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Nope! Ideally, we want to aim for your newborn photography session to take place around days 6-8. gaz 67 sprzedam This isn’t a magic number, but generally, the younger the newborn, the more he or she will stay asleep for that intricate posing during our session. Their little bodies are still used to being super curled up, and my newborn posing mimics the comfort and ‘curliness’ that is experienced in utero. However, I always like to give mom and dad a few days to come home from the hospital or birthing center, get the hang of having a newborn, and most importantly, if mom is choosing to breastfeed, this will give mom and baby enough time for milk production to be in full swing, allowing for a fuller, more satisfied baby. ‘Older’ newborns are considered to be 2 weeks and older. Around two weeks of age, you may notice that your little one is more alert and awake, and that there may be a bit of baby acne that appears around this stage. I carefully use Photoshop for editing, so don’t worry about any baby acne or marks. gas zone pricing In terms of baby being awake for longer periods of the day, the general expectation is that baby might be awake for longer during our session, which means less time for intricate ‘sleepy’ poses. I love an alert newborn, as one of my favorite things is getting your newborn to make that amazing eye contact! During a full, three hour session, I always find that an older infant will always fall asleep at some point, allowing for ‘sleepy’ posing, especially with proper preparations from both parents and myself. For mini newborn sessions, as we are limited to one hour, your older newborn may decide to stay awake for the entirety of our session, and that’s ok! We will focus on getting that eye contact while working on keeping baby happy in more awake-style posing.

Our full newborn session is a three hour event. gas kush Many parents don’t realize that we actually will utilize most of that three hour block. I always provide preparation instructions prior to our session so that we can maximize our session time together. During this session, we have plenty of time to capture family and sibling shots, and can take a few breaks for feedings and cuddles, as well as prop, outfit, and blanket/color changes. gas nozzle keeps stopping During this session, it is common to have a ratio of more ‘sleepy’ poses with a few ‘awake’ poses mixed in.

Please be sure to feed baby fully right before our session. I am typically in the studio about 15 minutes before our session, so please feel free to come in so that you can feed baby while I set up, so that we can begin right away with a sleepy, happy baby. e85 gas stations florida It is important that baby be fully fed – we want baby to be ‘Thanksgiving Day Full’ to ensure a happy and comfortable sleep and session.

If bringing older siblings to our session to be photographed with baby, I highly recommend that a family member or friend tag along in a separate car to bring older siblings home or out to the park, breakfast, etc once our portion of the session is over. I like to photograph family and siblings during the first half hour of our session, then move onto focusing on baby.

Our one-hour mini newborn session is a condensed version of the original newborn session in which we will work quickly yet carefully to achieve the best poses we can during our time together. electricity electricity goodness Mini newborn sessions typically include three different setups. During this hour, your newborn may or may not want to sleep. I have had many mini newborns sleep the entire time of our session, and others that have not wanted to miss a beat, and choose to stay up for the entire session. Please keep in mind that as our time is very short, and newborns are so sweet, yet so unpredictable, I cannot guarantee that they will sleep in order to get those ‘sleepy’ poses for our session. What if your little one won’t sleep? That’s ok! I prepare all three of my ‘mini stations’ for both options – sleepy or awake. As an example, I would have my beanbag and blanket picked out and ready for your sleepy newborn to be posed in the ‘froggy’ or ‘taco’ pose, and if baby is awake, a swaddle will be within arm’s reach to position baby in a ‘cocoon’ with his or her legs, toes and fingers either covered or peeking through, depending on your baby’s comfort level. My main goal is to keep your infant happy and cozy during our session!

The use of a pacifier during our session may help our session run more smoothly, in the event that baby might need additional soothing during our session. A pacifier will help a baby that might not be hungry but needs to be soothed back to a comfortable sleep. gas x and pregnancy I strongly recommend bringing one along to our session. The use of a parent’s finger as a pacifier is not recommended as hands tend to get in the way of posing.