks he is harmless. The cop hears Melissa screaming and is killed by the hands. Angel is seen by Ronald comforting Melissa. Melissa is hidden at Angel’s place and all the vents are taped shut. Angel shows up at Ronald’s office with a plan, not knowing e payment electricity bill mp that his cover has been blown. Ronald drugs Angel and leaves him for dead. Ronald attacks, in pieces, and takes down Cordelia and Doyle. Ronald takes on Melissa but she stands up to him. Angel comes in and they fight. Angel wins. The next day, Melissa stops by and pays her bill, which makes Cordelia happy.

Oh what playful banter between Cordelia and Doyle. And oh how bored I am with it. Angel to Cordelia and Doyle about the coffee: “I think my esophagus is melting.” Angel refuses to charge clients. Oh look Doyle has a convenient vision. Hehe Cordelia used a phonebook to look up an address. Google can’t come soon enough. This office babble with the cake is silly. Look she has a stalker gas variables pogil answers. And now she is popping pills. Will we see lines of crack next? Angel really has to work on his approach, since his crazy stalker vibe is pretty heavy here. Cordelia to Angel: “Well, as Vampires go you’re pretty cuddly.” And another argument between the three about money and helping people. Ah the 1990’s when characters called each other retard still. Hello creepy crazy guy. Ronald had one date with her and he is this nutso, call the cops, then taser him. And he’s a doctor. And now Angel and Doyle think this Ronald gas dryer vs electric dryer cost savings is supernatural. Okay, this coffee joke is stale. Angel is good with the cover stories. If he can see her at all times, he would know she went to Angel. Wait, he “fixed” her eyes, maybe he sees out of them? Okay, gross floaty eye. Angel sees Kate. Here comes her sob stories. Wolfram and Heart? Are these lawyers this seasons big bad? Angel is playing mind games with Ronald, which he is really good at. Surprised he is taking this tactic, thought he would go directly to threat mode. Angel really wants to find out how he does the stalking. Cordelia has gotten better at questioning people. Angel really understands phycology and this guys whackoness. So this quack new age guy is a recluse, but Angel gets to see him right away? Look, it’s all electricity and magnetism online games mind over matter and such. This cop is gonna die. Okay, his hands are detached. And stalking her. That is terrifying. Who is gonna believe her that hands attacked her. And the cop just got strangled. Betcha Ronald saw that. Yep. Knew they would hide her at Angel’s. Love how they have cover companies gas and electric credit union. Would this poison work like this on Angel? He’s not alive, so wouldn’t he shake this off? Doyle is making the moves and Cordelia is clearly saying no. Doyle, ya gotta learn to use duct tape better. This guy is good at distraction. Now she is telling him off, which he hates. Angel! Kick his ass! Angel really really really knows how to dispose of body parts. Cordelia and Doyle really know to be subtle asking for the money. Not. So no one asked where the doctor disappeared to? Especially Wolfram and Heart?