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—In the 48 hours between Tuesday and Thursday of this past week, there were no fewer than five attacks on white farmers and their families in South Africa. gas vs electric oven running cost At the same time, the leader of the third largest party in parliament, the ex-leader of the ANC Youth League/“Hitler Jugend” – Julius Malema, sings “ Kill the Boer; kill the Farmer” and works up his party faithful against white people. Expropriation of property Without Compensation

Tuesday this weekthe ruling Soviet-trained ANC government-controlled National Assembly (above) approved a final report by a Select Committee proposing the Expropriation of property Without Compensation (EWC : outright Theft via Democracy). “ When the blood flows it will be on your hands,” Member of Parliament Anton Alberts said in the direction of the ANC benches.

• They targeted farmers before: Page 19 of the 1986 CIA Special National Intelligence Estimate with the above cover states: “ Most ANC bombings since late last year have been directed against civilian rather than government targets. A recent ANC statement specifically noted that white farmers and urban white males were considered by the ANC as part of the government’s “Security forces” and were valid targets for ANC operations”. My suggestion to any American reader is READ THAT HEAVILY REDACTED DOCUMENT.

Nevertheless, the simple truth IS getting out, and it is starting to worry CNN. See Minute 1.39 in THIS interview of CNN with president Ramaphosa (above) where David McKenzie mentions it. electricity names superheroes Ramaphosa talks about a “tiny minority view”. He is correct: that tiny minority is the 10% that all white people together make up of the population. And those are the people whose property he aims to take. gas engine efficiency Remember, this is the man who negotiated the old government out of power. I put it to you:

With regard to the recovery within about 10 years after WWII of Germany and Japan specifically, the following points. electricity lyrics I do this to remind those with short memories and ideological blinkers. These countries and the rest of destroyed Europe in 1945 received from USA the massive Marshall Plan, which gave the Europeans and Japanese sufficient capability and finance to recover and rebuild their countries with hard work. gas dryer vs electric dryer singapore The USSR refused such aid and imposed their decision on their own puppet states, holding back developments in those satellites until the collapse of USSR in 1990!

So Harry is right! But I need to also remind everyone, that after African Independence in 1960 and beyond, despite best expectations and advice, plus finance by ex Colonial powers and abundance of natural resources of the relevant ex-dominions, the result was not recovery, expansion and growth but the reverse!. After few years of weak institutional ‘limited’ democracies, dictatorships, Marxisms, oligarchies etc were mushrooming in most of the newly independent African Countries and retrogression in every human endeavour.

In Africa, countries like Ethiopia under Marxist domination for almost 30 odd years, managed to overthrow the Mengistu regime in mid 1990’s and are expanding since then for continuous 20 odd years. Ethiopia is becoming economic HUB in the region, with growth ranging from 5%-8% pa the last 20 odd years, an Emerging Giant of 100 million in Africa, under a federal dispensation. The over 10 major ethnic groups mix (tribes, religions etc) composing the country have their own States and successfully competing with each other and internationally, whilst infusing economic improvements in the surrounding region together with Kenya, the two engines of East Africa.

In SA, the mini super power of Africa for decades and th most technologically advanced, under the kleptocracy of the ANC following the retirement of Mandela after 2000, experienced a rapid deterioration within 25 years by an inept, incompetent, arrogant, greedy, nepotistic and corrupt regime, enforcing racism against the minorities, in an obvious effort to drive as many as possible of the highly mobile Scientists and Engineers, doctors, lawyers, experienced, skilled individuals etc away from their own country, with the complacency of the Free world, USA and EU included!

The only solution, unfortunately, is either the Black SA Citizens vote the ANC out or they are accomplices and should not lament their deteriorating situation! The minorities under persecution today, despite the laying of the regime, should obtain self determination, irrespective of regimes reaction or the complexity of the issue or simply vanish! I can then promise you that the new SA shall become one of the best top 40 countries world wide, whilst the portion under the ANC regime shall compete with Zimbabwe!

I believe some have tried arrangements like that, but the fact is that land is not the issue to the farmworkers. hp gas online booking mobile number Income is. Food is. gas works park address Everyday life is. The problem is NOT the farm workers. The problem is urban politicians who have made up the myth that “Land” is the issue. Nothing short of driving all white people from the country and taking what they used to own will satisfy them. It is that basic; it is that simple.

This is why no arrangement with the ANC can work. electricity dance moms full episode As Communists, they do not understand the concept of the creation of anything; they only understand the concept of dividing up what they can see. Meanwhie, they steal the nation blind and sic their party dogs on whites as the supposed cause of all their woes. It is called “targeting” and “scapegoating”. Nothing sounds sweeter to the ear of a Black Racist that hearing that “White people are the cause of your poverty”. All they have to do to see it is a lie, is to look north of the Limpopo River…. all the way to the Sahara.

This is why, in the supposed “bad old days of apartheid”, when a greater fraction of people had jobs, South Africa had to defend its border against people trying to flood INTO apartheid. So, a stupid and insensitive system run by Whites was still better than anything any Black nation outside the country could devise. Makes ye think, eh? Now South Africa’s “Favourite Black Mob” have had just on 25 years to make it work, and they have reduced the country to a joke via socialism, rampant mismanagement, corruption, and brazen theft.