Some random thoughts on angel 2.3 first impressions, and angel 2.4 untouched scoopsmentalpropaganda gas questions


Angel bumps into Darla at the demon bar. They dance and chat and smooch. Then Angel wakes up and is upset by the dream. Cordelia and Wesley are gas jewelry setting up the office of AI in the hotel. Gunn arrives, looking for Angel’s help, and is annoyed that he is still asleep. Angel gets up and meets with Nabbit the internet guy, who gives financial advice for the hotel. Gunn leads AI to an informant with information about a demon. Gunn beats the guy up when he does not give the info, and a bunch of Vampires attack. AI fight and have a very hard time winning. Later, Cordelia gets a vision of Gunn in trouble. She can’t get ahold of Angel and Wesley, so she sets out herself. Angel keeps dreaming of Darla. Cordelia finds Gunn and has a misunderstanding. He leads her back to Angel’s car, but it has been stolen. Wesley gives Angel a lift on his motorcycle, which Angel does not like. Gunn takes Cordelia to find the car and they end up at a party. But the party is destroyed by Vampires. And a friend of Gunn is hurt, which upsets Gunn. Angel and Wesley get to the party after this and get info from a Vampire. Gunn and Cordelia find the car and the demon they were looking for earlier. They fight. Angel and Wesley show up and join the fight. The demon is killed. Cordelia realizes the vision was about the danger Gunn is to himself. So she chapter 7 electricity becomes Gunn’s protector. Angel dreams of Darla again, but in the awake world, Darla gets into bed with Angel.

Angel does clown songs at the demon nightclub. Love the mirror joke. Maybe Angel should become a lounge singer? Darla? And Angel is not surprised? Must be a dream sequence. Yep dream sequence. Mental attack on Angel? They sure have cleared up this Shining hotel real nice. Gunn! Time for some fake sounding arguing. Oh god that internet rich guy, please kill him. Wait, AI had no money, now it can lease the hotel? Is that financial stuff the writers way around the money gas bloating nausea issues?= What Cordelia said about being hot for money was a joke right? Gunn beating an informant, something Angel would do, now he won’t because of the plot. Vampires! Okay, this episode Wesley can fight. Angel is right, they should have beaten those Vampires easily. Movie References for $100 Alex. Forced Denzil Washington jokes for $200. Dennis! Time for a vision! Gunn being attacked by a 1980’s music video. Love the “Dennis” phone bit. Pager! Must be a mental attack to keep Angel that asleep. Cordelia heading out by herself? That is really gutsy. Ooops! Training session. Angel’s car was stolen? Are Cordelia and Gunn gonna be a couple now? Forgot Wesley had a motorcycle. Is Angel afraid of motorcycles? No, it’s the pink helmet, because this was when gay jokes were acceptable. Hey look, a demon at the car gas news today lot. Is this the World According to Gunn episode? This Cordelia talk is painful. Vampires attack! And that girl is very badly hurt. And Gunn is getting the crap kicked out of him. When did Cordelia learn first aid? Time for Gunn’s big emotional moment. How did Cordelia know that gas jet compressor guy was at the elevator? Love how Angel and Wesley just walk into the crime scene. Had a feeling she was a Vampire, and so did Angel. They found the car! Cordelia left the keys in the car? Not likely. Gunn meets DVAC. Mace works on a demons eyes? Thought they would be sterner stuff. Angel and Wesley. That helmet hit is so cliched. Fight! Thought Angel was gonna decapitate that demon. Gunn was the danger in Cordelia’s vision. And now he’s Cordelia’s mission. Darla dream again. And she is playing mind games. Is Darla actually in Angels room?

