Someone is lying on the internet – ordinary times electricity bill cost


Random internet videos are as trustworthy as gas station sushi on a summer afternoon. But that doesn’t stop their circulation, especially by those with an agenda- or a conspiracy- to further. Take, for example, the following video that found its way around the internet this gas outage week, purporting to show the construction site of a Syrian refugee community in West Virginia:

A few notes for the uninitiated: the more emojis included with the handle of a Twitter user, the less prone said user is to sensibility. The inclusion of multiple gold stars in particular (a nod to the disgraced General gas pains 6 weeks pregnant Michael Flynn) are a telltale sign of a Q Anon fan. This video checks all the boxes for your garden variety tin-foil hat Q Anon tweet:

As a resident of West Virginia, I can assure you that there are few Syrian refugee settlements in my state. In fact, ccording to the most recent available information, a grand total of 7 Syrian refugees have settled in West Virginia- since 2002, and there is no forthcoming influx of “321” Syrians. The WOWK News story he references does not appear to exist. (It is true that in 2016-2017 a local organization was in place to offer resettlement assistance to 30 Syrian refugee families; however, the project was halted due to decisions gas in babies how to get rid of it by the US State Department.)

But then, not much of this man’s rant makes sense: “This will be a sharia Muslim zone and no non-christians will be allowed to walk here. Except Muslims.” (So, it will be a Christian and Muslim zone?) In addition, I can tell you mp electricity bill payment jabalpur based that man’s accent he is definitely not from West Virginia. He’s a mid-western refugee at best, but I digress. It just makes one wonder what the motive is for the creation of this blatantly false propaganda. Perhaps the true intention gas density is to turn West Virginians against additional cigarette and gas taxes by making them think this is the intended use of those funds.

It’s humorous how silly and easy to debunk this video was, but it is no doubt finding its way to the computers and smartphones of plenty of people all over West Virginia and the rest of the country who will swallow it hook, line, and sinker. It has been “liked” and retweeted over 8000 times as of this writing. It misinforms, fans the flames of resentment and wd gaster cosplay tutorial hatred, and deepens the divide. And that’s not funny.

This is, most likely, an untrue post about WV! But, without the wall, 1,000,000 people are expected to enter this country during 2019. It is going to be interesting to see how many are housed in WV. Just like some of the southern States, the monetary obligation to build housing, upgrade existing schools, provide transportation and communication, utilities, and provide food, will be tremendous electricity freedom system. The way of life that you have experienced throughout your life, will certainly change because when they are planted into an area, most demand that sharia law be the end all. You talk about cultural shock… have little idea!

To allow people to come into our country on our terms (laws) not natural gas jokes in hordes of people overwhelming the border(on their terms)should not be the allowed by our government. Yet, Congress is more interested in creating a mess within its system , than see the harm of open borders. Diseases such as TB, children’s diseases, adult diseases,, will become more prevalent. They are innoculating and electricity experiments treating illnesses of the children and adults that are being processed. The medical systems, which already has its problems, are being overwhelmed. We cannot survive if this continues! Obviously, the. U S money sent to Hondores does not reach its people. These comments has nothing to do with race…it has to do with solidifying and saving a country that has a constitution that should be upheld.

What im saying that sounds the Nazi party from 1930’s. I dont get why people hate muslims and mexicans so much. I have never once had a bad experiance with them and quite honestly, they seem to show more respect to people then Americans. Our country needs immigrants to grow and they cost a lot gas and electric phone number less then people think. I’m ashamed to be an American. When history looks back at us putting me, woman and children in camps they will think we were animals. My fellow Americans, immigrants cost us less then 200 a person but our defense cost’s over 3000 a person. Im good on that. Bunch of ignorant, greedy and selfish people in this country. America is and ideal, not a place with borders electricity off peak hours. No where in The Constituation does it say you must be born here grade 6 electricity experiments because we stole the land from the natives you naive people. Sick of it. Im a patriot that knows what being American not a Nationalist who thinks i am entitled to this land. “We the People” does not translate to “We who were born here”. Open your brains before its too late. Lastly, we are not free people, can’t even go catch dinner in the like without permission from the almighty gov’t. Revolution will come . Report