South jersey hook this – 2019 rules and regs wd gaster cosplay


Membership cost for 2019 is $45. This money will be used to pay for permits, club expenses, help finance the Bass Bowl Team, and prize money for the classic. All membership dues must be paid b4 the start of the season. (January would be great so we have $$ to optain permits) We will have 1 mandatory meeting sometime in February before the season at a time and place convienient to all.

Membership Requirements: 1.) Must have a current BassMasters magazine subscription with valid 9 Digit Identification number. 2.) Pay the $10.00 NJ Bass Nation membership fee. 3.) Provide a valid mailing\home address, Cell#, along with an active email address. 4.) Register and sign up at the NJ Bass Nation Official Website

*NEW MEMBER PROBATION PERIOD-New members will be under a 3-4 Tourney probation. Basically, if said member is not comfortable or has issues relating to staying with SJHT, then he or she may resign with Club Dues paid back to member a week after notification has been given. yoga gas relief pose This probationary period will also allow for Club officers to review if a members experience can be improved by possibly adding more mentoring or just words of encouragement. We’re not here to keep your dues especially if you feel this is not a good fit for you.

* HOOK This!!has 3 fish tournaments. We have a total of 16 T’s this year not counting the end of year classic. It is a $15 cost for members to participate in a T. gas and bloating pain Guests of active members are welcome to fish for $20 (of which $5 goes back to the club). HOOK This!!pays back 100% at weigh-in with a 60%-40% split for 1st and 2nd and $5 goes to the Lunker pool. gas x extra strength vs ultra strength If no fish are caught, the money rolls over to the next T. It will be evenly distributed in the 1st, 2nd place and Lunker Categories as if it was the previous tournament.

* No member shall advance a boats position by unboarding it and dragging it over an obstacle. You also must not fish in areas that are considered "out of bounds". Disqualification will result because of this. * Fish MUSTbe brought to the scale in a weigh-in bag alive. Dead fish will count but there will be a 8oz. deduction. Dead fish cannot be culled.

* Any short fish brought to the scales without an INITIAL REQUEST for a courtesy Measurement will result in the loss of that anglers LUNKER BASS and If they only have 1 Bass in total, and they do not request a Courtesy Measurement before the weigh master puts the Bass on the scale, they will be Disqualified recieving No Participation point. u gas station near me A Courtesy measurements will be allowed by request only. If an angler only has 1 bass but it’s below the 12" mininum but they requested a courtesy meaurement, the angler will still get the 1 Participation point but No weight of the bass.

* Leaving prior to the end of a T will NOT result in a forfeit of their catch for that day. electricity and circuits class 6 cbse The angler(s) must find 1 of 3 SJHT club officials with the Hand Held Berkley Scales to get measurements to there days catch. Leaving without any measurement will be viewed as no fish caught or counted for that tournament. This ruling is not to be abused and the Tournament Director\President\Vice-President will make the final call.

* We practice ethical angling!! You should not crowd another boat, cut them off or otherwise disrupt the area that they are fishing. 1st one to a spot, has that spot. done with electricity tattoo book If you feel someone is too close, or doing something you do not appreciate, SAY SOMETHING TO THEM!!! We are a bunch of buddies who get together to fish on weekends, we are not making a living fishing. Remember it’s fishing, having fun, and not a cut throat competition. BE COURTEOUS TO THE OTHER CLUB MEMBERS.

* Any and all disputes MUST BE brought up at the weigh-in to one of the President or vice President. If it is not brought up then it will not be addressed later. power quiz questions When a decision is made by the President and or vice President, it is final whether you agree or not. Continuing any disagreement or complaining about decisions made will result in a vote to eject the member from the club for Unsportsmanlike conduct.

2- STRIKE RULE & YOUR OUT. Any SJHT member which has been found\reported abusing the above rules or regulations will basically be allowed only 2 infractions. At that time, SJHT officers and Tournament Director will convene to have said member removed from the club. The 2-Strike Rule is not to be taken lightly. gas jockey If a reported member is bringing Ill-Will to the good of the Club\Association, that could become a sore\virus to the rest of the members. Basically, leave all of your daily work or family issues at the door, and come out to have a good time amongst friends. For the record, we’ve never had really any potential problems, but it’s always good to know where everybody is coming from. I don’t foresee any problems, so lets not go there!