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Happy weekend friends! So if I’m honest, I haven’t had the best week. My anxiety has been horrible, I’ve been feeling super sick, and it’s the week before finals (AKA every essay, project, test is due!!!). But I’m trying really hard to remain positive, spending lots of time in prayer, and finding beauty in my struggles. electricity laws in pakistan And I’ve been setting time aside to focus on my blog content even in the madness, because honestly, this platform brings me so much peace. I’ve been receiving some really sweet comments about my social media posts lately, and I appreciate all of the kindness more I can even express. If you’re here reading this, I just want to let you know how much of an impact you have on me. I’m so grateful for your readership, love, and support. I hope my blog can bring something positive into your life at some point or another too, whether it’s a simple gift idea for someone you love, or a message you needed to hear.

Alright, enough of that sappiness! Tonight I’m so excited to be sharing yet another gift guide with you guys, it’s by far the most requested one, a gift guide for him (whoever he may be!). electricity examples I’ve rounded up a handful of gift ideas for any of the guys in your life. I think I’ve included a good variety of ideas for boyfriends, brothers, friends, or dad’s!

If you’re a girl reading this, you’re probably rolling your eyes right about now. And let me just say, girl, I KNOW. But if your brother or bf loves Fortnite (even if you don’t!) and likes goofy gifts, they will most defintely get a kick (pun intended) out of these socks! I have a couple guys on my list that I’m planning on snagging them for, just for the laugh!

This may be my favorite item in this gift guide! How cool is this personalized docking station? And what are the chances the men on your list already have one of these? I don’t think any of the guys in my life do! But this super cool gift would look great on any guy’s desk, side table, or in their bathroom, plus it has actual functional use!

Happy Tuesday! I typically like to get a post up here on the blog on Mondays, but yesterday’s post didn’t quite go as planned. Sunday night we got hit with a blizzard here in Illinois and our power went out. gas smoker ribs It was out for over 24 hours! So I didn’t have access to WiFi until this morning. After spending yesterday, quite literally, in the dark I found myself constantly thinking about families who live like that every single day, those without homes, those without a home like mine, those who have never even known the simple luxuries of electricity, plumbing, or WiFi, in other countries. electricity deregulation map And then I woke up this morning and found out today is “Giving Tuesday.” So I decided to push yesterday’s planned content to later this week and put together this gift guide to share with you today: Gifts that Give Back. All of the stores and products rounded up in this post give back in a variety of ways to various organizations that support those in need both here in the US and also, in other parts of the world. (Plus, I’ve included one awesome company who supports animals!)

Friday night I was frantically typing at race-car speed trying to finish a school project as we drove to spend the weekend with my grandparents in Wisconsin. I finally finished, not on the drive there, not even before dinner, but at 9:30 that night. k electric bill As I sat there, relieved that my project was finally done stress immediately began creeping back.

I still had Friday’s post to finish, Saturday’s Instagram round-up and I hadn’t posted on my social media. I started scrolling through my feed snagging the photos for my Instagram round-up when I read my own words in a caption from just last week: “I do not have to be an overachiever.” I closed my laptop. I joined my family playing cards in the other room. And I stayed off of social media for the rest of the weekend.

That night was spent making memories I wouldn’t get back if I had spent the night alone with my computer. It can be really easy to give advice to others, to preach about God’s plan, His timing, and how life is about more than material things or status. But it’s not always easy to practice what you preach. I still struggle to rest. I still struggle to accept that I cannot do it all. I still struggle to surrender to His plan. electricity in costa rica Wednesday