Lilah snoops in Lindsay’s desk and Darla catches her. She tells of how a chemical is being electricity videos for students exposed to Angel so his dreams can be controlled. Angel wakes up to Cordelia and Wesley arguing over Gunn being paid. And Wesley is annoyed Angel sleeping so much. Cordelia gets a vision of a teen girl chased by two rapists. The girl is cornered and uses telekinesis to kill the men. Angel bluffs as a cop to see the crime scene. He finds the girl whose name is Bethany. She mentally attacks and Angel is hurt. The girl comes home to an apartment and it is Lilah’s. Bethany dreams about being abused and makes a lamp fly. And it hits Lilah. Bethany wakes up and takes off. She shows up at Angel’s hotel and they talk about her powers. Lilah is told electricity bill cost by Wolfram and Heart VP Holland about how important Bethany is, and for other projects. Wesley figures out that Bethany was sexually abused by her father. Bethany comes onto Angel that night, and he says no. The next day they practice her powers. Angel then heads to one of her attackers place with Gunn. He tells Gunn he wants him to be an AI employee. He says yes. They find out the attackers were sent by Wolfram and Heart. Cordelia and Bethany bond over coffee and Bethany is told to not hit on Angel because of Angelus. Then Bethany is taken by thugs from Wolfram and Hart, who Cordelia tries to fight off. Angel and Gunn show up and give chase and Bethany is saved. Back at the hotel, Bethany’s father shows up and wants her back. Bethany loses control and damages the hotel. She telekinetically attacks her father, and Angel talks to her. Bethany throws her father out the window to plummet to his death, but she saves him at the last second. Bethany gets her things from Lilah’s place as they argue. Lilah and Angel argue at the front door and she tells Bethany he is a Vampire. Bethany does not care. Lilah makes sly threats grade 9 electricity module to Angel as they leave.

Wolfram and Heart offices at night is never a good sign. Darla! So these lawyers are always spying on each other? Nice place to work. Called it, it is magic giving Angel those dreams. More forced arguing from Cordelia and Wesley. Advanced bossoms? Wesley would never say that. Over whether to pay Gunn? And Angel pulls rank like a tired idiot. “You can’t fire me, I’m vision girl.” Cordelia to Angel electricity physics definition, complete with tongue sticking out. Ten pm Angel wakes up? Now they notice and are concerned. Time for a vision! So the wannabe rapists are brutally crushed by the dumpster. Good riddance to them. Knew that was gonna happen. Love how Angel pretends to be a detective. Waiting for Kate to show up and be annoying. Now the real detective shows up. Directed by Joss. Man, I hate when it when steel poles impale your lung. “Great, now I stabbed an Angel. Now I’m really not getting into heaven.” Bethany to Angel. Love how now Angel lets the pain show. Isn’t that the lawyer lady from Wolfram and Heart? Lyla. So they aren’t related? Just met when she was talking at Bethany’s high school? Manly boob muscles? Callback to when Cordelia was impaled on Buffy. Cordelia has a laptop. Gunn! Dirty joke! “The poor man can’t even afford a real axe.” Cordelia to Angel about Gunn. Bethany flashback. Dad is creepy. Just realized this is Angel meets Carrie. That was almost lights out for Lyla! Darla is really skeevy and pervy and creepy here. Bethany comes to Angel! Cordelia looks at Bethany suspiciously. Bernard from lost at Wolfram and Heart! They obviously j gastroenterol hepatol impact factor know of Bethany’s powers. An assassin? Yeah, that sounds about right for Wolfram and Heart. Wesley is obviously provoking Bethany. And an abused person would recognize an abused person. Time for the Angel Bethany heart to heart. Can a Vampire feed on a Vampire? That was a very telling statement from Bethany about rumpled covers. Is Bethany hitting on Angel? Yes, yes she is, which is sad and horrifying. And Angel has flashes of Darla. Bethany is a very seriously damaged person like so many sexual abuse survivors. Darla was there! That was a scary smile on Bernard evil lawyer. Love how Gunn announces knock knock after Angel kicks in the door. Love how Angel just leans onto the forcefield. Now that was an easy conversation about money. Forcefield gone means guy electricity icons free is dead. So now we understand Cordelia’s issue with Bethany. Sex equals Angelus. And Cordelia calls Bethany on the violence. Now that was a well coordinated abduction. Yes! Cordelia with the coffee for the win! Angel with the rescue! Lyla is sooooo pissed! Dang, Angel has good reflexes with the paint can. “Hello rabbit.” Bethany’s father to Bethany, sounding oh so creepy. And goodbye hotel windows. Crud, this hotel is gonna be destroyed! Force choke this bastard Bethany! Is Angel condoning killing gas 87 this bastard, or is this a test? Goodbye jerk! Nope, Bethany let the asshat live. Lyla is being called out. Bethany sure has control of her powers now. Lyla and Angel! Kinda wish Bethany had invited Angel in before she left, or does it not work that way? “He is a Vampire you know.” Lyla to Bethany. “Weird.” Bethany to Angel. Love how she doesn’t care. Definitely noticed the massive improvement in the this one.