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However, as a foreigner, expect to dish out $$$ at every sublevel just to get information and answers. You can have all the information in the world but it still wont get you past the gatekeeper without "paying the toll". Its just how life works over there

burma myanmar are not ideal locations now due to political turmoil and conflict (look up rohingya muslim conflict ongoing) also the visa and immigration control is a mess going between the two countries. I would start by figuring out what to source first and then go from there; there are tons of exporters in india but i would say 70% are inexperienced in dealing with overseas continual shipments; The remaining 30% that do or even know the rules about it, of that maybe 25% are not up to par… leaving you with 5% that know exactly what they need to do. Finding these exporters in a country with 1.5 billion is a daunting task but manageable if you have a good network (which you can find on here or on the web or thorugh your wife’s familial ties etc)

The main thing here is, dealing (like walter hay stated) with the big dogs up top. (think Managing directors, directors, managers, the people that sign the docs and get the sh*t done) these people can vary so your people skills will be tested. They may be arrogant or they may just stall and stall etc).

If you are able to talk with the people in power that can call the shots then you should be fine. Be weary though that a lot of indians in cities are more inclined to help westerners and foreigners then those in the rural areas and villages. That is just basic mentalities of those people.

1. If you are going to purchase something let us say a T Shirt . First check its price on an online platform like flipkart,Amaon india ,snapdeal etc. Then go to market and try to negotiate . Also dont buy from one place ..before buying anything go to 3,4 shops .This way you will know what would be the right price of product . Usually price of something would be anywhere between 50-75% of the price it is showing on the online platform.

1. I would have settled in either Gujarat or Himchal Pradesh not Mumbai .(No offence to fellow Mumbaikars ). Mumbai is too crowded and humid. Himachal is colder,cleaner,less croweded and more preferable. Gujarat is on par with western countries as far as services ,roads,electricity etc is concerned. (PS I am from Madhya Pradesh).

2. Interest rate on Money Deposited in banks here is quite good (6-9%). So I would have tried to earn 1 Crore rupees(around 1,50,000 Dollars) and placed it in Fixed Deposit account .This way I would have earned a good sum of 50,000 Rs monthly interest enough for living comfortably in Himachal/Gujarat (not Mumbai due to high Rent) .

a] Medical Equipment/Medical Tourism :This one is big .Just to give you an example heart Transplant in USA costs around 787,700 Dollars, in India it costs around 18 lacs INR (USD 28000) and goes upto 40 lacs INR (USD 62000). Price of sleep apnea machine in India is just half of what it costs in USA and so on.And we are as good as any country when it comes to medical field . You can help your fellow countrymen or westerner in this regard and earn money.

e] I would have taught English in a coaching Class or started one myself. Again Indian parents want (‘want’ is a small word I would say ..desperately want)their kids to be fluent in English and if you can help I promise you can make great money.