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I’m so sick of articles like the one this week by Chris Freind over the baby Alfie and their hysterics over letting this baby die. What part of “neuro-degenerative” do you not understand? This baby was not getting better. He had been on a ventilator for a year. His parents were obviously in denial, getting all sorts of promises for people – pro-life people – thinking keeping the baby on a ventilator is life. It’s not; it’s breathing for a body to circulate oxygen. I’m a nurse; we see families daily in denial not letting relatives go after they’re obviously beyond any sort of resuscitation and they make us torture them because of things like this article. I hate that the Times is printing idiotic trash like this.

I had just read Chris Freind’s article regarding baby Alfie and his tragic death. Remember one thing: In England it’s national health care. Everyone thinks national health care is good because it’s free, and let this be a warning to all Americans who are pushing for free medical care. This is what happens. You really don’t have any control over your medical affairs. So the day that we go to national health care, just remember you will be putting your life in the hands in the bureaucrats, doctors and the government. I would eat dog food and leaves off of trees in order to pay for private medical insurance. We have enough government interference with our own medical care here; we don’t need any more.

Once again California and other states are suing the Trump administration, this time over the ridiculous rollback of emission standards – standards that we need. Although Scott Pruitt says we don’t need them, but everybody knows he hates the environment anyway. The corruption in this administration is so rampant, and the stupidity is also rampant, because this challenge in the courts is going to go through, just like every other challenge to every hare-brained scheme that the Trump administration has come up with. The Trump administration can’t get anything done because everything they try to jam down everybody’s throats gets shot down in court because judges know that they didn’t give any thought to whether these laws would pass legal muster.

Trump said it was disgraceful that possible questions that he would be asked by the special council were released to the public. As far as far as I know, the last time I looked, this is still a free society and the people have the right to know certain things, whether Trump agrees with it or not. But Trump wants a dictatorship where he can decide who gets to hear what, when and where.

Due to Trump and Republicans constant bashing of our free press system, and the yellow stripe laid down the back of many reporters in our country, Reporters Without Borders has dropped United States to 45th out of 180 nations in their ranking of fair and accurate journalism, and that is a disgrace for a country like ours.

What kind of a podunk law school did Bob Mueller go to, if he even went to law school? The man is acting stupid. He has so far spent upwards of $2 million on a crime that never happened and now he’s asking the president questions like, “What did you think when you fired Tweedledee and Tweedledum?” or, “What were you thinking when you did X, Y or Z?” Doesn’t Mueller even know that he has no right to question the president about his actions that are guaranteed to the president under the second article of the Constitution? What kind of fool is Mueller? He should be fired.

Trump supporters still want people to stop calling them stupid. All I can say is after seeing this fiasco that’s going on in the last year and a half of his so-called presidency, if you still support him and believe that he is a good president, you deserve to be called stupid and worse.